Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Perfectly Incompatible ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Perfectly Incompatible

Summary: A few of the mothers from his hometown think it’s time for him to settle down, but Michael can’t stand the girl they chose for him; Mariasha! What happens when he gets into a fight with Mariasha and ends up lost in a snow storm? Who will come to his rescue?

Pairings: Michael/Kai

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Mariasha “Maria” Evans. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not on based one anyone else’s character design, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental. There are also minor Ocs in this story as well, eg; Michael’s mother and great aunt.

Warnings: Kai is a girl in this story. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to.

Gripe for the Day: (Yeah, I’ve started a new title as I tend to rant quite a bit. At least now you get a warning before hand ^^). Don’t you just love it when a Sue arrives on the scene and whenever she gets into a fight or disagreement with her love interest; everyone is always on her side? Even her love interest’s friends are there for her because they know how much her boyfriend is a jerk and how utterly amazing she is for putting up with him! I tell you what; I would never choose a mate’s partner over him/her. I’m protective of my friends and if I hear an ex talk badly about them, I go feral. Sorry, but that’s just the way I am.

AN: Hello again, everyone. I have a new story here for you. I’m here, trying my hand at another pairing. Even Michael here had copped a few Sues in his life, but not nearly as many as poor Kai, Tala and Brooklyn.

Once again, all comments, suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated and will make my day, while flames will give a wonderful belly laugh. Thank you in advance and I hope you will enjoy my latest series.


Chapter 1:

Rolling over in bed, it was strangely comforting to wake up to the familiar sight of his old bedroom he hid away in during his childhood. Everything was the same; even down to the lazily thrown about articles of clothing as he haphazardly looked for a clean set of clothing to wear for the day.

With a deep yawn, Michael reluctantly slipped his legs over the side of the bed, wincing at the cold early winter chill as it seeped into his bones. He had to resist the urge to turn around and fall back against the pillows, back into the warm comfort of his bed.

He was currently visiting his home town, a place where he grew up in under the loving guidance of his parents.

It’s a small town, not much to do, not much to see, but he loved it growing up; everyone knew everyone, they were like a close knit family, always there whenever there was a crisis of some kind. His family home, which had been in the Parker name for generations, was quite old, yet was as warm and sturdy as it had ever been.

He was granted a few weeks off by the PPB so he decided to visit his family. However, things have changed and Michael dreaded visiting his mother and great aunt. Don't get him wrong, he missed his mother and great aunt’s company dramatically, it was just his appearance always got the old town biddies talking; mostly about his lack of having a girlfriend. They wanted him to settle down with a nice girl, get married and start a family, but being the age of 18 years-old, marriage was the last thing on his mind.

Still, that would not stop the mothers in town from trying to coax him into getting dating a nice country town girl. And their favourite person to match him up with was a girl called Mariasha, his next door neighbour and biggest nuisance he had ever met.

They’ve know each other since third grade and she was a little hellion back then. He remembered vividly when he was eight; she got cranky with him and pushed him into a river because he wasn’t paying her the attention she felt she deserved from him. She wanted his full and undivided attention all the time and would constantly follow him everywhere. He lost many friends because of her.

He couldn't stand the way Mariasha, aka Maria, acted. She was all sweetness and flowers in front of the women in town, but when it was just the two of them, she was the biggest control freak he had ever met. She made Emily seem like a quiet and shy young woman.

She loved to order him around constantly, saying things like; after we get married this and this will change.

He’d rather become a Monk, holed up in a cave somewhere than get married to her.

Even now, looking out his bedroom window, a cold shudder raced down his spine when he spied a young woman with dark purple hair that reached her elbows in a loose braid and sharp green eyes walk toward the front door of his childhood home. She was wearing clothes that were ridiculous for this time of year, the air so cold that it could snow any minute. She had on a pair of short denim shorts, laced up black thick heeled boots and a short sleeved blue blouse underneath a long dark brown jacket. As soon as she stepped inside, he knew that jacket would come off and she would look ever so pretty to everyone.

Sure, she had a great figure and all, but really, short shorts during winter storm season? She was not the brightest crayon in the box, was she?

He outwardly groaned and resisted the urge to repeatedly smash his head against the window sill. Not another full day of putting up with Mariasha’s fake bubbliness.

He did not understand why the women in town thought she would be the perfect girl for him. She was supposed to make him want to stay in town and have lots and lots of babies, instead she made him want to flee town with just the shirt on his back.

Thankfully, though, his great aunt, who he saw as a grandmother, Irene, was not one of those women. She would tell him every time one of the biddies tried to talk him into dating Mariasha through a guilt trip that he was worth so much more and what he deserved was someone he loved, not someone people thought he should.

He loves Irene, who he called Nana all the time, very much. She was his support through the harsh times like when his father died of a brain tumour when he was ten, and she was his biggest advocate in following his dreams of becoming a pro blader. She was the reason why he was a blader today, and he’ll forever be in her debt because of that.

It’s just a shame that he had to go through so much irritation whenever he visited her due to the towns’ folk unwilling to keep their noses out of his life.

Just because he didn’t have a girlfriend, didn’t mean his life was unfulfilled or meaningless.

“Michael! Mariasha’s here to see you!”

Oh, the joy!

That was his mother, Marlene or Marly to everyone in town, calling for him, she, too, eager to see her son find a suitable young woman to spend his life with. It was almost as if his opinion didn’t matter and that Mariasha had everyone wrapped around her little finger.

Gwad, she made him so sick sometimes.

He knew that his mother just wanted him to have a family of his own, just like every other mother on this planet, but couldn’t she be a bit more supportive of his reluctance to want anything to do with Mariasha? He was adamant that he was not going to fall madly in love with her because the town biddies thought they made a good couple.

If anything, their interference was making him detest her even more.

She always had this smug look on her face whenever the town mother’ cornered him, telling him what a nice girl Mariasha was and how beautiful she had grown.

If she was so nice, perfect and beautiful, why did they feel the need to remind him every goddamn day?!

Pulling on a set of warm clothing, Michael eyed the clouds outside his window and frowned at the dark greyness. Looked like the fierce winter storms were going to arrive early this year.

He had only been back in his home town a couple of days and he was already getting sick and tired of hearing about how wonderful Mariasha was. When he first arrived, one of the first people he saw just happened to be Mariasha. She looked him up and down before she smirked, giving a head toss to show off her luscious hair and made a comment about him finally filling out as he was a rather light and scrawny child when he was younger.

Of course, she said that when it was just the two of them, as soon as his mother appeared she was all giggly and was practically hanging off his arm like she was so excited to see him.

Even since then she had been over all the time, seeming around just for the sole purpose to be commented on how pretty her clothing was or how beautiful she looked with her hair out. Of course, his mother had to make things awkward when she’d turn to him and ask him whether or not he thought Mariasha looked beautiful today.

He once made a comment about it being too cold to be wearing hotpants, but that merely got him a scathing insult from Mariasha about him being a chauvinistic pig before stomping out in a huff, almost crying fake tears in an effort to make herself out to be the sweet and innocent girl he knew she was. He then got a lecture from his mother about being polite to woman and how it was best for the man to simply agree and compliment his future-wife to make things easier between them.

Why, oh why did the biddies in town always take Mariasha’s side? He had done more for their little town than she has, and yet she was the town’s little darling. Could they not see she was playing on their fondness for her, or was he the only one who saw the real her, which was why she was so adamant of them getting married? She probably thought since they know each other so well, he’d let her be the obnoxious twit she really was and be content that only he was worthy enough of seeing the real her.

Thankfully, Nana was not a Mariasha fan and would promptly tell his mother to leave him alone and that he was being polite, he was merely commenting on his choice of clothing that was all. She was the first person to stand up for him whenever the town biddies talk about how mean and gruff he was with poor ol’ Mariasha. Since Nana was the oldest woman in town, she was often looked upon as a monarch and if she said to stop badmouthing her Michael, then the women would shut up.

See why he loves Nana so much? And he made sure to let her know every day.

A suddenly concession of knocks at his door pulled Michael out of his thoughts and he turned to his bedroom door, hesitant to open it. There was only one person he knew that could make a simple act as knocking at his door into something he dreaded.

“What’s the matter Michael?” Mariasha’s voice suddenly drifted through his door. “Can’t find your way out of your blankets?”

Michael gritted his teeth in annoyance when he heard the mocking in her voice. When he was younger, he was a skinny kid and his bed, a double was too big for him and he was sometimes so tangled up in the sheets that he had to literally fall out of bed to get free. Mariasha here found out one day by sneaking into his house and found him doing just that. Now, she would make fun of him whenever she could.

It was really starting to get on his nerves.

He was in no mood to deal with Mariasha so early in the morning and plotted a way to get around her. He was not interested in spending another day at home listening to Mariasha brag about she was the best at everything at school and how it was utterly brainless for him for put his education on the backburner while he chased his silly dream of becoming a pro-blader.

She really had no idea that he had to do school work as well. Judy made sure that their education did not suffer because of his chosen sport. He was actually the top of his year, and whenever he reminded her of that, she would merely huff and fold her arms, earning him a scowl from his mother.

He just could not win!

Settling with the plan of loitering around town for a few hours, Michael grabbed a bag, threw in a few extra articles of clothing in case a sudden storm hit and threw open his door, pushing passed a startled Mariasha. He then hurried down the stairs with his bag slung over his shoulder and bowled into the dining room where he knew Nana would be sitting with her cup of tea and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She seemed undisturbed by his sudden appearance, but then again, she had always been the type of woman to simply go with the flow.

“Morning,” he said, trying his best to appear that he was in a real hurry and not wanting to give the girls a chance to question him.

“Morning dear,” Nana said with a small smile, seemingly realizing what he was trying to do and decided to help him out. “You’re going to be late.”

“I know,” Michael said as he flashed her a oh-so grateful smile and bolted passed his mother, pausing momentarily to give her a kiss good morning and goodbye before racing outside into the cold winter air. “Sorry, can’t chat today. Busy!”

Without waiting for a response, he then jumped into his car and started the engine, the roar drowning out the protests. He glanced in the review mirror and pressed his lips into a thin line when he saw Mariasha attempt to stomp after him, an insult already forming on her lips, her face scrunched up into an expression in disgruntle astonishment. She was probably ready to demand to know where he was going, who he was seeing and what he was going to do.

Geez, did really she think that they would one day marry or something?

She was not girlfriend material, let alone marriage material. He just wished everyone else could see that he did not like her. She gave him nothing to like; she was not all sweetness and flowers like she portrayed herself to be to everyone else.

He never felt so relieved to see the rugged winding road then he was right then. He was certain that Mariasha would have a good cry on his mother’s shoulder about him being a jerk and how she was trying so hard to change him, but he didn’t care. He knew that she would get no sympathy from Nana.

It felt good to have at least one female in this town of his that was on his side and wanted what was best for him, not what everyone else thought was destined for him.

The trip into town was a relatively stress free one, other than his mobile phone ringing constantly, his home number flashing on screen. It was either his mother lecturing him again about blowing Mariasha off, or was Mariasha herself, ready to scream at him again, accusing him of being a jerk.

Pulling out the front of the local cafe, Michael decided to have a coffee to ease himself into the morning. Beside, the caffeine might lower his stress levels and he didn’t have time to have breakfast.

But, as he stepped inside, in the welcoming warmth, his attention was pulled to a young woman sitting in the corner, paper on the table in front of her and a coffee in her hand. She had two-toned blue hair that cascaded loosely down her back, reaching the small of her back easily as light gray bangs delicately frame her bright blue face paint on her cheeks. Two deep ruby red eyes scanned the paper in front of her as she pressed the coffee cup to light pink lips.

Michael couldn’t believe his luck! And he thought his day would suck.

He never thought he’d see her here, in a small country town, in a skirt no less. But there was no mistaken her, that young woman sitting in the cafe, dressed in a large thick jumper under a jacket with a scarf around her neck, a denim skirt that ended by her thighs and knee high boots that was made out of sheep wool was none other than Kai Hiwatari.

Many a fangirl had tried to pull off the female Kai look but all failed miserably as none of them were Kai, so they couldn’t even come close. So this young woman was definitely Kai. Besides, he could just feel it in the air; a form of comfort and calmness that only she could bring.

Immediately, Michael made a beeline to her, wondering what would bring the great Kai Hiwatari to his neck of the woods.

It would be great if he could spend the day with her, rather than that pain in the ass, Mariasha.

“I wonder what brings her here,” he muttered to himself as a smile graced his lips.