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Title: Little Yuuki Cheering colored [ Anime/Manga :: Vampire Knights ] By: sesshoumarusmistressofthewest
Uploaded On: May 23 16:22:43 2011
Charcters: Yuki Cross
Image Properties: 461x615 117.8 kb
Title: Vampire Knight: YuukiXZero [ Anime/Manga :: Vampire Knights ] By: demon_angel_morbid
Uploaded On: Dec 23 17:39:31 2009
Description: This is a pic of Yuuki and Zero my fave couple of the manga and anime... i found the scenes in the manga but the blood scene is my own...
Image Properties: 600x826 113.43 kb
Title: Zero [ Anime/Manga :: Vampire Knights ] By: TwistedBeauty
Uploaded On: Jul 27 12:19:59 2009
Description: This is Zero from Vampire Knight when he bites into Yuki's neck, as you can tell by her necklace. I decided just to draw his teeth and hand really though, i thought it came out pretty well.
Image Properties: 339x500 29.01 kb
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