Artemis Fowl Fan Fiction ❯ One Artemis is Bad Enough! ❯ Oh. My. God. TWO ARTEMIS'S? ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

~Artemis Haun~
"Fluffy towels, warm water, facials, and, of course, chocolate, I love spas!" Sighed Artemis happily before diving under the surface of the pool.
When she surfaced again, her companion replied, "Yeah, but I swear there was something in that mud bath."
Artemis laughed.
"Angel, don't you know that the mud is actually volcanic ash? Nothing could survive the extreme heat!" She said.
Angel scrunched up her face and pointed at Artemis's nose while moving her finger in small circles. "That's what they want us to think, Artemis." Angel said. Her words were followed by a painful flick on her ear.
"Ow!" Angel said, covering her ear with one hand and splashing Artemis with the other.
"Either you're a genius, paranoid or crazy." Stated Artemis.
"If I'm right, I'm a genius. If I'm imagining things, I'm paranoid. If I'm wrong, I'm crazy. That's just the way the cookie crumbles, Arty." Angel said, floating around on her back.
Our favorite dynamic trio was on loan from the Academy because of how hard their team had been training. Markarov, who was floating a few feet away, was only listening to the girls' conversation with mild interest. There was something very strange about two of the guys in the hot tub that was adjacent to the pool.
~Artemis Fowl~
"Butler, did you hear that?" Asked Artemis.
"Depends," Started his manservant. "What did you hear?"
"My name mentioned twice in a strangers' conversation, one of which times it was my mother's pet name for me, and someone quoting me." The boy genius said while glancing over his shoulder at the two females in question.
"That's probably a coincidence, Artemis. You can't be the only person with that name." Butler said, also glancing at the two teenagers. "Honestly, I don't think we've ever seen them in our lives."
"Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not."
"Want me to do a little reconnaissance?" Asked Butler.
"That won't be necessary. It would look strange for a grown man to walk up to a pair of teenage girls and strake up a conversation." Said Artemis, standing. (FYI: He IS wearing trunks, and the girls (and Markarov) are wearing suits too. Same as Legends Academy chapters 9&10)
"I'll go. Just keep your guard up." The genius teen said.
Before Butler had a chance to protest, Artemis was gone.
~Artemis Haun~
Angel and Artemis, who had stopped arguing and decided to take a leaf out of Markarov's book, were floating with their eyes closed and conversing quietly through their mental link. But they were interrupted when a charming male voice spoke from near them.
"May I join you ladies?" It asked.
Who's that? Artemis asked Angel through their magic link.
Yea, Artemis, ask me because I know. He sounds Irish, though. Kinda like you, but maybe with a bit stronger of an accent. Angel said.
Artemis risked peeking an eye open to see a gorgeous boy smiling politely down at her from the edge of the pool.
Oh my god, he's cute! Artemis said, sighing and sending a mental image of him to Angel. Its times like this that I almost wish I didn't have a thing with Mar- Oh crap.
Angel mentally laughed, I knew it! Wait 'till I tell Chuko!
Tell me what? Asked Chuko's familiar voice curiously. She had only just swum over, having finished her snack with Sly.
Artemis is with-! Angel started. But she was cut off by Artemis.
Oh no, you don't! Or I'll tell everyone you like the Riku! You know, the guy on our team that's only ten feet away?
Instantly, Angel was silent.
Chuko, same for you and Sly. This is between us, alright?
Both the girls agreed.
Artemis almost grinned, but then remembered the boy that was still patiently waiting for a reply.
But because the girls were busy arguing, Sly, Riku, and Mark were the ones to say, "Why not?"
The Irish boy's smile disappeared. Fast.
"I wasn't talking to you, you know. My question was directed at the three blushing girls here." He said, gesturing at the girls of the team, who were indeed looking a little pink.
Artemis opened her eyes.
"If you can get past the guys there," She said, jerking a finger at the boys, "You're free to join us."
The boy slid into the pool, smiling gratefully at Artemis.
"Artemis Fowl, and you are?" He said, shaking the hands of all the male members of the Academy team and kissing the hands of the females.
In turn, every body said some sort of greeting.
"Sly Peronza, hey."
"Riku McKay, hi."
"Markarov Von Argott, greetings."
"Chuko Newell, pleased to meet you."
"Angel Parakai, sup?"
Artemis noticed that her crush had adopted his accent, like when she had first met him. As had everyone else with theirs. On a whim, she decided to resort to her long broken habit of speaking with an Irish tongue.
"Artemis Haun, pleased to make your acquaintance."
The boy named Fowl smiled.
"And I, yours." He said to the group.
Charming. Said Mark, Riku, and Sly together,
Isn't he? The girls sighed.
~Artemis Fowl~
After all the girls introduced themselves to him, he looked over the one that was also called Artemis.
Her long brown hair was up in a rubber band, but there were some strands that had escaped the elastic. They were hanging in front of her amazing silver/green eyes. For a moment Artemis couldn't look away, so she did.
She glanced back at the boys, sighed, and then looked back.
"So, Artemis," Said the girl named Chuko, "The guy Artemis, I mean, what brings you to a spa?"
He smiled. "I'm on break from school and my parents thought I needed some pampering. You know, a break from all the work."
"Weird," Said the silver-eyed beauty. "Us too,"
She started to say something else but jumped and looked around at everyone had come here with.
Getting very flustered, she turned back to the Fowl heir.
"Excuse us for a moment." She said with a kind smile.
The male Artemis nodded.
The girl and her companions swam away, not saying a word but looking at each other with angry glances.
At one point the boy named Markarov jerked a thumb back at Artemis with an angry expression.
~Artemis Haun~
"Weird, us too." Artemis said.
Hey! Don't let him know everything! He's a mortal! Everyone said through the link.
Yeah, but still- Artemis tried to say. She was clearly cut off.
But nothing!
Getting rather flustered, Artemis turned back to the male Artemis.
"Excuse us for a moment." She said.
The boy nodded and Artemis and company swam a few feet away.
Look, Artemis, Started Angel, I know he's cute-
But he's still not one of us. Continued Chuko.
Hold on, Said Riku slowly. I'm not so sure. There is a strange air of magic about him.
You've got to be kidding! Markarov mentally cried, jerking a thumb at the boy floating a few yards away.
No, I'm not. We should get back to Headmistress Emily and let her know about this. He could be a threat. Riku said, now speeding up.
Well, whether we want to or not, we can't go back for, what, two weeks? Said Angel.
So what are we going to do until then? Artemis asked.
Keep all traces of magic from him. It might just be a mistake, but- Hold on. This whole link talking is giving me a headache. Can we continue this conversation somewhere else? Asked Sly.
After everyone agreed, they all went back to the boy that was still waiting for them.
"Artemis, I'm very sorry, but we have to leave. I know this'll sound cheap, but I actually did leave my stove on back at the hotel." Angel said.
Artemis (the guy) nodded.
"I understand. It was a pleasure meeting you all. I hope to see you soon."
With that, the entire Legends Academy crew left for their rooms.
~Artemis Fowl~
As soon as the group left, Artemis went back to the hot tub where Butler was still partly enjoying himself.
"Well?" Asked Butler. "Did you foil an attempt at your life or get a crush on a pretty girl?"
Artemis looked away indignantly, blushing a little.
"I-They were surprisingly kind. They were here for the same reason as me. A break from school." Artemis said.
"You still haven't answered my question. Which is it?" Butler pressed.
"Whatever do you mean?" Artemis asked, supposedly appalled.
Butler chuckled. "Artemis, I was your age once. You like her, don't you?"
As they left the hot tub, Artemis muttered something about hormones...