Angelic Layer Fan Fiction ❯ Shades of a Sky ❯ The Way Home ( Chapter 2 )

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Shades of a Sky
The Way Home

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Snow fell softly against a dark sky, a slight breeze gently chilling the fragile structures of those unfortunate to stay outside. Minael's fingers crawled deeper into the caverns of her coat as feet tapped, waiting for the bus.

~I forgot to buy the bird.~ The twin bright lights of the public transportation bus glared angrily into her dark eyes, forcing them to squint. ~Myrra-san had my mind on angels.~ The bus, in all its blue, white, red, wash-needing glory, crunched and squealed to a stop, allowing Minael to board.

She slipped a pink square of thick paper into the appropriate slot, and noted there was only one other passenger. Out of courtesy and the normal tend to cynicism at such a dark hour, she sat near the front of the bus, the other near the back.

The lights were unusually low, though bright enough to read a book in fine print. Minael checked her watch, a digital Timex set in a leather band. The interface read forty-five minutes past the hour of five. "5:45 and it's this dark?" she wondered aloud to herself.

"Welcome to the season of winter," an unnaturally calm and soft masculine voice answered. She shivered and looked at the other passenger, who had somehow managed to walk half the length of the bus and grip the nearest door bars without her noticing. The figure was completely hidden beneath a hooded black cloak, leaving only a fringe of dirty-blond hair sticking out from beneath the hood.

"Er...yes," she mumbled, eyes returning to her watch as she fiddled with it. ~Talk about unsettling.~ A brief, pleasant chime rung, and the bus squealed as it approached the stranger's requested stop. She gratefully took in her next breath, relieved to know he would be leaving in a couple seconds.

"No bird today," he commented, a faint trace of amusement in his voice.

Minael blinked. "Say /what/?!" She quickly sent her gaze upwards in a glare, only to find the stranger completely vanished and the bus slowly moving again. ~I swear, the people that roam the streets these days....~

Twenty minutes later, it was Minael's turn to sound the chime.

The walk home was uneventful as she trudged along the snow-lined sidewalk and newly lit Christmas decorations of festive homes. She muttered to herself about Christmas decorations already going up in late November.

She smiled. It would be her birthday soon, and nothing, not even Lana or creepy psychos on a bus would ruin that for her.

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