Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Make Believe Marriage ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Make Believe Marriage

Summary: Tyson, Max and Ray meet a strange girl called Kaze, who claims to be betrothed to Kai by an arrange marriage! She’s mad at Kai, yet intent to be his future wife. But her story simply doesn’t add up, and Kai is more than willing to point out her flaws.

Pairings: Tala/Kai

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Kaze Waldrof. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not based on anyone else’s character design, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental.

Warnings: Kai is a girl in this story. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to.

AN: G-Wing Gurl pointed this cliché out to me, and I agree utterly and totally how annoying and stupid this plot line truly is. Why the hell would Voltaire sit down with a Mary-Sue’s parents and draw up a contract so the ‘childhood sweethearts’ would one day marry? It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, please read and review, comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated.


“Where did Kai take off to now?” Tyson asked as he momentarily took his eyes away from his spinning blade. He and his teammates were currently training in the park, practicing their skills for future battles. It was a stunning day, the sky a clear blue and the air crisped and fresh, yet warming up quickly.

Surprisingly, Kai was not training them to become better bladers. Usually, he never missed a day worth of training, and yet he wasn’t anywhere in sight, which prompted Tyson to ask his question, curious as the why the Phoenix blader was not here, breathing down his neck and pointing out all his mistakes without even opening his eyes.

It was ungodly unnerving when he did that.

“I heard the Blitzkrieg boys are in town,” Max answered as he looked up from polishing his beloved blade. “Do you think he went to visit them?”

To some people, the fact that Kai was willingly spending time with the Blitzkrieg Boys would have been a matter to laugh at, but to G Revolution, it was a well known fact that Kai and the Blitz boys were in fact friends. Or at least acquaintances.

“The Blitzkrieg boys have been in town for nearly a week now,” Ray nodded from his position meditating underneath a tree, his faithful blade spinning just to the side of him. “Kai has been spending an awfully amount of time with them.”

“I’m sure they’re just trying out the weird prospect of being friends again,” Kenny said as he sat upon a park bench, his laptop ever present on his lap as he typed away furiously. “It must be new to them.”

On the bench next to him was the only female of the group, Hilary, who was resting her elbows on her knees, giving off a slightly bored look. But she suddenly perked up as an idea appeared in her head. “Wouldn’t it be cool if they were friends a long time ago?” she suddenly commented, the idea most definitely squeal-worthy.

Ray found himself smiling at the prospect. “That is possible.”

“I hope so,” Max said with a smile. “Then they can become friends again, just like old times.”

Tyson paused in his drills and scratched the tip of his nose in thought before he broke out into a grin. “That would be kinda cool, actually.”

Suddenly, a black and red blade just appeared seemingly out of nowhere and crashed into Tyson’s Beyblade, knocking it into the air and forcing it to crash into a decorative stone in the gardens 20 feet away.

“What the-?!” Tyson yelled as everyone else scrambled to their feet and got into fighting stances.

Ray soon heard the sound of someone chuckling, someone female. The laughter was clear, yet deep and mocking, and he clenched his jaw tightly as a sense of understandable anger appeared in his chest. “Show yourself!” he ordered as his white fangs glistened in the sunlight. He turned his attention to the sound of the chuckling and narrowed his eyes when he saw a shadow in a tree a couple of feet away.

Standing on the branch of a tree was a silhouette of a girl about Ray’s height, perhaps a bit shorter. She had her hands on her hips and appeared to be chuckling to herself as she shook her head, seemingly disgusted about something. Then, the figure crouched down and then jumped off the branch, landing on the ground with a hard thumb, but it didn’t seem to faze her at all.

She had shoulder length hair that was maroon in colour, which was held back by a black bandanna, but allowed one lock of hair to slip under the bandanna and touch her chest, successfully longer than the rest of her hair. The lock had a slight wave at the end and the tip was dyed pitch black in colour. It covered one of her eyes, so only one light blue orb, sprinkled with gold specks could be seen. It gave her a mysterious and dangerous look.

She was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, which were too long for her legs, so were baggy at the bottom and had scuff marks from being constantly walked on. Her jeans were held in place on her round hips by a black belt that had a white skull and cross bones buckle and silver studs. A pair of black skater shoes were on her feet with blood red laces loosely done up. She wore a dark purple short sleeved top which showed off her navel, which was decorated with a navel ring in the shape of a dagger, topped with a red stud.

She had a well defined figure, her bust not too big, nor too small. They were prefect in size, and her figure was the definition of womanly. Curves in all the right places and not an ounce of fat to be seen anywhere. She was toned and flawless, her skin a healthy peach in colour.

Tyson, Ray and Max were all standing there with stunned expressions on their faces. Did she just launch her blade from high up in that tree and knock Tyson’s blade into the air?

However, far from actually being in awe at her powerful and gusty attitude for launching her blade in the middle of a training session she was not invited to, a sense of annoyance flittered through the group. They don’t appreciate it when their training was disrupted for any reason, especially by someone completely unknown to them.

Before anyone could demand to know who she thought she was, interfering with their training and launching her blade at another without warning before hand, the unknown girl casted her visible eye over the group and clucked her tongue with a sense of disapproval.

“So, you’re Grev, huh?” she muttered as she folded her arms over her chest in a fashion that was eerily similar to someone they all knew quite well. “Hn, I thought you’d be tougher than that.”

The guys, plus Hilary bristled with a sense of indignity, wanting so badly to point out that none of them were paying attention and she shot her blade from behind them. Hilary opened her mouth, ready to point those facts out when the girl suddenly smirked.

“But, then again, Kai is your captain and trainer,” she drawled with a sense of patronizing understanding as she flicked her rogue strand of hair with her fingers. “So no wonder you guys suck.”

“Excuse me?!” Hilary shrieked with anger, annoyed that this girl would insult Kai and them as well in such a way. “Who the hell-?!”

But Max interrupted her by placing a hand over her mouth and shook his head, knowing that they would not get anywhere if this confrontation should turn into a screaming match between the two obviously confident and feisty young women.

“You know Kai?” he asked the intruder.

“Yes, I do,” she said as she placed a hand on her hip, allowing the other to hang idle by her side. However, that hand curled into a fist and her face darkened into a look of anger. “He is…my fiancé.”


“We’ve been destined to marry since birth,” she continued through gritted teeth, her jaw line clenched into an expression of sheer inner rage. “Voltaire and my parents meet just after I was born to arrange a marriage between us. The contract was lost, but since my parents’ deaths…” a lone tear slipped down her cheek at the thought of her parents, it hurt so bad whenever she thought of them, or mentioned that they were no longer of this world.

She quickly wiped the tear away, refusing to allow any sign of weakness, especially in front of her fiancé’s teammates. She had to prove to them, as well as Kai, that she was stronger than them, all of them.

Casting her gaze over the group again, she felt a sense of annoyance when the boys looked at her with pity in their eyes, while the girl simply glared at her. What a bitch! When she’s enlisted as co-captain, that girl was going to be the thing first to go. Besides, it was so obvious that she was after her fiancé.

“But the contract was found again. I’m here to honor my parents’ wishes and to fulfill my role as fiancée to Kai,” she said as she folded her hands on her chest in a sign of sincerity before her face twisted into a frown again, her body tensing slightly. She had so much inner torment encased in her soul, all because of Kai.

“Besides, he needs someone to get that head out of that ass of his,” she hissed as she folded her arms over her chest again. “That bastard, he knew about the contract as well. Why didn’t he come looking for me? Why should I have done the searching?”

Ever since they were children, Kai had always been a selfish and bratty child. He would pick on her relentlessly and call her names, but refused to let her make any friends of her own. Yet, she remained faithful to him, hoping to one day tame his wicked ways and become the perfect wife. She was a good girl; kind and gentle. She could hear people gossip about her, saying how unfortunate it was for her to be engaged to a Hiwatari.

Ray had a look of skepticism on his face, but he tried to hide it. He found it hard to believe that Voltaire would try to set Kai up in an arrange marriage. He didn’t know Voltaire at all well, but he didn’t appear the type to sit down with a rich family and arrange a marriage for his grandson. All Kai’s grandfather wanted was money and power, and unless Kaze here was oozing with it, an arrangement would never take place.

“Maybe he doesn’t know of you?” he offered an explanation as to why Kai hadn’t sought her out.

The young woman, however, simply snorted harshly. “Oh, he knows of me alright. I’m sure of it,” she hissed before she shook her head to clear it of previous thoughts and pinned the group before her with a venomous glare.

Enough chit chat, she’s here on a mission and that was to make Kai pay for abandoning her. “Where is he?”

Tyson scratched his head, unsure what to make of their new girl and shrugged. “Oh, he’s-” he started, but was interrupted by Max, who placed his other hand on his mouth, shushing him much like he did with Hilary earlier.

“What a minute, Tyson,” he whispered into his ear as the others gathered around them. “How can we be sure she’s telling the truth?”

“Yeah,” Ray whispered as well, the remaining members circling around them, suspicion heavy in their expressions. “I mean, it’s not every day you hear someone claim to be a fiancé from an arrange marriage, do you?”

“I don’t trust her,” Hilary hissed under her breath, showing her obvious dislike for the currently unnamed newcomer. “She insulted Kai, and continued to do so in practically every sentence. What is her deal?”

Behind them, the young girl was growing impatience and increasingly annoyed. They actually appeared suspicious of her, like they didn’t believe a word she said, which was something she found appalling. Why didn’t they believe her?

She gritted her teeth, just knowing that the brunette over there, Hilary or some plain and boring name like that, was insulting her and acting like a real bitch. That was her character, after all, a bossy bitch who couldn’t do anything right.

Once she joined the team, the guys would see how much better she was to have around. So much better that that ugly brown-haired twit.

“I need to see him,” she said with a stressed sounding voice. She sounded like she had traveled a long way and had been through many trails to get here. “He was my childhood best friend.”

“Best friend?” Ray said as he raised an eyebrow, this time unable to hide the skepticism in his voice. Far as he knew, Kai wasn’t allowed to be acquainted with other children, yet alone have a best friend.

The young woman drew in a deep breath through her nose, seemingly reaching the end of her rope quickly. She wanted these twits to stop asking her questions and take her to Kai already! She couldn’t believe that they doubted her words. They should have taken her on face value, after all, who in their right mind would claim to be Kai ‘asshole’ Hiwatari’s fiancée?

“Yes,” she hissed as she placed her hands on her hips, revealing her frustrated appearance to them. She felt tears prick at her eyes as anger and frustration turned into sadness and fatigue. That asshole turned his teammates against her! What other things had he been saying about her to make his teammates doubt her like they were?

It didn’t make any sense…why would he do something so cruel and heartless?

“But he ran away, separating us, and went to the abbey to become stronger,” she explained. Surely now they will believe her, only a handful of people knew about the Abbey. “He said he would come back, that he loved me. I waited and waited for him to make contact, but he didn’t.”

Ray’s suspicion only grew as she explained her connection to Kai. He knew very little about Kai’s past, but even so, her words didn’t make any sense to him whatsoever. He casted a quick glance around his teammates and noted that they were all wearing the same ‘yeah, right’ and ‘are you sure this is the same Kai?’ expressions.


“I need to know why,” she continued as a lumped suddenly hitched in her throat as overwhelming emotions took hold. “I have to know the truth why he abandoned me.”

However, the team before her still looked skeptical and clenched her teeth, livid that they did not believe her. She didn’t understand it, why weren’t they trying to comfort her, offering her a place to stay while promising to help her with Kai, understanding that he was indeed an asshole.

Like, shouldn’t Ray over there be annoyed that she was engaged to Kai? It’s obvious he liked what he saw.

It all became too much for her and she found herself unable to stop a sob from passing her lips. “Please!” she cried and buried her face in her hands. She hated herself for showing weakness, but it was all too much. They didn’t believe her; Kai had abandoned her and now it seemed that he had forgotten all about her.

Her life just sucked so badly right now.

Ray breathed a deep weary sigh as he ran a hand through his hair and stared at the girl as she continued to sob uncontrollably into her hands. “I guess it couldn’t hurt, right?” he asked, turning to look at the others.

“You’re not considering…?” Hilary started, but trailed off lightly when she saw that Ray was as suspicious of the strange girl as she was and calmed down a fraction, yet she still had an expression of utter anger on her face. She did not like this girl very much at all. She just gave off this haughty, egotistical vibe.

And the fact that the first thing she said to them was insulting helped place her in the ‘not likable file’ in Hilary’s mind.

Max looked aghast for a moment and he quickly shook his head. “Kai won’t like it,” he whispered. “Her story doesn’t add up, if you ask me. I find it hard to believe that Kai would run away to the Abbey. If anything, he’d run away from the Abbey.”

Ray picked up on that as well. As far as he knew, Kai was forced into the Abbey and it was a place known as hell on earth. Who in their right mind would want to go there under their own free will? Besides, the Abbey didn’t appear to be a place where just anyone could rock up and enroll.

“I know,” Ray said with another sigh, this one lined with annoyance and frustration. “But she won’t stop until she finds him, so why delay the enviable?”

Max appeared frustrated, but nodded his head nonetheless, his lips pulled into a frown. “I guess.”

“Ok, just stop crying!” Tyson said as he waved his hands in front of the crying female, wanting desperately for her to stop. “We’ll take you to Kai. What’s your name, by the way?”

The girl lifted her head from her hands and wiped furiously at her eyes before she set them back into a glare, regaining control over her emotions. “Kaze Waldrof,” she said, inwardly smirking to herself.

Finally, it’s time for her to have a much needed confrontation with Kai. The prick won’t know what hit him.