Big O Fan Fiction ❯ Germany's Legacy ❯ The Message . . . ( Prologue )

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Hey, SD here, once again . . . I am goning to attempt the unthinkable! I will be writing a Big O fanfic! And will only have the updates every Sunday! Cuuuuz I'm a weirdo! And as always, I always have a person here to help me, and that lucky contestant is Schwarzwalde!
Schwarzwalde: Why am I here again? I need to go burn down structures!!! To find more memories!!!
SD: ;;;;>.> . . . .You bandage is on fire . . .
Schwarzwalde: WHAT????AAHHHHHHH-PUT IT OUT!!!!
SD: Anyways . . .Like all my many freaky beginning chapters, this won't make much sense, but I know you can pull through it!
Disclaimer Person: SD would like to say, no she does not own The Big O, and if she did, she would use all of her money to give to the rich*Deep sarcasm*.Only things she own, are: Dally, Hilda, Soynia, ALexis, Noin, Schwarzer Waldgasthaus, Price and John.
_________________________________________________________________ _______
Inside *Der Schwarzer Waldasthaus*, in a room, on the west wing, a man entered a room, of a young girl sleeping on a bed, near a desk. He sat down at the desk, pulling out a book, and pen. He lit a candle, and began to write.
'*Oktober* 28,
Fire . . . Such a beautiful and fascinating thing.

It's destructive force, is unbelievable, especially when it comes from a tiny little given spark.

It grows when you feed it, but it dies, just from a small lick of water.

Fire is just as a great of a miracle, as a disaster.

From it's firey depths, to the wonders it grows.

From just a puny bit of ash, many marvelous things can sprout from the charcoal ground!

Without it's light and warmth, humanity would be doomed to darkness and cold!

If it were not for fire . . .I would not be here, today, writing this.

Many a year ago, I was sent to Paradigm, to uncover memories, for our homeland, to awake one of the Big's.

It had gone to plan, I was the most succesful, and was allowed home, only under the condition of letting the people in Paradigm think I was dead.

But just as I thought it was all over, I am sorry to know this, but my dearest Hilda must be sent to Paradigm, to recover the Big that we had lost.

It turns my stomach, to have to let her go there, when I know the dangers, and problems . . .

Our government wants the Big back though . . .Damn you Roger Smith, if you had not gotten in my way, Hilda would not have to go to your forsaken city!

As a punishment, I am sending her your way, for you to watch her, until she has done what is needed.

And when she returns, I better not find her engaged, married, pregenant, OR dead.

O my dearest Hilda, I am sorry that this must happen to you . . .If I could, I would whisk you away from here.

But alas, I cannot, I only pray that you will be well, and not get mized up with Roger's affair's.

Just as a precaution, I am writing a letter to Roger, and you will go to his house, to deliver it.'
The man looked out the window, what looked to be snow was falling, with an eerie orange glow. He turned back to his book.
' Only a few more minutes, until I must leave my precious Hilda, to wander into the fire dpeths of *Schwarzer Wald*.

The embers and ash have already made this far.

*Auf Wiedersehen mein geliebtes* Hilda.

I hope that you will read this, and understand, that what your father had to do.

And that you will be safe, from his blunders . . .'

But before I leave you Hilda, I give you one gift . . .

The gift . . .Of fire . . .'

With that the man, the man leaned forward, and blew out the candle, closing the book, locking it, slipping the key onto a black lace ribbon, and tying it around the sleeping girl's wrist. He pulled out a letter, addressed to a Mr. Roger Smith, and set it down on the book. He turned around and walked out of the room, just as a scream was let out, that the inn was on fire, so was the forest it was next to. . .
_____________________________________________________________________ ___
Schwarzwalde: Boy . . .That was deep . . .
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