6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: Alcoholics Anonymous ❯ Who's to blame? ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Jen caught up with Caitlin, and brought her to the Khaki-Barn, where Jonesy and Nikki were as well. They weren't please when they heard what had happened, and were very annoyed with Bill.
Caitlin was still crying, and blew her nose with what had to be her tenth tissue. “I just left him sitting on the floor.” She sobbed “He really hates me.”
Jen hugged Caitlin warmly, almost like a motherly gesture. Jonesy was very angry. He clenched his fist growling softly, “That jerk! I warned him not to drink in the mall!”
What scared Caitlin even more was that she was afraid that Bill would be even angrier with her for telling everyone what happened, after he warned her not to. “No, Caitlin. You did the right thing.” Nikki said.
“Nikki's right.” added Jen. “It doesn't matter what Bill said. If you're upset about something, you should always tell us, or anyone you trust, even your parents. Then maybe we can help you.”
Caitlin didn't feel better as it still didn't change the fact that the whole shoot was ruined, and so were the shots Bill had taken earlier. “And it's all my fault!” Caitlin sobbed.
For the first time ever, Jonesy was most sympathetic a she lifted Caitlin's head and looked her in the eyes. “Now you listen to me, Caitlin Cooke. It's not your fault at all. The only person to blame for all this is Bill and the way he drinks booze!”
Jen, Nikki, even Caitlin felt those were the most supportive things Jonesy had ever said, and deep down, Jonesy felt maybe he was growing a little too soft, but when it came to his friends, it was only natural he'd act this way.
Jonesy's phone rang-- I asked him to come to my store right away. Jonesy agreed, and he was off. Nikki went along with him. She had a few words to say to Bill herself to treating Caitlin so badly. “Even I never stoop so low.”
My store was still in a mess. Bill had calmed down, and was standing straight now, but I wasn't very pleased with him. Wyatt and Jude weren't either. “Well… I guess I did blow off a little steam.” Bill said.
The guys and I motioned at the mess, “You call this a little?” asked Wyatt.
“Well can you blame me? I was really angry.” replied Bill “Anyway… I hope Caitlin's not too upset.”
That's when Jonesy and Nikki came along, and both of them were very cross. “She's very upset, Bill… and so are we.” snapped Jonesy.
Hearing those words, made me feel very upset for Caitlin, so I excused myself to go and check up on her., but I gave Bill another look of disappointment.
Bill didn't understand why everyone was antagonizing him for. “I just couldn't work with Caitlin.” He said rudely. “She's just a teenager… too much of a problem.”
“Caitlin wasn't your problem, Bill…” said Jonesy, and he grabbed the, now, empty flaks that was on the floor. “This is your problem! You drink way too much of this stuff and now look what happened…”
Bill still tried to deny it, “Nonsense. It was all Caitlin, I'm telling you.”
“No, Dude…” snapped Jude. “It wasn't Caitlin… it was you!”
“Jude's right.” added Nikki. “You suffer from alcoholism. You have a drinking problem, and they're your problems. So quit blaming Caitlin!”
The guys went on telling Bill that Caitlin tried her best…
“Proud to be helping you…”
“Flattered you wanted her to be your assistant.”
Caitlin gave Bill her friendship, trust, and all the help she could give, while all Bill did was drink, get angry, and in the end he wrecked Comic-Cavern, ruined the whole shoot, disappointed everyone in the entire mall… and broke Caitlin's heart.
“I… I did…?” asked Bill. He actually looked, sounded, and felt concerned. “I… really… really… hurt Caitlin that much…?”
The others nodded. “You really hurt her, man.” said Wyatt.
“I've never seen a chick so upset before.” added Jude “Way harshin' on my mellow.”
Now Bill felt very upset with himself for what he just learned. He felt he owed Caitlin an apology. “Where is the little darling? I have to apologize and set things right.”
Wyatt held him back. “No, you don't Bill. The damage has already been done.”
Nikki nodded and said that a simple apology wouldn't set things right either. “You've got to stop drinking so much, or the same thing will happen again and again.”
“Besides…” said Jonesy “After the way you acted, I don't even think that Caitlin cares to ever see you again… and frankly, neither do we. Now I want you to pack your things, and leave the mall… Now!” and he meant that as head security-guard.
Nobody said anything after that.
I met up with Caitlin and Jen. Caitlin's eyes were red from crying. She still couldn't understand why Bill got so angry with her. “What did I do that was so wrong?”
Jen explained to Caitlin again that it wasn't her fault, and I explained to her about Bill's alcoholism. It was almost exactly the same as it was with my father. He would drink so much that he hurt me and my brother physically. “But it wasn't my fault… it was my dad's. Just like it's not your fault, Caitlin… its Bill's.”
Caitlin was beginning to fully understand the conception of alcoholism. She even felt a little sorry for Bill, and wished she could do something to make him stop drinking. “You can't…” Jen said. “His family and his friends can give him their love and support, but Bill's the only one who can make him stop drinking.”
Caitlin felt bad and more sorry for Bill, but she had to ask if any of us were upset with her because the shoot was ruined, and my store was in a mess, but Jen and I only hugged her warmly and said we'd always be friends, and no fame and glory would ever amount to that or mean much more.
Pretty soon, Bill had his gear loaded up, and most of the gang showed him to the front. “Well guys… I'm still sorry.” Bill said. The others were all sorry too, then the rest of us came…
“Jen… Caitlin… Mykan…! Oh, I'm glad you're here.” Bill wanted to apologize for what happened, and especially to Caitlin. “You were really a wonderful helper.” Those words made Caitlin feel touched again…
“It was me who made the mistakes.” replied Bill. “And thanks to all of you I've finally realized that… I suffer… form alcoholism. I'm only sorry I had to hurt and disappoint you all to find that out.” Bill then vowed from that day to try and do something about his problem. He knew it wouldn't be easy, “But I'm going to try.”
As Bill gathered up the rest of his gear, Caitlin felt that soon Bill was going all right. “No, Caitlin…” I said softly to her. “It won't be soon, and it may not be ever.” I went on and explained that some people could get better from alcoholism, but some couldn't, and my father was one of them…
He couldn't control his drinking and was so abusive that he became such a danger to himself and those around him. So he was sent to the nuthouse for life.
Whatever could or would happen to Bill was only up to him. “I hope he makes it.”
Caitlin hoped so too, and so did the rest of the gang as Bill gave us a wave goodbye. We all waved back at him, and then he left through the doors, hoped on a bus, and was gone. Nobody said anything…
Jen's phone broke the silence. It was Coach…
“MASTERSON!” he yelled. “Is it almost time for our turn? I'm all dressed up and rarin' to go.”
Jen didn't know how to tell him.