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Relic Warriors: Lydia & Leila, the Twins
Dimensions: 600x598 pixels, 81 Kb
Relic Warriors: Lydia & Leila, the Twins by Banana Soap
Artwork uploaded on May 29 17:58:05 PDT 2004, since then it was viewed 840 times and reviewed 1 times.
Artist's Commentary
More characters from my original series, The Relic Warriors. These are two of my Dark Warriors, the one with the blue hair is Lydia, the Dark Warrior of Strength, and the one with the red hair is Leila, the Dark Warrior of Fire. So, they're twins and their faces are weired because they were mutilated when they were children. Also, because they're elves, they're ears were cut off which is why their ears are short for the elves I draw. Ah...Lydia was much cooler before I drew clothing on her...Mainly because Lydia is annorexic and so when I drew her body, you could see all her ribs and bones sticking out and it was morbidly fascinating. That's also why she's very skinny. So, the concept behind this drawing is that the pair of them are figuratively walking corpses in my series. They're hollow shells. And so I drew them in black and grey to make them look dead. But then I left their hair and eyes colored because they are in fact vibrantly alive and alert but keep it supressed all the time. Personally, I think the drawing turned out cool and so I really like it. Mediums used: mechanical pencil for original sketch, black ballpoint pens for outline and ink, laurentian and crayola pencil crayons for everything else. (My one complaint about it: the ink scanned weird so the coloring looks off...)

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