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Title: Suzaku [ Anime/Manga :: Fushigi Yuugi ] By: Priestess of Suzaku
Uploaded On: Nov 10 22:18:42 2003
Charcters: Various Roles
Image Properties: 644x795 287.33 kb
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Title: Chuin [ Anime/Manga :: Fushigi Yuugi ] By: Tao Shi
Uploaded On: Dec 19 4:45:38 2002
Charcters: Various roles
Description: This is Chuin, AKA Tomo. :D This scribble came from an RP thread that I have. Yes, the same one that most of my other pictures came from. Tomo got his hair hacked off by a little demon >:}!! Anyhow. This is for Whit, because I love her muchly. She is the r read more
Image Properties: 672x900 61.26 kb
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