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Title: Alice 19th [ Anime/Manga :: Alice 19th ] By: LunarMaiden
Uploaded On: Jan 28 12:15:45 2006
Charcters: Alice Seno
Image Properties: 809x822 41.44 kb
Title: Frey [ Anime/Manga :: Alice 19th ] By: PeachBerry
Uploaded On: Oct 26 15:43:52 2004
Charcters: Frei
Description: A request for a friend. She's been bugging me to draw her a Frey. So here is Frey. YAY! But I don't think it looks like Frey...or maybe I'm just weird. O_o'' I think it looks like Duo with a smaller braid. XD
Image Properties: 638x807 71.52 kb
Title: Frei -- Iru! [ Anime/Manga :: Alice 19th ] By: AniDragon
Uploaded On: Dec 29 11:36:42 2002
Charcters: Frei
Description: Frei quickly became my favorite character in this manga, so I just had to draw him! ^^. I noticed he uses Iru (Fire) a lot, that's why I put it.... Anyway, please tell me what you think! ^^.
Image Properties: 529x663 298.58 kb
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