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~*~BBB5: Dawn of Odium, Burning Desires~*~

"Foolish, human your no match for me…"

"They all say that, you know…however…"


A large sword was drawn. "They can never seem to keep their tongues in their mouth." With a devilish smirk, a large burly man rushed at a demon lord. He was ghastly and slick with a reeking slime that oozed from his porous body that opened and closed as he moved. His large, green slit eyes suited him well with his gargantuan head. His body was obese, and he cackled in a low, macabre voice.

"Foolis-GYACK." He stopped, his head tilted down. Purple puss seeped from his chest. The man twisted his oversized blade causing a horrid screech from the creature. After which he sliced upward, cutting off the beast's head. It laid there, cradled by its own gore.

"Time for my reward." The man stepped forward, then kneeled and gathered himself an olive looking trinket from the repugnant beast; it was a beheliet. "See you in hell." He stood up and started to walk away, then turned around, and pointed his synthetic arm. The wrist popped opened and a metal ball was placed inside. Another cold smirk. A lever was pulled and out shot a blast of fire and smoke, which was followed by an explosion. The man watched at the beast screamed out for mercy, slowly having his flesh burned away. The man laughed, sheathed his sword, turned his back and walked away. His cape billowed somewhat into the wind.

<i>Nine weeks later…</i>

~Betrayal…~ A young boy sat against a wall in a dingy ally. It was dark, the skies were growing colder as winter approached by the day. Farmers were preparing and merchants were and caravans were stocking up to hit the road in hopes of warmer climate in other regions. ~I remember when the skies were like this…father you were such a hard worker…you always made sure we had food…~ Elliot looked to the skies, his cloak overhead, then glared at the ground. ~Never again…~ "Gutts…" he muttered spitefully. He pulled his knees to his chest and closed his eyes. His weapon was in either hand, his cloak wrapped around his body and lightly draped over his weapon, he took no chances. Pulling the cloak around him a little tighter, he shivered slightly. "I hate you…"

A caravan passed by slowly, the wheels of the cart creaked. Elliot winced a bit, his mind was so fluttered with emotions right now the wheels made his head pound even more. He heard glass shatter and sat up. A series of curses followed. Elliot didn't bother paying attention. He shivered, he needed shelter, a cloak wasn't going to cut it this winter and above all else he needed food. On several occasions he had tried to catch himself a meal, but he was poor a hunter. ~He wasn't a poor hunter…dammit…~ he wiped a falling tear ~dammit all…~


Elliot sat up quickly and opened his eyes wide- something shot into his cloak. A man ran by an d glared. "YOU! Dog bait, did you see a flying pixie got bye?"

Elliot glared and grabbed onto the handle of his sickle. "Talk to me again and I'll slice your tongue out…." He muttered.

The man laughed "A child insulted me. If I wasn't in such a hurry, you dirty little bastard…" he cursed once more and started running away, left from the alley.

Elliot relaxed a bit, then stiffened and looked in his cloak…it…was…glowing! "What the hell…fairy?"

"Imma elf!!" squeaked the little voice. He fluttered out, his naked body a blue tint; he hugged himself shivering.

"…." He stood up without saying anything and started to walk away.

"H-hey! Hey y-you saved me!! Sh-shouldn't I at least get the honor of knowing your name?"

"If I'd have known you were his I would have plucked your wings off and tossed you to him…"

The little elf blinked in confusion and looked rather hurt, then titled his head…there was something familiar about this boy…however, he just…couldn't…quite put his finger on it…He fluttered after him, his hair whipping back. "He-hey! Wait up."

"Go away."

"But, but I haven't thanked you properly."

He stopped, turned and glared. "If you want to thank me properly do so by buzzing off." He continued.

"Hmpf…what a grump…almost like…Gutts." The little elf shuddered "Oo….when I get my hands on h-EEP!"

The boy had stopped and glared, then extended his hand and grabbed the little elf tightly, squeezing his poor body. "Wh-what….what did you just say!?"

"Ge-get….my hands…"

"NO!!! Who did you say!?"

"G-gutts…?" he asked meekly.

"How the hell do you know that name, bug…" he squeezed him tighter

"EEEP!" he cried and struggled to get out. His eyes widened when a blade was pressed against his neck, he pales, then turned very stiff, "p-please…. please don't!" He cried out.

"Then tell me, How does a bug like you know, Gutts!? Where is he!?" he growled, eyes narrowing, such a spite in his heart.

The elf trembled before the boy's hate, grief, betrayal, all the emotions flooded into his soul clenching his heart, he couldn't speak. He stared teary eyed, barely breathing, shivering in the boy's presences.

Thinking it was because he had such a tight grip about him, Elliot loosened his grip. The elf took in a deep breath. "TH-that, that big lug sold me! And to a merchant!!…and for a ridiculously low price!! The jerk how could he!?"

~G-gutt's…knew this…thing…but how…well, selling him certainly seems like something he'd do…~ "Where is he…"

"I-I don't know….he sold me a couple months ago and that merchant was mean and barely fed me and kept me in that jar and used my for my magic!!" his eyes welled up again as he whined and complained.

Elliot growled and threw him against the wall. "Shit…"



The poor little critter hti the wall and slid down, however his wings buzzed before he hit the ground and he rubbed his nose. "Why you…" he charged at him head on.

Looking annoyed, Elliot moved his head to the side, dodging the winged creature and reached out grabbed his ankle, causing the elf to squeak out in pain and fright. He held him upside down in front of him. "Don't charge when you're so angered." He muttered and let him go, then started walking off down the street.

The elf tilted his head "Huh…he's not really that bad of a guy…unlike Gutts…" he fumed and fluttered after the boy "H-hey!! Hey come back here!!"

He stopped "Make it quick, I'm tired of hearing your voice."

"L-look. We're both looking for Gutts! Let me come with y-"


"I need to find him and make him pay for what he did to me!!"

"And you think a runt like you is going t-" he stopped himself. This sounded familiar. His lower lip trembled. He was acting like the one person he had ever admired. "…fine. Just don't talk."

"Yay!! Thank you!! I'm Puck by the way."

"Elliot." He refused to follow the same path as that man. He was determined to beat his hate. He wasn't going to succumb to it and let himself be taken over…he refused to sink to Gutts level…

A week passed. Neither Gutts nor Elliot had a clue to where the was; despite their desperate attempts. Bother searched for revenge; one for his heart and the other for his hate. It was late into the evening. Many had cleared out of the bars and taverns feared to be caught walking around by the castle's guards. Gutts however had different feelings about this situation. The bartended eyes him nervously, afraid he might be one of…them, or perhaps an outsider hoping to plague trouble. He swallowed "S-sir are you-"


"Very well sir."

"Get me another."

"Right away sir." The bartended quickly got him a medium jug of mead and placed it before the crude man.

He took it and held it in his good arm and stared at his reflection in the golden surface. He placed his hand to his eyes then pounded his fist on the table. "Shit…" he muttered scornfully. He exhaled slowly and took an obscene amount into his system at once then pounded it on the tables and wiped the excess around his mouth with his arm. His fingers toyed with a blue beheliet around his neck; Elliot's beheliet. ~No regrets…~

The bartender watched his hand go from one place to the next, then stared at the beheliet curiously; however found it best not to question about it. Instead he busied himself with cleaning the countertop. "So who runs this dump of a town?"

"E-excuse me sir?"

Another figure walked in, cloaked in black as well. It was short, and sat down at a table and rung its cloak from the ongoing rain outside.

"I said who runs this shitty town."

The figured watched Gutts with intrigue.

"Uh-uh…erm…t-the mayor of course."

"I see. What can you tell me about this mayor?" A cold smirked played on his lips. The bartender was sweating; his sadistic mind found joy in breaking down this poor mans nerves.

"We-well…he-he's decent…however, instead of taxes…h-he…he sometimes takes our children…as pa-payment. They're only temporary servants h-however…that's what I was told…they'll come back within a few months t-times…"

"Is that a fact?"

"Well, the system has only started a few months ago…we started seeing less and less of the mayor…and when we did end up seeing him again he had a cold, evil even look in his eyes. I-it was horrid if his gaze met you…He had always been a sickly old man…then one day I guess he just got better…however around that time his only son died…that's when he told us about his new policy and raised out taxes…my daughter was taken. I…I should get her back..s-soon though…my prescious baby…when she comes back…I'm leaving. I don't care if I sell this place or not. I want what's best for my little girl and I. She lost her mother to the plague, you know…" Gutts nodded able to symphonize. "When she comes back we're gathering what we can take and leaving…I hope they haven't mistreated her."

Gutts snickered a bit. "Old man, you're better off leaving now. She's dead. She died the moment she walked in that castle-"

"Wh-WHAT!?" The old man suddenly looked pained, his eyes widened and he breathed rapidly. His hands started to shake "S-sir….sir do you know where they took her!? DO you know what they did to her!? Gawd please tell me this is a cruel hoax…" his chest pounded with pain and his small chubby body shook.

"Puh." He smirked again, the man shuddered before his gaze. Gutts took a casual sip from the jug. "Its no joke. And I take that as a insult you think I would stoop so low as to be one of them. But I've seen this happen. You se old timer, first, they're gonna take yer daughter and most likely rape her. Who know, then, slowly, all her limbs will be removed. One. By. One. If she's not dead they might cut her open in all sorts of areas. If she doesn't bleed to death by then, she'll be eaten alive."

The old bartenders sudden misery was in effable. He fell to his knees and wept. Pressing his forehead against the cabinet. A few wine bottles jingled. He took his hand and slammed it into the bottles, knocking them away, cutting his flesh open. The alcohol burned his opening wounds. He screamed out in misery.

Gutts took another sip from his jug then laughed. "There's no use in crying over it now. If that's how you're going to spend your life you might as well end it now." He smirked and stood. Placing a few coins on the table he set a knife next to them. "It's al up to you, old timer. But rest assure, your daughter is dead. And she was eaten. What happened before that I can only tell you from my past experiences. The old man sobbed bitterly. Gutts watched him a little longer smirking, then spat on the floor and turned to leave. He eyes the figure in the corner momentarily, then dismissed his suspicions and walked out, putting the hood over his head. He heard the old man's sobs no longer.

He walked slowly down the cobble stone path of the town. It was dark and grim. He eyes from side to side. ~So…now it's children…~ And old woman screamed in the distance. Her voice pleading and desperate. Gutts looked from side to side and saw some guards dragging a sickly looking boy out of the house. A woman who looked to be his mother was upon her knees, grabbing at the guards legs to spare her little boy and take her. ~Pitiful.~ He walked past it without looking. He walked along the path, and continued to hear the woman screaming and weeping for her child's freedom. However, at an awkward point, he heard nothing of that sort no more. At first he thought they killed her, however he heard another noise. It sounded like a chain. ~What the…~ The woman soon sounded happy, thankful, choked by her tears, she ran into her house with her child and slammed the door hiding. Gutts turned at the heeled and hurried back. He stopped in front of three corpses. One had his head cleanly swept off, blood oozing into the cobblestones. Another had his chest ripped open and the third had half of his neck still attached. He prodded one with his foot, watching them indifferently. ~Someone sure has balls…~ He shook his head and turned around looking at the woman's house. All the lights soon went out. And the windows were drawn. Gutts turned and left. ~One less meal for you, you dirty bastard…~

Elliot was at the gates of the castle. His sickles dripped with thick, crimson, blood.

"Wow, Elliot, your AMAZING!" Puck's eyes sparkled as he watched the youth with admiration. "You sure did a wonderful thing saving that woman's child."

"Whatever…" he looked up and down at the gate. "This is the place."

"Yeah…seems like it. I can't believe you managed to find Gutts!! But why didn't you-"

"SHUT UP!" he screamed threatening him with the bloody crescent blade. He glared, hand trembling."

"EEP!" He fluttered higher and shivered a bit. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!!"

"I have my reasons. I'm not ready to see him…" his teeth clenched, fists balled, and his body trembled. "I'll never forgive him…" he wiped a tears forming his eye.

Puck looked at the boy with a sheer look of pity. He hugged himself and trembled. The boys sorrow was overwhelming. He bit his lip "Elliot…"

He looked up, than grabbed the bars. "Here is goes then…" He took a deep breath and started to climb up, however, his action was ceased. His eyes widened. Pain. That's all he felt. He ran through his shoulder. He screamed and fell back a bit, tears welled in his eyes. He felt behind him, there was a knife in his back. Quickly, he pulled it out letting out another terrible cry. He held his throbbing shoulder ad looked behind him trembling.

It was Gutts.

His eyes widened, fear soon turned to hate and he took out his sickles fighting the pain. ~You've been through worse than this…~

"I had a funny feeling you were here." He smirked drawing his sword. "However, your not going any farther runt…"

`I…I…I am no runt…"

"GUTTS!! YOU BIG BULLY!!!" Puck fluttered over angrily and started hitting his minute fists started Gutt's broud shoulder. "JERK!"

"GYAH!! YOU!? I thought I sold you dammit!!"

"Yeah well, NYAH! I got away! And this boy saved me!! And was a LOT nicer to me than you, you big meany!"

Gutts glared, held up his two fingers and flicked the elf away.

"EEE!" he fell to the ground and whined.

Elliot trembled. "Give me back my beheliet." He said in a commanding, malicious voice.

"If you want it so bad, boy you're going to have to slice off my neck."

"Without hestitation…" he ran at him, sickles to his side.

Gutts blocked them easily with his humongous sword. He smirked. "I can break those measly scraps of metal you call a weapon in tw-"


Gutt's was hit in the face with two boots and stumbled back a bit. Elliot had managed to swing himself upwards, using the curved blades as a guide. He fell to the side and flung a sickle at him. Gutt's smirk. It hit him directly into his arm. Blood sprang from the wound. "You make me laugh, you little bastard. Your childish tricks can't beat me. Neither can your puny weapons." Gutts held over his metallic arm, his arms clamped around it, the magnetic force was attracted to the metal handle. "Let me show you what I'm made of, boy…"

"GUTTS!! STOP!!" Puck flew in front of Elliot and held out both his arms to the side and glared. "He's just a BOY!"

"Stay out of this, Puck…it's my figth and I'll-

"Kill you if I have too…" Both Gutts and Elliot had said those words in unison. Elliot stiffened. Gutts eyes widened. Guilt flooded into his system at the sudden realization why this child had taken such an impact of his emotions all that while ago.

Elliot bit his lip and took a few steps back and tugged at his weapon. There eyes met for a moment. A certain understanding entered the both of their hearts. Gutts stepped forward, making the first move and walked to him. He slapped Puck aside (who wailed as he fell and hit a puddle of blood- whose blood it was he couldn't tell) and walked to Elliot. He ripped the weapon from the metal, then dropped it in front of him. "Their killing children here…"

"I heard."

"So it was you."

"I wasn't expecting you to be there."

"Nor was I."

"If we can get this done before dawn we'll be able to get some sleep before heading out."

He nodded. "I see."

"You don't have to go."

"I want my beheliet back."

Gutt's smirked, "Come and get it then…" he lept up and started climbing the bars quickly, ape like.

Puck watched them in utter confusion. "Wh-what!? We-weren't you two about to rip eachother limb from limb a few minutes ago!! W-wait!!" Elliot jumped up and followed him quickly. He shot after them bewildered; no one told him anything! Human's confused the poor little elf.

It was an easy path to get in, leaving a trail of dead men behind. They stormed into the castle, easily taking down any man that came at them. Puck proved to be useful to Elliot, unlike Gutts he didn't have a swallon pride, he allowed Puck to heal him when needed. They got to the main throne room of the mayor.

"Can you handle this kid?"

"I've fought off a couple all on my own before…"

"Right, whatever." He narrowed his eye. And stood tall, sword at his hand. "Here goes nothing…"

Elliot nodded, crutching down, ready to dash in and kill at sight. Puck hid inside the hood of Elliot's cloak and trembled. Gutts inhaled deeply, then ran forward and with a single swing brought down the huge doors and ran in. Elliot charged in too and looked around.

"No one's here…"

"I do have eyes, boy…"

"Yes but…where could they be…"

"Stay on guard…our friend should be here somewhere…"

"The dungeon?"

"No, he knows we're here…"

"Then wh-"

"SH!" Gutts held up his sword and glared looking around. Elliot held his breath and looked around, his hands trembling a bit; the silence was nerve wrecking.

"Welcome…Black Swordsman." A voice said from the shadows. In was low and pure evil. Puck squeaked and huddled into a ball trembling, sweat pulsating from his temple.

"E-evil…" he muttered and bit his lip."

Elliot and Gutts whipped their heads in the voices direction.

It was a man. It was tall, lanky and skinny, almost to the point of anorexia. His cheeks were hollow and he had a small, sharp nose. His eyes were carved deep into his skin. His fingers were long, bony and his wrists were padded lightly with nothing but flesh. "How good of you to come...I'm sorry you're going to have to leave so soon."

Elliot smirked, "Ha, and what's an old bastard like you going to do, you're all skin and bones."

The man glared and clenched his fists, then smirked, "Brought a child with you I see? Well…let see how good this one tastes, eh?"

Elliot glared and growled a bit.

Gutts simpered. "Like the taste of children, eh? Well, let me wash that taste down with some of your own blood…." He charged at him with a loud roar that rang throughout the halls.

A hideous metamorphous began. His cheeks became fat and his eyes small, squinting, his clothes ripped and four arms ripped through his flesh counting up to 6 in the end. His body became budging, his arms long and skinny however. His flesh grew to be a boiling red color and spikes aligned his back. He smirked his plump cheeks, sharp, daggered teeth showing. Gutts stopped and glared and took a few steps back as the beasts tail whipped around with a huge sickle at the end. It hit a support beam and knock down part of the ceiling. Gutts dove and covered his neck ,debris flinging everywhere. Elliot dropped to the ground and covered his neck, then rolled out of the way as the tail slammed where he used to be. "Come to me my precious little dinner…"

Elliot bolted up and glared. ~He's slow…but powerful…dammit…~ Puck fluttered out quickly "AAAIIEE!" he screamed and hid under some rubble trembling, he stared wide eyed, taking in all the emotions, he felt like his chest was going to rip open "…." He was in shock, cowering under the debris.

Another olive beheliet hung from the demons left arm.

Gutts sprang up from the rubble, letting out a fearful war cry and charged at the demon, planting his sword into his back. The demon screamed out as blood gushed from his back. Gutts covered his eye quickly as blood squirted upon him. Thrusting his sword up ward he took a good portion of flesh from the back, He wailed and spun his tail around, whipping it at Gutt's side. He collided with the wall, blood came from his nose and he spat some from his mouth. He winced "Shit…" he looked at his leg, his pants were soaking with crimson bodily fluids. "You're gonna pay for that you fat ass…" he charged at him again. The demon laughed. It was cut short as a sickle sashayed into his closed eye. He howled out in agony and took a few steps back . Elliot ripped his blade from the eye. The demonic creature roared stumbling back. Gutts brought him his sword and brought it down on the beasts tail. It fell to the side. Elliot swung another sickle, the larger one this time and cut off two of its arms.

Gutts hovered over him smirked "How do you like the taste of your own blood?" he smirked.

Elliot walked over aw well, reeling in his sickles, letting them slash over the surface of the devil's skin. He held them in both his hands panting.

"Plea…se…'t….kill me…"

Gutts laughed. Once again the halls rung with his cold voice. He smirked and held out his metal arm. Several arrows came from his repeating crossbow, shooting into the demons mouth. He screeched and wailed, body contouring in pain with each blow.

"Don't…want….d-death…" his eyes suddenly shot open with fright… "D-don't…w-want…death."

His beheliet slid off his body and cribbed itself in the monsters gore. Slowly, the jumbled face began to slide.

Gutts laughed. "You're going to die. At least die with honor you dirty coward. This is for those children…" he shot an arrow into his other eye. "This is for those whose parents you took…" the arrow this time shoved itself into the bridge of its nose. "And finally this is fo-" he was cut off. The devil's eyes were wide, blood was flowing, however it was Elliot's look of sheer terror that caught his eye. "What is it, boy?"

Elliot couldn't move, he was shaking, his weapon dropped.

Gutts raised a brow, then followed his eye line and blinked, his eyes widned as well. "SHIT!!!" He kicked the beast, no good, he brought his sword up to end the demons life, however his concentration had been broken by an blaring scream. He winced, his eyes widened like a man mans and he trembled. Memories flooded into his mind. He turned and looked to the beheliet. It was assembled. It was screaming, blood flowed from the eyes of the devil's charm.. The scenery slowly around them changed. Hell was broken loose. Outside the sun was poking its head from the horizon. It was the dawn of odium.

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