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Author's Note: This is based on the English dubbed 2004 version of Astro Boy. In that version, Atlas aka Daichi had been a robot his entire life and was still able to grow up like a normal human, so I'm going to use that. I understand that in the true Japanese version, and please do correct me if I'm wrong, that he use to be human, but was reborn as a robot after he was in an accident. I may use that for an AU fic if enough people actually like this one. Now, enough of my babbling, please read, enjoy, and review the fic! Oh, btw, no flamers allowed. If you don't like it, I simply ask that you do not read it.


"Didn't we always promise each other…that we would always be together?"

~Mayu Amakura-Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Eternal Bond


You promised me that you would always be here for me. I don't blame you for not being able to keep your promise though. I blame Tokugawa. The bastard that treated you like crap most of your life and had the nerve to think he was a father to you. It was he who made you hate all humans, made you think that we were lower than dirt. He even had you deactivated because you had been acting too rebellious for him to handle. Too rebellious?! Ha! Makes me wonder what he would have done with a human kid.

I don't know much about what happened after you tried to hijack that flight to the moon. I had to help my sister cater a party three cities away. I only know what the others told me. That you had been reactivated and had another form. You were finally gonna make Tokogawa pay for his mistreatment towards you. Had I been there, I would have been cheering you on all the way.

However, when I returned to Metro City, you had disappeared. The others hadn't seen you since the night you first transformed. We kept waiting and waiting and still you did not return. We're still waiting for your return, but until then, I've been running the gang, with Saburou as my second in command. He was the one who said I should run things till you came back. Said that I knew how your mind worked better then anyone else.

Gods, I wish that were true. I can guess what you want for the gang, but I do not know your mind. If I did, I would know if you hated me for being a human. We've been best friends since we were little, that should count for something, right? You even gave me a piece of yourself after that accident you were in a few years back. "A part of my soul will always be with you this way," you told me. I still wear it to this day, I've never taken it off, nor will I. Those days are gone now, replaced with bitterness and anger and hatred I wish I had the power to make go away. No one should have been treated the way you were, robot or not. Did you not realize that I don't care if you're human or machine? I have always seen you as my best friend…and more than that. Not that I could ever tell you that of course, you'd probably would have laughed. Now that you're gone though, I wish I had. At least then you would have known and I wouldn't be filled with such regret.

For now, I've been anticipating your return. The others say you are probably dead, but I refuse to believe it. I can feel in my heart and soul that you are alive. You're too proud and strong to give up without a fight! You would not let your life simply just slip away into nothingness! The others just need to be more patient, you'll come back to us, I know you will. Until then, though, I've been plotting a little something, a something I know I have no right to do, a something that only you have the honor to do. I'm gonna make Tokugawa pay for what he has done and when I do, if you truly hate all humans, including me, I will end my own life. Extreme, I know, but I do have another option I am considering other then suicide. It is also a costly option, but if I can find a way to do it, I will. If not, death will be my only way out, for I would rather die then know your hatred.