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Title: Saya And Diva [ Anime/Manga :: Blood+ ] By: radiogaga
Uploaded On: Aug 2 12:00:09 2010
Description: I resized it...
Image Properties: 1131x1559 157.36 kb
Title: Haji-attempt02 [ Anime/Manga :: Blood+ ] By: Fluffyfangirl
Uploaded On: Oct 16 11:47:36 2007
Description: Haji-my 2nd attempt, he's difficult but hot so....here he is...
Image Properties: 465x639 76.27 kb
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Title: Saya from blood+ [ Anime/Manga :: Blood+ ] By: sesshys numba1 gurl
Uploaded On: Jul 30 19:04:36 2007
Description: i love drawing anime characters saya is actually pretty easy to draw plz comment :) ~kim~
Image Properties: 120x160 4.71 kb
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Title: Beware of vampires that fear no sunlight [ Anime/Manga :: Blood+ ] By: PsychoAnn
Uploaded On: Sep 6 23:41:09 2002
Description: Ah, this is done for a friend of mine. Blood is a great movie, Saya really kickass there XD The only complaint I have about the movie is that it's too short dammit!!! Anyway, this is done entirely in OpenCanvas and something bothers me (there's a ton of mi read more
Image Properties: 600x800 65.06 kb
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