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Relic Warriors: Haruka & Kaiko
Dimensions: 400x543 pixels, 86 Kb
Relic Warriors: Haruka & Kaiko by Banana Soap
Artwork uploaded on May 15 18:52:13 PDT 2004, since then it was viewed 746 times.
Artist's Commentary
So, this is the second image in my "Powers" line of drawings (the first being Sakura and Shishio). So, this pic features Haruka, the White Warrior of Strength and Kaiko, the White Warrior of Lightning. Of course, they're both from my original series The Relic Warriors. Mm...this pic isn't very interesting I find, there's no movement, its flat and dull. But I really like Haruka's body, she turned out really well. The scan is of a lower quality than normal because I used a different scanner than normal (the page was too big to fit in my regular scanner and the drawing was too wide to be able to trim the page before scanning). hmm...you know, I can't really think of anything more to say than that...except for maybe the lightning around Kaiko's hand is pretty neat. Medium: mechanical pencil to draw, ball-point black pen to ink and laurentian, crayola IQ and prismacolor pencil crayons to color.

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