Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Engagement of Fate ❯ Meeting Kai Hiwatari and learning the Truth ( Chapter 2 )

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Kai Hiwatari turned around to see his friend, Sam, running toward him.
"What is it now, Sam?" Kai asked, in a cold monotone voice.
"I found another one."
"Another spirit? Was it just wandering around or did you have to injure it?"
"Wandering around."
Kai seemed interested, "A spirit that's just wandering around you say? This I have to see."
"I don't think it might be of your interest, Kai." Sam said, leading the way.
Kai followed. "Oh? And why's that?"
They reached the destination, "It's a normal, old spirit."
Kai stared at the spirit in disgust. "No doubt its master died while he was fighting and had gotten messed up himself. He's on the verge of dying and has no where to go but up. But for some reason . . ." He walked toward the spirit, "It doesn't want to." He kicked the spirit, making it lay on its back, "State your business here spirit or I will be forced to make the rest of your aura dissipate."
"Beware of the Princess . . ." It gasped. "Beware of its cold grey eyes."
Kai looked interested again and bent down, "What's this Princess' name?"
The spirit latched onto Kai's collar and whispered in his ear, "The Princess' name is . . . Aurora."
"Yes . . ." He grabbed tighter to Kai's collar. "She's in the state that anything reminding her of her past could make her angry enough to kill!"
"Kill? What's your connection with Princess Aurora?"
"I'm the oldest advisor, Aradi. I have reminded her about something that made her go murderous."
"What did you remind her?" Kai prompted.
"Her love life . . ."
"With who?"
Aradi was trying to tell him but he was dying he could barely speak. He was vanishing.
"Please. I have to know who it was."
"It was . . . it was . . ."
He then dissipated.
Kai sighed and told Sam what he learned.
"Aurora? Wasn't she the one who gave all living things a second chance for life? Why would this old spirit want us to beware it?"
Kai stood up, "Don't know exactly, but he did say that he reminded her of her love life which made her go crazy. But whatever the case may be this just gave us a hint onto Aurora's life." He started walking.
" 'Aurora's life'?" Sam followed him. "What do you mean? We already know so much about her. What's missing?"
"We missed her death, Sam. At her death bed she used every last inch of her immortal power to save every animal and human on the Earth. Back then they were all about fighting and not able to let that tradition go she used her powers to give everyone a second chance for life, but in spirit form. Then the spirits are then chosen and put into the four different regions and lots of different families. My family worshipped the phoenix, Suzaku. Your family worshipped the wolf, Wolva. And the last heir would usually gain power of that worshipped spirit at birth and would sometimes use its powers to choose their fates. In other words that's where the fighting comes into play." Kai explained.
"So it basically goes like that?" Sam asked.
"Oh. Wait! But how does the spirit know whether or not you're gonna be the heir to its power?"
Kai sighed, "In reality the spirit, Suzaku, was originally passed down to my father but soon after my birth the phoenix's powers were too strong for him and had set him a blaze. After my eighth birthday I had received the power and on her death bed my mother had told me that story of my father and had warned me to be careful." Kai stopped and turned to his friend, "I have to find out why the spirit had done this to my father and I also have to find the answer to your question as well cause that's the same question that's been bothering me for some time now. And to find those answers I need to find out more about Aurora."
"Mind explaining how Aurora fits into finding out more about your father's death?"
Kai lowered his head, "I don't know,"
"Kai, I'm your friend you have to trust me. If you keep this bottled up who knows what Suzaku might do?"
"You're right." Kai opened the door to his mansion. "Come inside. I think well when I'm in my study."
* * * * *
"You serious?"
"That's how it is." Kai said, sitting down.
"So those beasts where the main ones in Aurora's life?"
"Precisely. The ruler of Fire, Suzaku and the ruler of the White Tiger Clan, Byakko. They were really close."
Sam stood up and looked at Kai's computer screen, where it shows every last detail about Aurora. Kai was now checking out Aurora's death.
"It still doesn't show whether she used some of her powers for herself?"
"No. Not a single thing. Not a clue, not anything!" Kai yelled, slamming his fists on the table.
"Hey there's something here about Aurora's connection with Suzaku and Byakko."
Kai looked towards the screen, "Really? What does it say?"
And so Sam read it for him,
Aurora had two great friends who were Suzaku, ruler of Fire and Byakko, ruler of the White Tiger Clan. All three were the greatest of friends.
But as time rolled on Byakko started to have feelings toward the Princess, but the feelings were one sided as Aurora had feelings for Suzaku.
Byakko was, of course, confused with this dilemma. How could a Princess like Aurora fall in love with someone as cruel as Suzaku? He didn't understand.
When Byakko realized that the feelings were being returned he challenged Suzaku, but the battle could not roll underway since Aurora was now ill and was not getting better but worst.
When it was time for Aurora to pass, Aurora made sure that her friends would be near her always, but Byakko wouldn't have it.
While Aurora was in her state of finally letting go, Byakko used his own powers to change the order of who would be where.
Suzaku had found out about this and had tried to stop it . . . but to no prevail as Aurora lets go of life.
The spell was no longer changeable and Suzaku found out that Byakko had put Aurora and him together and had sent him far away.
After their passing they were each turned into their respectable forms: Suzaku, a phoenix and Byakko, a white tiger.
Aurora? Nobody knows . . .
The legend has it that Suzaku seeks revenge against Byakko for taking away his chance. Legend claims that whoever shall try to claim Suzaku's power for their own will be soon set a blaze. Deep within the fiery phoenix lays anger that will not be matched by any other spirit. For the only thing to cure his rage will be to see his beloved Princess again.
But the legends claim that soon the ties will be broken as Aurora finds Suzaku and a battle rages out as Byakko bares his fangs at the phoenix and wins . . .
"Now there's something you don't normally hear in fairy tales."
"Well this isn't a fairy tale. It's real and I now know why Suzaku did what he did to my father." Kai stood up. "He's angry. Angry at Byakko. My father had gotten his chance to be happy and Suzaku's anger- not just power, overwhelmed him and signed his death wish. That's why it happened. I understand now. Plus, I now know who Aurora was in love with." Kai started to pace. "But that still doesn't explain why she killed her closet advisor."
"Maybe he said something about him?"
"Maybe. It also looks like, by doing that, he was playing with her human emotions."
"So are you finished with your search?"
Kai stopped pacing and walked to the window, "No. I will not rest until I find Aurora. The story explains that she lives but had kept it a secret from everyone. But not us, Sam. We found the truth and now . . . we must find the source."