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Title: Babysitter Part 2 [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Sanrin Naika
Uploaded On: Jul 4 3:09:51 2009
Charcters: Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, Sasori
Description: The second cover of babysitter fan manga but not yet finished since i'm on saving money to buy a new scanner and planned to upload those pages this coming November this year. You can read the recent pages of this on http://sanrinnaika.deviantart.com/galler read more
Image Properties: 631x810 153.54 kb
Title: Akatsuki Pickup Lines [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: MewHanyou
Uploaded On: Feb 15 20:23:13 2009
Charcters: Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, Madara Uchiha, Pein, Sasori
Description: Not mine, just using it for a story
Image Properties: 478x500 150.41 kb
Title: sasori [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: NIBF
Uploaded On: Aug 10 9:21:11 2007
Charcters: Sasori
Description: Picture of Sasori
Image Properties: 1274x1753 188.44 kb
Title: Happy Cinco de Drink-o [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Itachi-Uchiwa
Uploaded On: May 14 20:38:38 2006
Charcters: Sasori
Description: Deidara and Sasori of the Akatsuki celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Ohhhh, Deidara is having fun, un~ [Photoshop 7.01 Estimated time: 1-2 hours]
Image Properties: 432x576 134.64 kb
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Title: Sasori in tones... [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Lynxzeo
Uploaded On: Sep 1 15:31:18 2005
Charcters: Sasori
Description: o_O I haven't submitted anything for a loooooooooong time... Oekaki of Sasori... He's kickass. >w< I suck at toned shading. =D;
Image Properties: 250x250 8.03 kb
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