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"Young Master?"
Alice ran to a nearby tree, climbed on its trunk and jumped off it doing two back flips in the air before landing softly to the ground.
"Young Master?"
"Yeah, Aurora?" Alice did a swift kick to the tree and jumped back twice before running off and doing it again.
"You've been training ever since breakfast. Maybe you should . . ." Aurora paused, knowing that her master hated this. "Stop?"
Alice flinched, "What?!"
What she didn't realize was that she stopped in the middle of a flip, so when she realized it, it was too late.
"Young Master?!!" Aurora watched as Alice fell to the ground. She knew she shouldn't have ever said it.
Alice winced as she sat up, "Thanks, Aurora!"
Aurora smiled and offered a hand, "Your welcome, Young Master."
Alice took it and stood up. "I have no choice but to take a break now."
"I'm sorry Young Master."
Alice started walking to her hut. "There's no need to apologize. All you were doing was looking out for me. It's okay."
Aurora frowned, "But I'm the one who made you fall."
"I said it was okay! Take it or leave it?!" Alice snapped.
"I'll take it." Aurora then looked ahead, "Young Master, look! There's Master Ray!"
"Ray?" Alice looked and did see him. She then blushed as she saw his chest. "Aurora? Maybe you should warn me on whether or not he has a shirt on next time okay?"
"Oh? I forgot you had a crush on him." Aurora giggled.
"I do not like him!"
"But I thought you told me-" Aurora was then interrupted as Alice covered her mouth.
"Aurora? You heard me say nothing okay?"
Aurora nodded her head and sighed as Alice took her hand away from her mouth. "Yes, Young Master."
Alice smiled, "Good."
Aurora then smiled as she caught a glimpse of something. "Behind you!" She vanished.
Alice then looked shocked, "Aurora!"
"Are you two fighting again?"
Alice turned around to see Ray with a towel around his neck and Byakko next to him.
"Hi, Ray. Hey, Byakko." She greeted.
The tiger bowed his head, "Good evening, Master Alice."
"How was your training?" She asked.
"Its fine but Master Ray needs more practice."
Ray blushed. "Byakko!"
Alice laughed, "Don't worry, Ray. If Aurora were here she'd probably say the same thing about me."
"Yeah but Aurora gives you honesty that makes you want to keep going." Ray looked at Byakko, who had just vanished. "He gives you honesty that makes you feel like you've been punched in the gut and can't go on. In other words, your spirit nice honesty. My spirit, brutally honest."
"What's wrong with that?"
"You wanna switch spirits?" Ray asked.
"Not really." Alice admitted. "I like having Aurora as my spirit personality. It's nice you know?"
Ray looked at Alice's eyes, her blue eyes captivated him.
"What are you doing?"
Ray looked at the position they were in and blushed. He then noticed that Alice was blushing too.
"I think I was going to kiss you." Ray replied.
If anything Alice's blush got darker.
Then behind them Aurora and Byakko were waiting for the right moment.
3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .
Byakko and Aurora both pushed their masters into each other, smiling as they saw their lips connect.
Alice and Ray were shocked, but soon got over it as Alice leaned into the kiss and Ray wrapped his arms around her thin waist.
When they pulled apart Ray spoke, "Alice I think I-"
"I like you, Ray."
Ray gasped.
"I do. I can't keep it in anymore." Alice said with unshed tears.
"Young Master." Aurora said softly.
Ray smiled and rubbed her face with his hand, "Why did you steal my line?"
"I was gonna say that I liked you first." Ray laughed. "Can I get another kiss?"
Alice smiled, "Of course, Ray." Tears spilled freely over her face. "Of course."
Ray wiped the tears away and leaned down to capture Alice's lips in a kiss.
Behind them, Aurora and Byakko, now in his human form, switched high fives.