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Hanyou Inuyasha
Dimensions: 503x789 pixels, 135 Kb
Hanyou Inuyasha by LuClipse85
Category: Anime/Manga :: InuYasha :: Inuyasha
Artwork uploaded on Feb 10 7:38:36 PST 2005, since then it was viewed 2189 times and reviewed 4 times.
Artist's Commentary
I consider this a redo of "Fan-Service For Kagome". One of my reviewers told me I made Inuyasha's muscles too big, so I decided to fix it. The background is supposed to be a sunset but I couldn't get the colors exactly right. This is also a scene from my sci-fi fic "Bakudai Kakera". I used ballpoint pen for the outline, Crayola 'tan' colored pencil for the shading and the rest is Prismacolor pencil. This fanart came about as I was wondering how Inuyasha would look if I tried to draw him from memory: Pretty damn good if I say so myself! Thus, I've finally discovered my own style of drawing! Once again, I've made Inuyasha hot enough to make steam look cold! DAMN I'm good! *^-^* Inuyasha still make a woman need a drink!!

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