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Eternally Yours
Dimensions: 861x1238 pixels, 213 Kb
Eternally Yours by LuClipse85
Artwork uploaded on Feb 14 15:33:49 PST 2006, since then it was viewed 2956 times and reviewed 3 times.
Artist's Commentary
(3/16/06- *COMPLETED VERSION IS ON DEVIANTART.COM*)It had been ages since I posted ANYTHING, and I really missed drawing with an audience in mind. Anyway, this is a pen sketch of an older Kagome and Inuyasha for my fanfic "Bakudai Kakera". I did while this at work trying to get an idea for a romance art. It was originally supposed to be like a Yin-Yang thing, but it turned out this way ^-^. I intend to do a final draft once I can settle on its elaborate appearance (laughs at myself). Any opinions or comments are welcomed, so long as they are not flames. I intend to make this a WONDERFUL MIND-BLOWING piece of art, so really, ANY suggestion you can give me is seriously appreciated. And whenever I get money to get a pay account and free time from college, you'll be seeing more of my artwork. Thanks! Ja ne! ^_~

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