Astro Boy Fan Fiction ❯ Eternal Bond ❯ Longing For a Friend ( Chapter 1 )

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"Why is this happening? I wish you were here with me."

~Yuna-Final Fantasy X-2

Eternal Bond

Chapter 1

Her opponent's body flew though the air, crashing against the old brick wall. He crumpled to the ground, spitting up blood before he glared up at her. His dirty green Abcrombie and Fitch hat had somehow managed to stay on during the fight but his glasses had been shattered to pieces. Not that he needed them of course, he only wore them to fool people into thinking he was weak and helpless. She was not so easily tricked, though, and he was now covered head to toe with bruises and cuts.

"You're a traitor to your own race! No human should ever want to be friends with a robot!" he growled before he spit at her feet.

The girl merely smirked at him and looked towards her friend, a boy with wild sky blue hair, brown eyes, and a rather long and pointed nose with a red mark that ran straight down the center of it. He stood at about 5'7 and was rather handsome, a true rebel that any girl would kill to have. He also happened to be the "robot" her opponent was talking about.

"Do you wish to finish him off, Saburou, or shall I continue with his ass kicking?"

"I say we both take him down. It'll be more humiliating for him that way," Saburou grinned mischievously, holding his hand out to her.

"Did I ever tell you that I've always liked the way you think?" she asked as she took Saburou's hand without hesitation, their grips remaining firm as they charged towards their prey. The dude with the green hat fumbled back to his feet, turning as swiftly as possible, but not swiftly enough. They kicked him back to the ground, his face impacting with the hard concrete ground, his nose now broken in several different places. He looked up in time to be kicked in the face a by both Saburou's and the girl's foot. They laughed at him as he tried to get back up, his movements slow and wobbly. They then turned, standing back to back to each other, still holding hands.

"Say good night, oh, and by the way, he`s an android, not a robot, there is a difference," the girl taunted before both she and Saburou delivered the finishing blow, a kick to his chest and rib area. The move sent him flying and soon he was gone, leaving his gang's former turf behind.

"Easiest one yet, I think they're starting to get scared of us," Saburou released his grip and turned to his fighting partner, Livian Mayu Kiribayashi. She was about 5'3 in height with long blonde hair that was currently being kept in a braid. Her eyes were a deep blue, the color of sapphires as they just hit the light. Her skin had a pale tan to it and her face was very angelic looking. Upon first glance one would notice the small, pale, thin scar across her left cheek. To Saburou, though, the scar was a true sign of her loyalty to the gang and of her unconditional friendship and trust. She had taken over as leader of their gang, the Demon Royals, a suggestion by Saburou approved by the votes of all but one member. The position was only temporary until Daichi returned. Saburou suspected however that he might never return, but he never said that to Livian. To do so would only cause her more pain, which was the last thing he wanted to do to one of the few humans who had been a true friend to him.

"Yeah, but that was the A and F gang we just beat down. You know how they are, all talk and no action. I'm surprised they actually had turf worth taking," she responded, massaging her knuckles lightly.

"Well, it's ours now, I say we go out and celebrate! Party till dawn!" Saburou shouted before he started to howl like a wolf.

"As fun as that sounds, I can't. I promised Lucy I would be back at my apartment before twelve. You know how she is if I'm out too late."

"Yeah, I know. Speaking of which, how is that lovely twin sister of yours doing?" Saburou asked wrangling his eyebrows and a grin spread across his face.

"Same as usual, over stressed and looking for yet another job," Livian replied as she and Saburou got on his rocket motorcycle, Saburou revving it up before he took off for her apartment.

"Another Job?! Doesn't she have three already?" Saburou shook his head at the thought of Lucy having a nervous breakdown at the age of seventeen. The way she was going now, she was heading right for one.

"Yeah, she wants to add another one to the list. She's got an interview for five different jobs, each of which, according to her, has a high salary."

"Lucy really needs to relax that pretty little head of hers or she'll end up getting sick. When's the interview for the first one?"

"Tomorrow, which also happens to be when she has to cater a party. So guess who she asked to substitute for her," Livian said in a sarcastic happy tone.

"From the look on your face, you. I don't se what the big deal is, you usually don't mind helping her out,"

"The party in question is being held by that ignoramus, the `honorable' Mayor Bakamono Lamp. She knows I hate that stupid prick! Hell, she hates him just as much as I do! Only difference is that she can hold her temper in longer then I can. If he tries to talk to me about robots having no souls or any of that other crap, I'm going to strangle him, consequences be damned!"

"Remind me to never piss you off," Saburou said as they pulled up to her apartment building, a six hundred foot tall steel and titanium complex with fiberglass windows and balconies on every other floor.

"Trust me, that's not something you have to worry about," Livian assured him before she kissed his cheek, "Thanks for the ride, I'll see ya later."

"Anytime. See ya, Vi. Tell Luc `hi' for me," with that said, Saburou revved up his bike and drove off into the night.

Livian lived on the tenth floor of the Ocean Crest apartment complex, a building meant to be home to the children of the rich. How Livian and Lucy had gotten in was a mystery to their neighbors and would so remain a mystery. She though it was rather amusing to get all the future Bill Gates and Liz Taylors riled up that there was someone in their building living a bohemian life style and was not even the love child of a rich person.

She pulled out her keys and unlocked the door, stepping inside and turning on the light. Her apartment was well furnished and was rather elegant. Not something one would expect of someone who was in a motorcycle street gang. Livian stepped into her bedroom and turned on the light to that room as well, revealing a large lavender room that featured a queen sized bed with lavender and baby blue sheets. She kicked off her shoes and walked to her maple wood dresser, removing a matching PJ set of long pants and a tank top that were navy blue and decorated with embroidered silver moons and stars.

She then took her usual spot on the window seat, looking up at the night sky. She could remember the day she and Daichi first met as if it had just happened yesterday, every detail still fresh in her mind.

She and Lucy were five years old and had just moved into Metro City with their father. He had taken them to the nearest playground he could find, not knowing his way around the city too well. Livian had been playing on the swings when she spotted a boy with crimson hair and blue eyes being picked on by a bigger kid. Having been the victim of bullies herself, she wanted to help the boy. She jumped off the swing, crept up behind the bigger kid as quietly as she could and yanked his pants down to his ankles. The bully stood there in stunned silence for a moment before he looked down and saw that his teddy bear underwear was showing. His face instantly turned red and he ran off, crying for his mommy. When the big kid was gone, she then turned to look at the crimson haired boy and held out her hand to him, a bright smile on her face.

"Hi! I'm Livian! Wanna be best friends?"

Since then, it was rare to see one without the other. Unless Daichi was at his home with Tokugawa, that is. He never had Tokugawa and Livian meet, which was just fine with her. She knew she'd probably try to strangle the bastard. She could see that he caused Daichi so much pain and she wanted nothing more than to make it go away.

Daichi, please come back. There are so many things I want to say that I should have said long ago. Before she went to sleep, only one question plagued her mind. A question she longed to know the answer too. Where are you, Daichi?