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Late-Night Research
Dimensions: 771x600 pixels, 95 Kb

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Late-Night Research by Becca Stareyes
Artwork uploaded on Jun 28 18:30:41 PDT 2009, since then it was viewed 532 times.
Artist's Commentary
Amelia finds Zelgadis had spent a bit too much time in the library. Done for Earthstar Chan @ Livejournal, who requested Zel/Amelia art. Look for the parts when I started copying-and-pasting the background. I really didn't want to draw bookshelves. Also, I need to adjust Photoshop so the colors it saves the file as are the same as the ones I see when I color it. Character Designs © Hajime Kanzaka Font "Yemite Snow Letters" © S. John Ross. Font is freely available at Cumberland Fontworks (http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/fonts.htm) -- Summer, '09

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