6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: Holiday Fears ❯ Less time, more money ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next day, Jonesy was feeling really giddy with excitement. “My first day as manager of a whole store, can you believe it?”
“Oh, we can believe it…” Jen said. “Just don't mess things up…”
“Please… when have I ever messed up?” replied her step-brother.
“Hmm, let's see…” Nikki said as one by one she began to go off naming all the many times Jonesy screwed up, on dates, at jobs he got fired from… “Shut up…” Jonesy said sounding a little dismayed.
“Oh, take it easy Jonesy… you've seen Mykan working there loads of times before.” said Caitlin. “It shouldn't be that hard to runt he store by yourself.”
“Bra knows what's she's talkin' about…” added Jude. “Just look at me, I run two joints in the mall, solo.”
Jonesy began to feel a little better as he stood up. “Well… only way to find out. Got to bounce.” and he was off.
After Jonesy had left, the others noticed that Wyatt was looking a little down in the dumps. “Whoa… sensin' some serious negative vibes here.” said Jude.
“What's the matter with you, Wyatt?” Jen asked.
Wyatt sighed, “I'm in a bit a crisis, Christmas time is so close and I still don't have an idea of what to get Serena.”
The others all exclaimed. “Whoa… seriously, that cannot be good.” said Jude.
Wyatt explained that he wanted to get Serena something really special to show how much she meant to him. It was miracle that he had been back together with her for so long at all and after everything that had happened between them…
Wyatt getting dumped on text-message… Getting fired from “Spin-This” and losing his nerve to get back at Serena… Then the Zombites attacked the mall and he barely saved her. Marlowe and Chad moved away… and that pretty much covered it.
They were barely able to get back together, and now it was well over a year since then. “I just don't know what to do. To me, even writing her a new song seems too tame.”
“Aw, Wyatt, don't worry about it.” said Nikki. “Remember when you nearly panicked to make sure that you'd have enough valentine gifts to shower on Serena?”
“And then you made a mess of things because you misunderstood how she mentioned she wasn't too fond of mushiness?” added Caitlin.
Wyatt sighed once again, “I better head to work, and maybe I'll think of something from there. Later.”
“Bye…!” Jen called as he left. “Poor Wyatt… something tells me he's going to go in over his head again.”
Caitlin sighed softly. “I just wish I had a boyfriend who would want to shower me with gifts.”
Nikki and Jen rolled their eyes. How many more gifts could Caitlin possibly want for a girl who practically had everything she could want at most?
Wyatt was flipping burgers, and serving his customers, but he was too absentminded by his pondering for a gift to sing. Thank goodness he was the manager now that Tim was gone.
“Think Wyatt… think!” he muttered to himself. “What would be a perfect Christmas gift to give--?”
“Hey, Wyatt…” said a familiar voice in front of him. Wyatt jumped in surprise “Ah…! Serena. Uh… h-he-hey.”
Serena rolled her eyes; she had obviously interrupted him from one of his deep chain-of-thoughts. “Now that you're back down to Earth… I just came to remind you about you coming to dinner on Friday night.”
“Dinner, at your place? Oh yeah I remember.”
“Hmm, mm…” Serena pecked Wyatt on the cheek. “Oh and Wyatt… if you were pondering over what to get me for Christmas, you don't have to bother. I don't really want anything that fancy.”
“Uh… sure. I guess…” replied Wyatt.
His girlfriend smiled, but deep down she secretly knew what was going to happen. Then she was gone leaving Wyatt once again going in over his head.
“She doesn't fool me. I just got to get her something… but what?” he sighed irritably. He only had two days to figure it out before his big dinner at Serena's. He really didn't have much time.
Jonesy was bustling busy at Comic-Cavern. He had already sold over five-hundred dollars in comic-books and merchandise, and he just couldn't keep his eyes off all that coinage and green-stuff. “Man… it's no wonder Mykan works by himself. He doesn't have to share this much.”
He did of course remember that I did pay the others fair amounts of my earnings as they were all freelancers who starred in my own comic series, but it quickly faded when he realized that he was in charge of the store and could take his own breaks, just like I did when hours were slow.
However, he realized that he was a little short on money. “Aw, man… not even enough to buy a simple little soda.” he groaned. Then he turned back to the cash-register which housed enough money for him to buy more than a-hundred sodas and plenty more. “Hmm…”
For a few moments Jonesy was silent pondering over if he should take maybe a few bucks for himself. “Yeah… why not?” he said sneakily as he opened the drawer. “After all… I earned it. I may as well spend it.”
So he a little of his earnings and headed off, but then he was no further than a few steps towards the door. When he turned to face the cash register again, and he got that wicked grin on his face, and in a split second his pockets were full and the drawer was empty.
As he walked along the mall he could see one of those mall-Santa's standing by one of those “Help feed the poor” buckets. Jonesy thought about it, and just kept on walking. “I'm poor… I earned this dough… I'll do what I want with it.”
So he went about his business and got himself a quick lunch, but even bothering to give tips to the hard working teens who needed money for Christmas shopping, or even drop so much as a penny into the donation boxes.
Then he got an awful idea about what to do when he got back to work…!