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Title: A Shaded Night [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: Shadowlover1
Uploaded On: Jan 1 20:44:52 2010
Charcters: Angel
Description: A picture of Shade, the black angel/spirit, that my friend drew for me for Christmas.
Image Properties: 640x480 46.22 kb
Title: Agua - whoops! [ TV Series/Movie :: Teen Titans ] By: EngiNoWaruiKoto
Uploaded On: Dec 29 21:07:50 2009
Description: ah! Agua made a mess.... ah, well, oops?
Image Properties: 466x477 121.94 kb
Title: Agua - Water Orb [ TV Series/Movie :: Teen Titans ] By: EngiNoWaruiKoto
Uploaded On: Dec 29 21:04:06 2009
Description: This is my original character, Agua, who's a fluids and water manipulator. I know she looks familiar, the base for this image was Blackfire from the episode "Sisters"
Image Properties: 534x397 100.05 kb
Title: A crap doodle of my imaginary self [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: Kitty-Strawberry-warrior
Uploaded On: Dec 25 16:05:57 2009
Description: just what the title says 8D
Image Properties: 1088x813 124.91 kb
Title: Reading is hard D8 [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Kitty-Strawberry-warrior
Uploaded On: Dec 25 16:01:16 2009
Description: I doodle I colored in paint this summer. It's Eita from Konjiki no Gash Bell! (AKA Zatch Bell) Yeah, he's not that smart. :3 But I still loves him. And Hyde/Haido too. I'll probably doodle him someday.
Image Properties: 524x544 28.41 kb
Title: nameless [ Anime/Manga :: SD Gundam ] By: Kitty-Strawberry-warrior
Uploaded On: Dec 25 15:53:54 2009
Description: this is a doodle I did of a character that's gonna appear in my Bitter fanfic...I haven't named her yet. ^^' I did her in my cutsie-doodle form of drawing, because it's easier, and she looks kinda nice in it but...yeah she's not that nice. D: She's really read more
Image Properties: 632x824 192.95 kb
Title: FMA: Lust [ Anime/Manga :: Fullmetal Alchemist ] By: demon_angel_morbid
Uploaded On: Dec 23 17:41:06 2009
Charcters: Lust
Description: Lust is my favorite humonculi in FMA... she's pretty fun to draw and she is pretty damn hot too... lol but this isn't the best i could do on her but whatever... lol this was last years pic
Image Properties: 600x456 55.99 kb
Title: Vampire Knight: YuukiXZero [ Anime/Manga :: Vampire Knights ] By: demon_angel_morbid
Uploaded On: Dec 23 17:39:31 2009
Description: This is a pic of Yuuki and Zero my fave couple of the manga and anime... i found the scenes in the manga but the blood scene is my own...
Image Properties: 600x826 113.43 kb
Title: Yugioh: Jounouchi Katsuya [ Anime/Manga :: Yu-Gi-Oh! ] By: demon_angel_morbid
Uploaded On: Dec 23 17:37:03 2009
Charcters: Jounouchi Katsuya
Description: I don't like Yugioh but i like Katsuya because he is funny.... lol and fun to draw i especailly love drawing KiabaXKatsuya yaoi pics RELE fun... lol
Image Properties: 600x706 77.06 kb
Title: Bleach: Kon [ Anime/Manga :: Bleach ] By: demon_angel_morbid
Uploaded On: Dec 23 17:35:20 2009
Charcters: Kon
Description: I hate Bleach but i luv Kon if that makes sense... he was fun to draw... lol
Image Properties: 600x373 45.62 kb
Title: DearS: Ren [ Anime/Manga :: DearS ] By: demon_angel_morbid
Uploaded On: Dec 23 17:27:52 2009
Charcters: Ren
Description: This Ren the main DearS in the series... this was last year... so yeah
Image Properties: 600x436 49.02 kb
Title: Bleach Kiss Meme [ Anime/Manga :: Bleach ] By: LiLoXGinArte
Uploaded On: Dec 19 18:40:42 2009
Charcters: Kurosaki Ichigo
Description: lineart traditional color: paint.net effort: more than nessacary > first digi thing.... mad at myself now since my arm has died. ichigo's head gets too damn big at times. makes rukia look like she's ten for more art (that isn't this bad) got to demonxin read more
Image Properties: 1000x959 282.91 kb
Title: Tactics Christmas - Shiney [ Anime/Manga :: Tactics ] By: duck113
Uploaded On: Dec 15 18:34:50 2009
Charcters: Haruka, Kantarou
Description: Tengu love shiny things, so Kantarou would certainly give Haruka a sparkly ornament!
Image Properties: 336x355 15.49 kb
Title: La Tienda De Las Muñecas [ Computer/Video Game :: Kingdom Hearts ] By: LiLoXGinArte
Uploaded On: Dec 13 15:56:06 2009
Charcters: Sora
Description: This is indeed my most detailed piece, but due to the many lines it may be hard to notice that all the characters in the shelves are actually anime characters. If its possibly to full view enough, the top shelf has pikachu, emily's sock bunnies, Gingji fro read more
Image Properties: 600x766 198.75 kb
Title: Are You Ready To Rock? WIP [ Miscellaneous :: Music/Musicians ] By: LiLoXGinArte
Uploaded On: Dec 13 15:52:30 2009
Charcters: Miyavi/Miyabi
Description: Work In Progress I started AWHILE~ ago want to see more of my art? go to demonxinxme.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 900x1228 140.92 kb
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