Artemis Fowl Fan Fiction ❯ One Artemis is Bad Enough! ❯ The Twist ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

~Artemis Haun~
You've got to be kidding me. Artemis said to Chuko and Angel. The first time I actually LIKE someone, I meet an incredible guy that's from IRELAND! Why me!?
Angel mentally chuckled. Artemis, get used to it. The things you're going through? Yeah, it's called life!
Yeah Artemis, Said Chuko. I know it stinks, but at least you HAVE a guy! She sighed miserably. I think I'll be staring at Sly for the rest of my life.
Artemis sighed, Look. I don't have him. I just LIKE him. Got it?
Yeah, and he likes you! Said the other two girls.
We were all in the audience when the two of you two danced. Angel said.
We saw, you two had one of those "moments". Continued Chuko.
We did not! Artemis protested, cheeks growing hot in the soft hallway lights.
Did it feel like you were the only two people in the world? Like absolutely anything could happen? Asked Angel.
Well, uh...Yeah. Artemis sighed. She felt completely defeated by now.
Awwwww! That's sooo sweet! Said Chuko and Angel in perfect unison.
We reached the door to our room. Yeah, we shared a room. Sue us.
After making sure he closed and locked the door, Sly spoke first.
"What are we going to do? Emily said we couldn't come back to the Academy for two weeks and that guy has an aura of magic!"
"Well," Riku started, "What of we asked him, you know, using the truth spell?"
"Hmm," Sly was clearly putting that thief's brain to good use. "You know, that could work! But we don't want to arouse suspicion. Artemis, I don't suppose you could-?" He tried to say, but was interrupted by Mark.
"I don't think so. What if he's from a rival school? I don't want her sticking her neck out." He said, moving just a little closer to Artemis, whom he was already next to. She noticed, though nobody else did, and also moved closer to him, purposely putting her hand down next to his on the soft fabric of the couch they were on.
"Markarov. You're sweet, but don't worry." Said Artemis. "Do you honestly think that I wouldn't be constantly alert?" She stood and ruffled his hair, grinning. "I'll be fine."
"Now," She said to everyone else, "What's the plan?"
Automatically, everyone turned to Riku and Sly. They were the main "idea men". Figuratively speaking, or course, considering that they were all the same age, 13.
"Okay, here's what we've got so far..." They said.
Clearly, they had been conversing through the magical link they all had that entire time...
~Artemis Fowl~
"Honestly, Butler, she was beautiful!" Artemis exclaimed, sipping his tea.
Again, the manservant smiled.
"Artemis, you spoke to the girl for five minutes. I hardly think she's head-over-heels in love with you."
"I never said she was. I just said she was extremely attractive." Said Artemis, gaining his composure.
"I know, but you seem to feel that way." Said Butler, also taking a drink of the warm liquid.
"Well, you can keep that idea out of your head. I'm a genius, for God's sake. I can't be afforded to be distracted by girls..."
And with that, the young Fowl opened his laptop and continued working on his latest project.
~Artemis Haun~
"So what you're saying is that Artemis has to get close to him? You do mean friendship-wise, right?" Asked Markarov skeptically.
Sly chuckled.
So much for the "incredible stone-faced lady-killer" thing you had going, Markarov!
If you wish to keep your limbs, you'll silence yourself. Markarov said, glaring at Sly menacingly.
Sly's eyes widened and he instantly changed subject.
"Anyways, we've heard word of a ball in the area. Also, we have recently confirmed the Fowl boy will be going. The twist? It's tonight. In a few hours, actually." He said, glancing at his watch.
Artemis nodded, muttering, "I suppose that's where I come in?"
Sly nodded gravely. "And to protect you, we're all going to go. All we need are formal clothes and dates." Sly paused, pulling something out of his pocket. Six invites? "I've got the invitation bit covered."
"So, who's going with whom?" He asked. "Artemis, before you meet up with Fowl, you'll need a date too."
There was a pause and automatically everyone looked at the person they wanted to go with.
In the end, the couples were as follows:
Chuko and Sly, Angel and Riku, and Artemis and Mark.
Strange how that works out, isn't it?
"Well," Artemis said after a second, "I can supply dresses for the girls. You guys will have to go shopping, I guess." She said, referring to the boys.
And with that, the boys left the room to find outfits and the girls-minus Artemis-locked the door, grinning.
"Why are you two smiling?" Artemis asked.
There was a bang on the door, and Mark's voice sounded through it. "WE HEARD THAT!"
Blushing profusely, the girls delved into Artemis's trunk.
After a half hour or so, everyone had their dresses picked.
Angel had decided to wear a beautiful blue halter dress. Her blondish brown mortal-hair was up in a neat bun and all her accessories matched. She was wearing a sapphire bracelet, earring, ring, and necklace set.
Chuko wore an exquisite two-layer red and pink strapless. Her black mortal-hair was in a ponytail, and she had curled it, instead of leaving it strait as usual. Her only piece of jewelry was her watch, enchanted to look an even brighter gold than usual.
Artemis FINALLY decided on an incredible black and silver slit dress. There was extra fabric along the edge of the cut, making her look magical, ironically enough. Her slightly shorter mortal-hair was extra curly, thanks to a quick spell, and was up in a clip, causing it to fall to her mid-back. She wore her watch also, a shinier silver then most other times. Also she wore the same kind of jewelry set as Angel except that hers was silver and obsidian.
Grabbing their invites and coats, the girls left for the dance...
(An extremely long half hour later...)
The girls stepped out of the car they had left for the dance in.
"Do you see them?" Chuko asked anxiously, standing on tiptoe to see over the crowd.
"No, but we're a little early." Angel said, also standing a little higher.
"Greetings ladies. I had no idea you would be here." Said a charming and very familiar voice from behind them.
All three jumped a good few inches off the ground.
They quickly turned, nearly slipping on those accursed high heels.
Artemis especially was started when she came face-to-face with a certain Irish boy.
"Artemis, you scared me!" Said the female Artemis, clutching her chest.
"My apologies. So, you're here for the dance?" He asked, offering her his arm.
She hesitated, practically frozen.
Chuko and Angel stepped foreword.
"Yes," Angel started, grinning.
"We're just waiting for," Chuko paused. Both of the girls shared a glance and an unnoticeable nod before:
"Our-" They were cut off by three male voices.
"Dates." They said firmly, all three putting an arm around one of their companions. Three guesses who and who.
"Very well. I'll see you inside then." Said the male Artemis, clearly forcing a smile as Mark, Sly, and Riku led their dates to the doors.