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Dimensions: 840x840 pixels, 96 Kb
realizations by Gloria Stone
Artwork uploaded on Mar 17 12:41:19 PDT 2007, since then it was viewed 1387 times.
Artist's Commentary
What the hell Monkey D. Rufi? Why is that messed up with Zoro's name is still zoro? Hmmm well anyway Based of a story called Realizations by Raihne. http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600040603 Just a warning for those that don't understand the whole ADULT fanfiction addy the stories juicy. And wonderfully well writing and hilarious story at that. Has, in my opinion the best damn one piece line ever writen in it. "wouldn't understand 'the talk' even if it was given by a naked woman pointing out the good parts" (refering to Luffy) I highly urge you to read and REVIEW that story. We as readers must unite and encourage Raihne to write a sequel. My second work since discovering the wonder that is layers and transparent layers on my art program. I've got a book that's like 500 pages thick. I mean seriously you need to take a college class just to learn the damn stuff. I like my moon. and I absolutly love the going merry sheep head. I'm so happy about it. Glad I saved the wood grain pattern that I had made for my other one piece pic. (i know its different in the anime but it looks cooler like this) I suck at water. the waves are alright, but eh...I might work on them more later. I'm happy about the hat too. Um not sure if I got the whole blowing in the wind thing right. It looks a little wierd to me. But I did find a cool thatching button that made the straw hat part look better.

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