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Title: In a Monment [ Anime/Manga :: Hot Gimmick ] By: blueyedragon
Uploaded On: Nov 22 15:22:10 2010
Description: This is spose to be Hatsumi crying under a tree behind her apt bilding.
Image Properties: 802x995 146.02 kb
Title: His Jacket [ Anime/Manga :: Hot Gimmick ] By: anime_DUST
Uploaded On: Jul 12 11:32:59 2005
Description: Azusa from Hot Gimmick XD
Image Properties: 506x522 125.98 kb
Title: A Hot Gimmick Christmas [ Anime/Manga :: Hot Gimmick ] By: Lady Elysium
Uploaded On: Jun 13 11:04:41 2005
Description: Sorry this image has been so poorly color (especially Shinogu's hair *weep*). It was done in hurry for a old Xmas contest. Do you know how hard it is to draw in Ms. Aihara's style? ;_; I drew the line art, and I colored it on Fireworks. The .png version is read more
Image Properties: 805x1096 208.26 kb
Title: Sexy Azusa [ Anime/Manga :: Hot Gimmick ] By: Elysium and Lonely Soul
Uploaded On: Aug 22 18:10:11 2004
Description: Lonely Soul here! --- Azusa!! XD Isn't he sexy!? I drew him from the cover of volume 3, and I think it came out okay. ^_^v --- Azusa (c) Miki Aihara
Image Properties: 662x834 126.74 kb
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