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Naruto AUfic character sketches
Dimensions: 400x380 pixels, 21 Kb
Naruto AUfic character sketches by Banana Soap
Artwork uploaded on May 1 7:38:22 PDT 2004, since then it was viewed 1418 times.
Artist's Commentary
ok, this is just a teaser sort of character sketch. Its really really badly drawn, I know. I did it mainly to get the image out of my head. So the first one is Sakura and her trench coat is going to be red and have the white O on the back. Also, though you can't really tell in the pic, her hair will be short. All those triangle things on her pants are supposed to be rips but once again, you can't really tell. The second one is Naruto...I don't think it looks much like naruto, I think he looks more like this other character I designed a few years ago but that's okay. So, his shirt says Booster because in the story he's going to boost cars. And...yeah, that's all I canr eally think of to say about him. The last one is supposed to be Sasuke but he's by far the worst drawn and the least ressembles the real character. So, I wanted to make his clothing scream money but I didn't want to make him all sissy and preppy. So, I settled on the classy black leather jacket that will have the Uchiha symbol on the back. I also gave him a lot of metal (in my head at least, you can't actually tell on the drawing) so he'll have steel-toed boots, lots of clips, zippers and chains on his coat, chains hanging from his belt, ect. I figured he'd be a metal detector's worst nightmare. ^^ I like the idea of him wearing sunglasses though, makes him more detached, more untouchable, more arrogant too but it wouldn't be Sasuke if he wasn't at least a little arrogant. As for Kakashi, I got lazy and didn't draw him, but I figure he'll probably wear a lot of turtlenecks and leave the elongated necks up to hide his face. He'll probably also wear a bandana to cover his sharingan eye.

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