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Title: Ze Magic Muhduh Bahg [ TV Series/Movie :: Venture Bros. ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Sep 6 18:56:10 2007
Charcters: Dean Venture, Dr. Killinger, Triana Orpheus
Description: Ze great Dr. Killinger putting his "magic murder bag" to good use. Subtle match-maker that he is, he has given Triana Dean's "secret secret secret hank-stay-out" diary. And Dean has been gifted with the Illustrated Big Book O' Kama Sutra (now with glossier read more
Image Properties: 624x800 129.2 kb
Title: I see the moon... [ TV Series/Movie :: Avatar the Last Airbender ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Nov 3 11:43:49 2006
Charcters: Sokka, Yue
Description: ...and she sees me. Sokka waxes sentimental over a certain Water Tribe princess. :) Wanna see more? http://phoenixelement.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 586x750 100.48 kb
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Title: Sokka - Shaaaare... [ TV Series/Movie :: Avatar the Last Airbender ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Oct 27 11:48:39 2006
Charcters: Appa, Sokka
Description: Appa doesn't entirely trust Sokka to share that delicious twisty fruit. Appa, you really should have more faith. Just not in Sokka's food-sharing tendencies. There's more where that came from - http://phoenixelement.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 455x647 84.32 kb
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Title: Ardeth Bay: Desert Sword [ TV Series/Movie :: The Mummy ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Aug 28 6:51:48 2006
Charcters: Ardeth Bay
Description: Ardeth Bay, everyone's favorite mystical bodyguard. Sketched while watching Mummy returns and inked the day after with watercolor brush and drawing ink. Want to see more? Check out www.phoenixelement.deviantart.com ;)
Image Properties: 633x786 92.79 kb
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Title: I'm Not Trembling... [ TV Series/Movie :: Star Wars ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Jan 24 9:20:59 2006
Charcters: Han Solo, Princess Leia
Description: Star Wars! While watching Empire Strikes Back the other day, I had to draw Han and Leia. This is from an ESB screencap, where Leia and Han kiss on the Falcon.
Image Properties: 561x420 72.45 kb
Title: BADD: Girls Only [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Strangers In Paradise ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Nov 20 18:34:29 2005
Charcters: David Qin, Francine Peters, Katchoo
Description: Katchoo takes a cue from Calvin (Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes) and creates her own gender-specific club. Poor David, shut out as usual. Like what you see? phoenixelement.deviantart.com ;)
Image Properties: 768x600 100.83 kb
Title: Haruno Sakura [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Apr 11 12:12:26 2005
Charcters: Sakura
Description: Sakura, older and sporting an outfit designed by darkzombie.deviantart.com. Done with graphite pencils. Want to see more? Check out http://phoenixelement.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 600x719 55.46 kb
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Title: Poison Ivy [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Batman ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Jan 22 7:44:19 2005
Charcters: Poison Ivy
Description: Poison Ivy. She forgot to put on her pants today, the naughty thing. Hehe, although I don't dig Bats, I do love Joker and Poison Ivy, awesome villains that they are :D Wanna see more of my work? http://phoenixelement.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 428x700 87.81 kb
Title: Lost Kender [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Dragon Lance ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Apr 3 15:45:18 2004
Charcters: Kender
Description: Drawn for an Elfwood contest. I swear, kender are the best race ever created. ^_~ If you'd like to see more of my work, check out http://phoenixelement.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 395x500 65.94 kb
Title: Nightcrawler Hangs Out [ Books/Stories/Comics :: X-Men ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Sep 25 12:37:54 2003
Charcters: Nightcrawler
Description: Drawn the afternoon after returning from watching X2 in theatres. Pretty darn good movie...I'm most satisfied with their Nightcrawler (even if he wasn't fuzzy) If you're interested in more, go check out my deviantart gallery: phoenixelement.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 330x638 78.37 kb
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