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Title: Chidori [ Anime/Manga :: Ayashi No Ceres ] By: Celestialgirl
Uploaded On: Aug 25 14:43:02 2006
Charcters: Chidori
Description: The first fan art I've ever drawn. It's a pic of Chidori from Ayashi no Ceres/Ceres Celestial Legend in my fanfic Bring Me to Life. It's based on the first chapter-hence why she has the wings.
Image Properties: 448x600 33.8 kb
Title: Love must not be Forgotten [ Anime/Manga :: Fushigi Yuugi ] By: Celestialgirl
Uploaded On: Feb 13 20:00:00 2006
Charcters: Miaka, Tamahome
Description: This was done for a school project. It was read a short story and draw a comic strip about it. I took the opportunity to draw fanart of Tamahome & Miaka. Though I couldn't get Tamahome's hair right my friend Abby helped.
Image Properties: 845x928 340.51 kb
Title: Suzumi Aogiri [ Anime/Manga :: Ayashi No Ceres ] By: Celestialgirl
Uploaded On: Feb 13 19:53:52 2006
Description: This was actually done for a school summative and since there was a deadline it was rushed. I believe I could have drawn better given more time. I am happy with the overall product.
Image Properties: 991x1215 132.51 kb
Title: Major Motoko Kusanagi [ Anime/Manga :: Ghost In the Shell ] By: Celestialgirl
Uploaded On: Feb 13 19:46:08 2006
Charcters: Matoko Kusanagi
Description: I'm still ot satisfied with this picture. It's the Major from section 9. It took me about an hour and half, though I'm proud of it though!
Image Properties: 976x1260 141.13 kb