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Title: Misha's Wings -- Wake Up Angel [ Anime/Manga :: Pita Ten ] By: cherriichan
Uploaded On: Sep 13 13:36:29 2007
Charcters: Misha
Description: For those who have read Pita Ten, you probably saw this image before right? It's in the chapter where Misha wants to show her Wings to Kotarou. Drawn by me, colored by my friend Lazuri (she's not a mediaminer user) Misha and Pita Ten does not belong to me< read more
Image Properties: 800x800 186.29 kb
Title: Cute little angel girl [ Anime/Manga :: Pita Ten ] By: chickenparapara
Uploaded On: Nov 12 12:36:07 2005
Description: OK this was like in the back of my sketch book...all i remember about it was that a)i had no idea what the manga it was from was about and b) it took me like three hours to get the shading right. ah well. its pretty cute!
Image Properties: 976x1168 205.84 kb
Title: Misha [ Anime/Manga :: Pita Ten ] By: Eisha
Uploaded On: Aug 30 6:24:42 2005
Charcters: Misha
Description: It's Misha from Pita-Ten-su!
Image Properties: 668x497 99.76 kb
Title: Shia [ Anime/Manga :: Pita Ten ] By: Kitsune_Kyo
Uploaded On: Oct 28 21:08:53 2004
Description: THis was a quick sketch i did. I kinda messed up her staff. Not one of my greatest work but will do. comments
Image Properties: 400x645 54.14 kb
Title: Sparkly Misha from Pita Ten [ Anime/Manga :: Pita Ten ] By: Kathy
Uploaded On: Aug 19 15:46:52 2004
Description: *Sparkly* Misha from the manga / anime Pita-Ten. Sweet enough to rot your teeth XD XD! Hehehehehe~ I love Misha's character design so much T_T!! Sooooo adorable...those little bunny hairthings especially ^_^! Her personality and the way she talks in the ma read more
Image Properties: 622x700 156.5 kb
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Title: Hopeful Misha [ Anime/Manga :: Pita Ten ] By: Anzu_Hime
Uploaded On: Apr 18 14:30:48 2004
Description: Here's my first (and probably last) attempt at drawing Misha. It was really difficult because her outfit has so many frills, but I think it turned out alright. Please comment!
Image Properties: 580x468 54.79 kb
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