Black Cat Fan Fiction ❯ Forced by Desire ❯ Sudden awakening ( Chapter 2 )

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Forced by Desire
Chapter 2: Sudden awakening
Train stripped Leon of his clothes, then proceeded to do the same for himself. Desire had coursed through him ever since he had first fought Leon. He wanted him like no other and he would be damned if he didn't get it.
He positioned himself at Leon's entrance, the younger about to get a sudden wake up call. Tired of waiting, Train impaled him, sheathing himself fully in one thrust.
Leon's eyes flew open as pain erupted through him, he screamed out as he felt someone on him and something hard inside his ass. Train kissed him and then started to ride him, slowly and gently till the boy grew used to him.
Leon started to enjoy the sensation of the male's thickness sliding in and out of him, the pain soon subsided and was replaced by pleasure.
He still didn't know who was fucking him so skilfully but he only wanted it to be one person: Black Cat known as Train Heartnet.
He twisted around to see who was making fire course through his vein. Leon saw a mop of brown hair, two slightly catlike bright gold eyes, and a bell tinkling around his neck. Leon smiled, Train.
Train felt Leon's response as he thrust into him, Leon moaned when Train slammed into his sweet spot. Soon Train came as he drove himself deep into Leon's body, spilling his seed there.
To be continued….
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