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Chapter 1: Meeting Alice, Ray and the Realization

*"Ray! Help me!" Alice called, while hanging from a tree branch.
Ray walked over to her, "You like climbing trees and yet you can't get down because you're afraid of heights. This is real smart Alice."
"Ray I'm afraid! And the branch is breaking!"
"Don't worry Alice I'm coming!" Ray started to climb up the tree. "Don't worry I'm coming!"
"Ray! Please! I can't hold on anymore!" Alice cried.
"Grab my hand!" Ray called reaching out.
"I can't!"
"Yes you can!" Ray tried to grab hold of Alice's hand but their grips faltered. "Hang on!"
Alice screamed as the branch broke, "Ray!!"


"No!" Ray woke up, and sat up on his bed. "Man I hate having that dream."
"Spirit Control attack!"
Ray turned to his window and looked out, surprised to see Alice with her spirit personality, and best friend, Aurora practicing. "Alice come back inside!" He yelled out to her, just as she made contact to the ground. (At least now I know what the dream meant.)
Alice looked up from where she was practicing, "Oh hi, Ray!" She ran back in the bunk that her and Ray shared. "Hey what's up?"
Ray looked at her, "Who are you and what have you done with Alice?"
"Oh Ray!" Alice laughed. "I'm just so happy! I mean the spirit of Aurora that I got is so awesome! I had to test out its power for myself and as you could see it took a lot out of me."
"Yeah it's pretty obvious." Ray said looking at all of her cuts and b
ruises. "Why were you practicing so early?"
"I don't know," Alice said. "I just wanted to have an early practice before you woke up."
"And why didn't you want to wait until I woke up?" Ray asked.
"Because you would've worked me harder than what I just did." Alice muttered.
Ray, however, still heard her. "Oh so what you're saying is, is that you don't like it when I train you?" Ray asked, smirking.
"No! That's not it at all!" Alice defended herself.
"Then what is it?"
"I just wanted to try on my own . . ." Alice muttered again.
Ray sighed, (She could be so cute sometimes.) He got up and started walking to the door. "Come on. Let's go see if there's any mangos still left at the breakfast table."
Alice nodded, "Okay!" She rushed to his side.
Ray looked at her from the corner of his eye as they were walking. (She's just too cute. She's always so determined. I think that's why I like her.) Ray stopped walking.
Alice turned around, "What's up, Ray?"
Ray just stared. (Could it be? Could I really be crushing over Alice?) Ray thought back. (Her smile, her laugh. How she holds herself. It's true! I do like Alice.) He looked at her.
"Oh it's nothing! I was just thinking."
"Alright so let’s go!" Alice smiled, took Ray's hand and started to walk again.
Ray blushed, (Now I'm blushing? I never blushed before. Why now? This doesn't make sense.) He squeezes her hand which in return made Alice squeeze back. "Hey Alice?"
"Yeah Ray?"
"Do you wanna . . . share a mango when we get there?"
Alice smiled again. "Sure, Ray I'd love to!"
Ray smiled as well. "Cool."


"Check it out fresh mangos."
"Gary . . . what I'd tell you about eating before everyone got here?" Lee asked.
"No biggie! Now where's Ray and Alice?"
Lee turned to see Alice and Ray running toward them, hands entwined and smiles on their faces.
"Well aren't you a cute couple?"
Ray and Alice blushed and looked down at their hands. They really did fit into each other.
"We're not a couple!" Alice defended them. "But we will share a mango together."
She let go of Ray's hand, but Ray instantly grabbed it. He didn't want to let go. He wanted this moment to last.
"Ray?! Let me go! All you're doing is proving Lee right and he's never right!"
"You wouldn't know a good mango even if it had a sign on it saying so. I just wanted to help you. Plus, Lee was trying to pull a trick on us."
"What?!" Lee cried.
Ray sent an obvious 'play along' signal. "Yeah. He really wanted to be proven right. He was going to trip you so I could catch you and the other nine yards."
Alice sent a death glare at Lee, before chasing after him. "You are so dead, Lee!"
"Ray! You owe me big for this!" Lee yelled, as he ran passed him.
"I'll be right back as soon as I kill Lee, Ray!" Alice yelled, as she ran passed him afterward.
Ray smiled and watched as Alice ran after Lee. (Yep. I like her alright.)
All of a sudden Ray turns around to see an old man limping towards them.
Ray goes to the man, "What are you doing here? Who are you?"
The man looks past Ray and stares at Alice. "Princess?"
Alice stops her chase, looks at the old man, confused, and then looks at Aurora, "You know him?"
Aurora looks at the old man and gasps, "Aradi?!" She then takes over Alice's form and runs to the old man. "Aradi, dear friend, are you alright?"
Aradi, who had just took the form of the old man, takes his hand and rubs it against her cheek. "Princess . . . it's been so long."
Byakko now takes Ray's form and walks toward them, "What's the meaning of this? Princess?"
"It's Aradi, one of my advisors." She told Byakko. "I thought I would never see you again." She hugged Aradi.
Aradi smiled, "You're still as sweet as a bird."
"That will never change."
Aradi then turned serious. "Princess I've been searching everywhere for you to tell you that you've been living a lie."
Aurora looked shocked, "What do you mean, Aradi?"
"I'm talking about Suzaku, Princess. I'm saying that he does not love you like you claim he does."
Aurora flinched and Byakko saw it. He began to worry. "You should keep that tongue in your mouth, Aradi. Unless you want to die that is."
Aradi laughed, "From whose hands? Yours? Don't make me laugh, Byakko. The Princess will stop you even before you unsheathe your blade."
Byakko froze. He was right. The Princess was too caring. There was no way she'd let him kill the old advisor. She would rather die then take the life of another being. That's way she technically sacrificed herself for the sake of others. She reminded him too much of the Gods above. But she was still human. If Aradi gets her angry enough the Princess might snap on her on free will.
(Alright, Aradi. You want to keep talking about Suzaku's connection with the Princess then fine by me. Go ahead and sign your death wish.) Byakko smirked.
"Aradi, I demand to know what it is you're talking about. There's no way that could be possible. Suzaku told me that he loved me and that he always will. There's no way . . ."
"I'm sorry, Princess but it is the truth. No matter how you look at it, Suzaku's love and affection is not directed at you anymore."
"Enough! I've heard enough of this rubbish!" She started to cry. "Suzaku still loves me, I know it! So you can just keep all of that rude talk in your mouth or by the Gods I swear I'll kill you!"
Aradi looked desperate, "Princess forgive me! I promise you I'll never say anything like that ever again! But you wouldn't honestly take my life will you?"
Byakko answered, "You know she won't. She's just upset."
"Oh. Then it wouldn't hurt then to say that Suzaku has had many lovers before you. And since you brought us all back there's no doubt that he will try to go and find them." Aradi smiled and stared at the Princess and tiger. At that moment fear started to shine in his eyes. "Princess?! What are you doing?!"
"I brought you back into this world, Aradi." Aurora walked toward him, charging up her Spirit Control attack. "And now . . ."
"Princess! No! I'm sorry! Please, Princess!" Aradi pleaded mercy.
"I'm taking you out!"
Aurora's blast was a big burst of energy made from spirits who had refused to take Aurora's offer of a second chance. As she threw the attack at Aradi the old man's body that had been sheltering him was destroyed but Aradi, who still suffered greatly, had still managed to escape making sure he visits one final person.