.hack//Legend Of Twilight Bracelet Fan Fiction ❯ The Untold Secret ❯ .Hack//The Powers Within ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

It was 2 month's later and Bea still wasn't out of her coma, ever since she went into her coma Paul was very gloomy and very rarely ever spoke to anyone. He used to be very talkative until Bea went into her coma and even when he does talk its only like one word! He vowed he'd keep training until he could beat the skeleton figure which he found out his name was skieth. The first time he logged on from the incident his character changed colour! He also had new techniques!
When Paul tried his new techniques he found he could create data! He could also edit data as well! He hadn't spoken to Chip since the incident as Chip stopped playing `the world' as he though he may go into a coma!
Moonstone had to get some new members strong enough to beat skieth and it had to be someone trusts worthy. Once he gets stronger members he will begin his training with them by his side. So he created a fake character with his new technique: `data morph!' he created a young girl with white hair which he called Aura. He also put some of his powers into a book which would allow the user to use data drain which allows them to weaken their opponent by changing their data. So Moonstone had found one of the members which he wanted on his team and his name was Orca! Orca is one of the strongest characters in the game along with Balmung they were a team and Moonstone knew if he go Orca on his team Balmung would follow.
Moonstone sent Aura with the book to the area were he had tracked Orca too and he made Skieth chase them so Orca would accept the book without hesitation. Orca spotted Aura being chased by Skieth and quickly ran to them with Kite. Aura handed Orca the book but before he could accept it he was data drained. Kite quickly grabbed the book and he instantly changed from a green suit to a red! He could also now data drain
Moonstone was angry when he found that Kite had gotten the book but he thought if he lets him train until he is stronger he will then be strong enough and will also help since his friend Orca is also in a coma… but Moonstone felt sorry that Orca was put into a coma as it was partly his fault…