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Title: Neko-Innocence [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: VocaloidPublisher01
Uploaded On: Jun 2 10:22:46 2011
Description: Rin and Len as Neko-humanoid, with fluff. What more could you ask for?~
Image Properties: 512x384 189.13 kb
Title: Sinister Lover [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: VocaloidPublisher01
Uploaded On: Jun 2 10:21:13 2011
Description: Dontcha just love it when Rin and Len play bad?
Image Properties: 512x384 173.97 kb
Title: Bed Time [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: VocaloidPublisher01
Uploaded On: Jun 2 10:14:44 2011
Description: Innocent love. ~Sweet fluff between Rin and Len~
Image Properties: 512x384 198.65 kb
Title: Love Hurts [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: uglyduckling
Uploaded On: Mar 25 23:30:21 2009
Description: This is just one of the covers on my stories at home
Image Properties: 352x288 16.12 kb
Title: This time he didn't tease me. [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: whenpigsfly8992
Uploaded On: Oct 11 10:13:08 2008
Description: [[""You should really learn when to give up and be quiet." He said, huskiness lacing the edge of his voice. His hand moved from my mouth to my chin. He pulled my face to his. This time he didn't tease me. His hot, moist lips were moving against m read more
Image Properties: 800x738 105.52 kb
Title: The Morning After The Night Before [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: Shastania
Uploaded On: Nov 17 16:14:32 2007
Description: Some Shasta x Taigo artwork for you now. I'm experimenting with a gradiated style of inking so appologies if it looks sloppy. :/ Anyhoo, this took about 2 hours to complete, mainly because profile views aren't my strong point. I'm still not happy with with read more
Image Properties: 600x776 160.39 kb
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Title: Angelic Sacrifice [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: MewMew24
Uploaded On: Mar 16 22:57:07 2006
Description: I remember, skething thi, thinking about..cheese...and pop!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS...I am random.
Image Properties: 1008x1440 239.51 kb
Title: The other me [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: SisterGrim
Uploaded On: Mar 1 12:58:23 2006
Description: Meet Rose N. Dragons... And her past self.
Image Properties: 1024x1366 111.24 kb
Title: Lonely [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: MoonshineGirl
Uploaded On: Jul 18 5:13:16 2005
Image Properties: 772x1488 318.92 kb
Title: Solace [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: Sionnac
Uploaded On: Dec 2 13:12:03 2004
Description: Wow. This one was a royal pain from the first minute on. Scanned sketch colored in Photoshop 6. Still not sure I'm happy with the background but I finally figured out a good way to do hair.
Image Properties: 420x1140 75.09 kb
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Title: One Kiss [ Miscellaneous :: Romance ] By: Tanya64002
Uploaded On: Dec 30 11:05:00 2003
Description: Basically, this is a pic I drew for my boyfriend's birthday. Heh, it's been finished for a while and I already sent it to him, I decided to put it up here though. This is just the inked version, I have a colored verson too. Please C&C!
Image Properties: 526x714 10.42 kb