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Title: Bura (Bulla/Bra) at the beach [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: FirstTimer06
Uploaded On: May 11 19:10:22 2009
Charcters: Bra
Description: I dont really have the programs need to make the pic perfect but i think its pretty good for windows paint lol its my 1ST computer drawn image i like it its not even close to being the best or even semi-best but i like it alot...n Hope you do to Thanks
Image Properties: 698x651 48 kb
Title: Beach Baby [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Kinky Typo
Uploaded On: Aug 20 7:27:58 2008
Charcters: Bra, Goku, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta
Description: A warm day at the beach, a good day to take Bulma's and Vegeta's new bundle of joy to the ocean. Goku is already in the water under the watchful eye of Chichi and Goten is chasing Trunks on the shore line. P.S Full view for a better look. FULL GALLERY @ ht read more
Image Properties: 595x822 200.25 kb
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Title: Bura Vegeta Breifs [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: bura400
Uploaded On: Sep 6 5:37:43 2005
Charcters: Bra
Description: This is my rendition of Bura-chan, age 15 in GT, my style. Drawn on and colored on MS paint, sorry the medium isn't the best. :P
Image Properties: 512x384 50.51 kb
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Title: Sleepy [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Cary
Uploaded On: Aug 29 12:14:51 2005
Charcters: Bra, Vegeta
Description: Sweet time... Vegeta's holding his sleepy princess
Image Properties: 196x600 36.95 kb
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Title: Super Saiyajin [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: JoSav
Uploaded On: Apr 1 4:13:56 2005
Charcters: Bra, Pan
Description: Not even Toriyama himself ever dared designing a female Super Saiyajin (why else didn't he do it?). Toei Animation held the same fear (or they were just afraid female super saiyajin would freak the world out or destroy it). I simply moved on and gave it a read more
Image Properties: 500x361 69.25 kb
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Title: Lucky Goten [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Kalamity Kat
Uploaded On: Jun 17 8:48:57 2004
Charcters: Bra, Goten, Marron
Description: Just thought these three make the cutest couple. *ducks all the stones thrown her way* Just kidding!!! It's a crappy image, I know, and the colouing is awful, but since I *did* colour, I thought I might as well post it. v.v;
Image Properties: 564x491 71.96 kb
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Title: Bra at a Fashion Show [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: kuko-chan
Uploaded On: Jan 29 9:59:15 2004
Charcters: Bra
Description: In a story I was writing, Bra is a fashion designer, so this is her at one of her shows.
Image Properties: 399x550 181.16 kb
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Title: Pretty Bra [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Lore
Uploaded On: Jan 7 10:54:09 2004
Charcters: Bra
Description: Only she hardly looks like herself. Well, I thought Bra would be a fashion freak, thus her new clothes. *nods*
Image Properties: 323x404 26.89 kb
Title: Princess Bra [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Dark_Saiyan_Lady
Uploaded On: Dec 13 15:02:20 2003
Charcters: Bra
Description: This is Bra in a Princess dress I made up. I'm not really good with designing colthes and stuff, but I hope it looks good. Tell me what you think ok. Thanx 4 looking. bu bye
Image Properties: 392x549 53.14 kb
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Title: Saiyan Girls [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Lucifiel
Uploaded On: Sep 21 20:45:07 2003
Charcters: Bra, Pan
Description: It's Bura and Pan, they need more recognition, don't you agree? For more of my arts, check out my DeviantArt Gallery www.astarothe.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 617x960 114.39 kb
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Title: Bura [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Lucifiel
Uploaded On: Sep 21 19:17:05 2003
Charcters: Bra
Description: Here's everyone's favorite Saiyan girl (sadly...) Bura-chan :) Eventhough she's a minor character, she sure is popular with the fans and tend to like her more than Pan (argh!) I, on the other hand, am not a Bura fan nor do I care for this character, but I read more
Image Properties: 365x757 265.95 kb
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Title: bura [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: ~*Cute-Videl*~
Uploaded On: Jul 1 7:08:35 2003
Charcters: Bra
Description: this is my first bura picca -_-;; it's not what it suppose to be!!!!!!
Image Properties: 535x770 74.54 kb
Title: Bra [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Zdreamer
Uploaded On: May 31 12:02:23 2003
Charcters: Bra
Description: This is my version of bra if she was raised by gohan instead of trunks. I wish i had time to write the story of how this happens
Image Properties: 506x977 61.12 kb
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Title: Happy Birthday [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Zdreamer
Uploaded On: May 28 16:43:59 2003
Charcters: Bra, Vegeta
Description: I wish i still had the original it had goku in the background screaming for cake dressed up as a clown.
In case you had figured it out it is a birthday card for my friends that are Vegeta fans.
Image Properties: 801x1125 123.12 kb
Title: Wearing Goten's Sweater [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: WeaverOfDreams
Uploaded On: Feb 20 14:04:32 2003
Charcters: Bra
Description: ok, this one is a cute pic i think. Bra's been a bit naughty with goten and is now dressed in one of his sweaters. Ember , hope you like this :)
Image Properties: 193x500 40.12 kb
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