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Title: Haunter [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Melty Cat
Uploaded On: Nov 7 7:06:16 2014
Charcters: Missing Character-Pokemon

My version of a Haunter. 5 minutes digital painting.

Image Properties: 418x368 11.59 kb
Title: Drew/Shuu holding a Pokéball [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Diiamond Traiiner
Uploaded On: Mar 24 15:37:17 2007
Charcters: Missing Character-Pokemon
Description: This is Drew/Shuu from Pokémon: Advanced-Battle Frontier. He's a recurring character and he's totally paired up with May/Haruka in the show! It's so obvious! This is called Contestshipping, People. Remember it and start doing it! >D
Image Properties: 878x875 103.62 kb
Title: Milotic [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Winged_Shadow_Kat
Uploaded On: Nov 7 0:55:25 2006
Charcters: Missing Character-Pokemon
Description: Milotic, done with MS paint and PhotoImpression at about 4am. You can tell I have a lot of time on my hands. =^_^0=
Image Properties: 730x469 42.4 kb
Title: Pikato [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Kleptomaniac Can Opener
Uploaded On: Jul 12 8:30:04 2006
Charcters: Missing Character-Pokemon, Origional(s), Pikachu
Description: This was fanart for The Great Immortal, DangerMouse's "A Day in the Life of Team Rocket". I did it waaaay back in 1999. ^_^ Team Rocket had made mixed the DNA of a Pikachu and a Pidgeotto to get this awesome little guy. Keep in mind, this is just how I pic read more
Image Properties: 650x726 106.32 kb
Title: Ralts and Kirlia [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: silver kitsune princess
Uploaded On: Jan 15 14:25:42 2006
Charcters: Missing Character-Pokemon
Description: A picture of Ralts and Kirlia I drew to test out my new scanner. I edited it with HP because I haven't gotten around to instaling photoshop.
Image Properties: 744x1116 198.75 kb
Title: Gardevoir [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Wild Nymph
Uploaded On: May 18 20:19:07 2005
Charcters: Missing Character-Pokemon
Description: I had to look it up but it's Gardevoir. I thought it was an interesting creature, and had to try my hand at it.
Image Properties: 779x872 127.53 kb