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Title: It's a hard life [ Anime/Manga :: Neon Genesis Evangelion ] By: Blackrubystone
Uploaded On: Apr 8 13:43:55 2004
Charcters: Asuka Langley, Ryouji Kaji
Description: A cheerful image of Kaji. One one side is Asuka (we all know she likes him) on the other portrays Kaji as a woman's man. What Woman's man is complete without his admirers eh? The background was rushed because im on a time limit that silently ticking away a read more
Image Properties: 1600x2000 363.18 kb
Title: Ayanami's Earphones 2 (Kaji's version) [ Anime/Manga :: Neon Genesis Evangelion ] By: AnnaHibiki
Uploaded On: Dec 8 17:39:11 2002
Charcters: Ryouji Kaji, Asuka Langley
Description: Really stupid thing. What happens when you pretend you're listenin to Asuka?
The artwork is bad too. I didn't have any Eva pic to inspire myself, so I had to make them this way.
Image Properties: 684x946 104.54 kb
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