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Title: catbell yoh [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: shamanking 4ever
Uploaded On: Mar 8 11:22:26 2006
Charcters: Yoh
Image Properties: 300x350 37.23 kb
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Title: Yoh [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: Hideki
Uploaded On: Jul 15 7:19:45 2005
Charcters: Shaman King, Yoh, Yoh Asakura
Description: my first shaman king fan art. Yoh poses as siam shade vocalist, hideki :)
Image Properties: 600x919 158.33 kb
Title: Sword [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: Kanilla
Uploaded On: Jun 16 6:04:58 2005
Charcters: Yoh
Description: my first try on drawing Yoh..I recently started reading the manga.
Image Properties: 1167x1737 153.51 kb
Title: Kawaii Smile [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: Kokoro-chan
Uploaded On: Mar 9 14:57:33 2005
Charcters: Yoh
Description: My first Yoh drawing. I sketched this while I was reading Chapter 55, which was a while ago. It's Yoh, with his trademark smile ^-^ Maybe I should colour this next time..
Image Properties: 459x524 56.61 kb
Title: I'll Protect You [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: arcnine
Uploaded On: Nov 22 20:57:30 2004
Charcters: Anna Kyouyama, Shaman King, Yoh, Yoh Asakura
Description: This is for another one of my Shaman King fan fiction. It's a bit violent and Yoh/Anna are older! ^^
Image Properties: 426x600 97.31 kb
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Title: Amidoh Comic III [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: RaggedMoan
Uploaded On: Aug 11 9:47:49 2004
Charcters: Yoh
Description: Third comic in my Amidoh series. This one is a leetle less serious than the other two. Erm. Don't blame me for the badness. I was on holiday when I drew it and I'd run out of inspiration. Artist's block is a terrible thing.
Image Properties: 639x700 71.06 kb
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Title: Amidoh Comic II [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: RaggedMoan
Uploaded On: Jul 20 13:33:36 2004
Charcters: Yoh
Description: Part II of the Amidoh comic series, there is a leetle more slash in this one. Nothing too graphic. Amidamaru/Yoh.
Image Properties: 700x997 98.45 kb
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