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Title: Wolfwood and the cross [ Anime/Manga :: Trigun ] By: Zanthra
Uploaded On: Dec 20 12:48:59 2004
Charcters: Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Description: Drew this with my pretty blue pencil. I really really like this one. ^_^
Image Properties: 319x617 13.51 kb
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Title: Miss Hibiya [ Anime/Manga :: Chobits ] By: Zanthra
Uploaded On: Aug 3 8:09:17 2004
Description: A picture of Miss Hibiya, Hideki's apartment manager.
Image Properties: 232x349 38.98 kb
Title: Chi of Sherwood Forest [ Anime/Manga :: Chobits ] By: Zanthra
Uploaded On: Aug 3 8:06:25 2004
Charcters: Chi
Description: Chi in an origional costume, reminiscent of something out of robinhood. I drew it durring a Renisance camp I helped out at over the summer.
Image Properties: 291x616 88 kb
Title: Sketch of Heero [ Anime/Manga :: Gundam Wing ] By: Zanthra
Uploaded On: Jan 14 9:50:41 2004
Charcters: Heero
Description: Black and white. Sorry if this one's a little light... Drawn over the summer when I was adjusting my style.
Image Properties: 315x519 48.9 kb