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Title: Kakariko Night [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Becca Stareyes
Uploaded On: Jan 11 6:49:32 2010
Charcters: Navi, Shiek
Description: Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time fanart, of Sheik and Navi in Kakariko Villiage. This was drawn as an illustration for my fanfiction, The Weight of Secrets. After speaking to Link, Sheik goes to think on the rooftop of a house in Kakariko Village, and read more
Image Properties: 600x770 202.31 kb
Title: LoZ Ocarina of Time [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Asuki2Hiroshi
Uploaded On: Jun 18 19:37:13 2008
Charcters: Link
Description: This is one of the "masterpieces" I've worked on a year ago. You could also find this image in Asuki2Hiroshi.Deviantart.com. This was the last ocarina image I did for a while. Zelda (c) Nintendo
Image Properties: 600x779 160.81 kb
Title: The Death Of A Fairy [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Vejhed
Uploaded On: Apr 22 17:33:57 2008
Charcters: Link
Description: Just had an idea; what if Navi died? This is the result. I personally hate the hands. I've always been horrible at drawing hands. I don't think the shape of the face is quite right and I'm not sure but I think the hat is defying gravity a little too much, read more
Image Properties: 1404x1489 294.52 kb
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Title: Link versus Volvagia. On a road dot. [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: olesialove
Uploaded On: May 16 19:19:04 2007
Charcters: Link, Volvagia
Description: Link has a wonky arm and jumps like Van Halen. He still slays dragons, though.
Image Properties: 370x401 62.02 kb
Title: Link on a road dot [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: olesialove
Uploaded On: May 16 19:11:09 2007
Charcters: Link
Description: Link! He come to town! He going to shoot you in the face! With a mighty arrow, which just goes to show, that archery has its uses.
Image Properties: 366x393 39.32 kb
Title: Link (different style) [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: summer-maxwell
Uploaded On: Nov 15 10:39:55 2005
Charcters: Link
Description: I wanted to draw him in a different style from my usual so I did him anime-ish... :3 he looks better. Maybe I should continue this way...
Image Properties: 485x641 87.64 kb
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Title: Link with shades [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: summer-maxwell
Uploaded On: Nov 15 10:34:16 2005
Charcters: Link
Description: Eee! n.n He looks so cute with shades! >>; I got this pose from somewhere... *can't remember*
Image Properties: 554x747 55.65 kb
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Title: Link [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Tifa-X
Uploaded On: Jul 15 17:09:06 2005
Charcters: Link
Description: Link....MS Paint style!
Image Properties: 562x538 44.88 kb
Title: link pulling master sword [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Kasen
Uploaded On: Jul 11 9:36:54 2005
Charcters: Link
Description: This is one of Link I just did..its not to good but its not too bad either..please comment..XD thanks bye bye
Image Properties: 460x615 35.16 kb
Title: Link and malon [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Links_Jgirl
Uploaded On: Apr 17 19:20:57 2005
Charcters: Link, Malon
Description: I am a HUGE fan of LinkxMalon so I decided to draw this picture! Its colored in with pencils, and it took me forever to do!!!
Image Properties: 714x1093 96.81 kb
Title: Chibi Link [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Sugar_Kat
Uploaded On: Mar 25 16:04:20 2005
Charcters: Link
Description: Is... Link chibi! O_O FEAR HIM! And his funky background of doom hu hu hu
Image Properties: 300x300 53.33 kb
Title: Take Me Away [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: BogusRed
Uploaded On: Mar 7 8:47:05 2005
Charcters: Link
Description: This is one of my favorite drawings because of the color and the simplicity of it. It feels so dreamy. I colored it in PhotoShop.
Image Properties: 550x382 107.62 kb
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Title: A Sword [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Kagome_The_Little_Ally_Of_Justice
Uploaded On: Feb 15 12:52:37 2005
Description: Not really the master sword, and kind of messy, but I did this a while ago.
Image Properties: 744x784 124.2 kb
Title: Punk Link [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Kankywompous
Uploaded On: Jan 30 12:27:13 2005
Charcters: Link
Description: A CG colored line art I did of link. I've had this image of a punk link with tattoos floating around in my head for a while and finally got around to doing it.
Image Properties: 396x604 28.87 kb
Title: Gerudo King-man [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Anandria
Uploaded On: Dec 23 20:20:00 2004
Charcters: Ganondorf
Description: Right, since they don't have a spot for original character, I guess that's close enough. A friend of mine and I wanted to do a Fanfic/rpg. Well, both of us have gotten into the habit of drawing all of our characters before we actually use them. This guy is read more
Image Properties: 747x962 55.07 kb
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