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Title: Sasuke and Naruto- Genin [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: flashfyre5
Uploaded On: May 2 13:14:19 2004
Charcters: Naruto, Sasuke
Description: Well, here's Sasuke's second appearance... along with Naruto! Once again, this is from "Genin." My only complaint with this one is the sheer SIZE of Naruto's eyes... I made em too big... Oh, well. R&R!
Image Properties: 373x500 69.85 kb
Title: Masako Toru [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: flashfyre5
Uploaded On: May 2 13:11:08 2004
Description: Well, this is Masako, from my fanfic, "Genin." She's without her cloak, and looking rather solemn. Fun stuff.
Image Properties: 428x500 27.36 kb
Title: Killers- Uchiha [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: flashfyre5
Uploaded On: Apr 25 22:34:19 2004
Charcters: Sasuke Uchiha
Description: Well, someone asked for fanart from Genin, so here it is! The Uchiha Clan murderers... Look at how they look like each other. Scary, no? If you liked this, tell me and I'll do more!
Image Properties: 530x600 164.28 kb
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