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Title: Phantom [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Mira_Jade
Uploaded On: Apr 27 8:42:34 2007
Description: ~
Image Properties: 260x371 211.37 kb
Title: Guardian Heart [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: soliary25
Uploaded On: Feb 21 17:17:30 2007
Description: Comments are welcome! Based off of Amy Blankenship's series, "The Guardian Heart Crystal Series". Characters are Kyou (silver hair) and Kyoko (Red hair). Amy, the author, is in blue. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!
Image Properties: 600x464 110.18 kb
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Title: calabera [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Zayari
Uploaded On: Jan 2 12:34:34 2007
Image Properties: 608x476 53 kb
Title: Th [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Zayari
Uploaded On: Jan 2 12:28:16 2007
Image Properties: 840x1267 283.98 kb
Title: Heroina [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Zayari
Uploaded On: Jan 2 12:23:57 2007
Description: solo un boceto
Image Properties: 917x1448 148.3 kb
Title: Under the Stars [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: bermudamoon
Uploaded On: Dec 17 19:38:54 2006
Description: This be Jekyll from Jekyll and Hyde. Yes, I know it's an oxymoron to have Jekyll actually look relaxed, but I thought he need a break from life. ^^
Image Properties: 800x847 111.38 kb
Title: Ghostly Romance [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Odi et amo
Uploaded On: Apr 25 17:26:42 2006
Description: Umm....this is my fanart of a pair of original characters by a very talented writer on fictionpress...The link to the story is http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=2128707 It's a very good story and I highly suggest reading it!
Image Properties: 1512x2113 185.52 kb
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Title: Byrne Family Honor [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: RisaCha
Uploaded On: Nov 30 8:56:04 2005
Description: Inspired by the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce. http://www.tamorapierce.com/ Also inspired by my family's (you have to go back a couple generations to find it, my great-great-grandmother was a Byrne) coat of arms. See also: http://www.deviantart.com/view/2 read more
Image Properties: 255x369 20.89 kb
Title: Billy and Teddy [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Quin
Uploaded On: Sep 8 20:42:04 2005
Description: Billy (Wiccan) and Teddy (Hulkling) from Marvel's Young Avengers
Image Properties: 555x911 39.26 kb
Title: Dog Fight [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: amarthruin
Uploaded On: Sep 5 17:46:19 2005
Image Properties: 523x399 53.32 kb
Title: +Dream A Little Dream+ [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Terra Mecca Solace
Uploaded On: Jul 13 20:14:17 2005
Description: This is a commission I did for the recent new Alice book "Alice ever falling" it's a macabre spin off the original. This here is Chris Sternwood :D You should read it and maybe preorder it! this will be in the book! go to Http://vemberjudgement.com for det read more
Image Properties: 675x833 212.17 kb
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Title: Moonys Giftart [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Meachy
Uploaded On: Jun 10 18:56:43 2005
Description: Hi, did a gift art for a friends up and comming web comic. Unfortunately, I have no scanner, so I had to snap a pic of it with a digital camera. It came out okay, but I really want my scanner back. Any Feedback I get goes to her so she knows if anyone is i read more
Image Properties: 705x800 77.94 kb
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Title: Captain Marvel - The Big Red Cheese [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: CJ Finnegan
Uploaded On: Jan 21 1:41:34 2005
Description: One of my pics of the World's Mightiest Mortal.
Image Properties: 668x1042 53.47 kb
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Title: Garfield -- stuffed [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: maliks gurl
Uploaded On: Aug 1 14:16:41 2004
Description: Garfield!! lol, I noticed that they don't have garfeild up. GET A GARFEILD SECTION PLEASE! lol, oh well. I'll put it here for now. Lemme know what you think
Image Properties: 251x291 10.02 kb
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Title: Aidan [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Raven_the_Odd
Uploaded On: Apr 9 20:44:20 2004
Description: Aidan, from the Wyrd Museum books by Robin Jarvis. (All hail!)
Image Properties: 162x600 35.75 kb
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