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Hinata, Ino & Sakura as teens
Dimensions: 400x495 pixels, 54 Kb
Hinata, Ino & Sakura as teens by Banana Soap
Artwork uploaded on Apr 24 8:43:01 PDT 2004, since then it was viewed 14580 times and reviewed 1 times.
Artist's Commentary
hmm...well, the colors aren't quite right. Ino and Sakura don't really look like Ino and Sakura but I like Sakura's hair. I've always thought she would look cooler and maybe a little more badass if she wore the forhead protector as a bandana. mmmm...My conception of Ino was better than it turned out, the colors look terrible and I screwed up on the vest >.< oh well. I like Hinata though, I think she looks cool in the ANBU uniform. I'm not really sure if Hinata would join ANBU but in the fic Wasted Years by Mizerable she does and I thought it would be cool to draw her in the uniform. The drawing itself is rather palin, I have every intention of making a better one and including Temari and Tenten but in the meantime, seeing as this accoung is supposed to be for fanart, I figured I would put up the one real piece of fanart that I've made in ages ^^()please review, even if it sucks, I love feedback.

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