6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: Alcoholics Anonymous ❯ Feeling Better? ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Ron came back the next day. His reunion ended early, and he took Jonesy's job away from him without paying him for when he heard of what happened with the shoot. Jonesy, actually, didn't mind it all as it would only remind him of how angry he was at Bill the other day for behaving so badly. He was feeling much better now.
Caitlin was feeling better too, but she was very sad and upset before. She wrote a letter to Bill saying she hoped they could be friends again one day, and was waiting for a reply.
I was feeling better too, especially when Bill's superiors agreed to pay for all the damages that were done to my store, but I really wish it hadn't happened in the first place.
Everywhere around the mall a lot of people were very disappointed that nobody was going to be in the magazine now due to the photos being destroyed in the accident, especially Coach Halder. He was really looking forward to it.
It really wasn't a fun time for anybody, and it was all because a man couldn't control his drinking. “I just wish I told you guys sooner.” Caitlin said.
I patted her hand, “It's alright, Cait…” I said comfortingly “You should never be afraid to tell someone you know, love, or trust when something or someone upsets you like that… even if that person tells you not to.”
“Amen to that.” said Wyatt.
“It's still a bummer we didn't get to be in the magazine.” Jude sighed.
Then suddenly, Caitlin had an idea. She still had her camera, and plenty of empty albums. “Maybe I could take some practice shots, and we can be in our own magazine.”
We all jumped right at the idea, and soon we were all being photographed at our stores, or around the mall. Caitlin even agreed to take some photos of Coach Halder to help him feel better more, and before long, Caitlin's albums was all filled up.
“That's the stuff.” She said trying to imitate Bill.
Ending theme
I'm 7teen…
I have found my own way
I love my job, and I live at the mall today
And I am on my own now and forever
I'm 7teen… 7…TEEN
Still, the memories will last.
Jonesy… Caitlin… Wyatt… Jen… Jude… Nikki… Mykan
Author's notes:
Ya know… Bill's problem is almost the same as the problem I feel when 6teen ended.

I was very, very upset… livid even, when Nikki left us, and I still am. It hurts more and more each day, and it hurts even more that I found out the show will never be brought back, not even for a real 7teen.
I can't even think of the show anymore knowing how it ends, and no matter how many fics I make it doesn't really change things, even though it feels like it. It's almost as if I don't care to ever see the show or have anything to do with it ever again for what Nikki's leaving brought to me.
Some of us will get better from this and move on but… some people… like me won't. I'm stuck like this, but… the least I can do is continue 7teen, for my sake as well as yours to make us feel a little better.
*Sighs* If only the finale had been different.