Black Cat Fan Fiction ❯ The Price You Pay ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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The Price You Pay

Summary: When Chronos Number Jenos Hazard learns a secret about sweeper Kevin McDougall, he wants answers – and payment for his silence. What does he want from Kevin? Just a simple kiss...

Pairings: Jenos/Kevin

Warnings: Kevin is portrayed as a female. Slight nudity. First attempt at writing a Black Cat story. Only two chapters long.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Anime Black Cat or any associated characters.

AN: Hello everyone. Yes, as stated above, this is my first Black Cat story. And I do believe it’s the first to have Kevin as the main character, first Jenos/Kevin pairing and the first ever Female!Kevin fic on this site. I’m a little proud of that, but also a little disheartened. I adore Kevin and there are no fics for him. Shame, really.

I specialize in GenderBending/GenderSwap fics. It adds a unique twist of things in my opinion, but I do try to keep everyone in character as close as possible.

Any comments, suggestions, reviews and feedback will be greatly appreciated. Give this story a chance, is all I ask. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it.


Jenos was perplexed, if not a bit annoyed.

How in the world did a beautiful woman pass right under his nose and he not spot her from a mile away? He was known throughout Chronos for his ability to spy a natural beauty from yards away. He confirmed that by spotting the talented mistress of disguise, the one and only Rinslet Walker. But how did this beauty; slightly tanned skin, dark chocolate eyes, milk chocolate hair with legs that go on for miles get passed him, him, Jenos Hazard of all people!?

Of course, he had never met a woman who was dressing as a guy with an undoubtedly male name like a certain brown-haired sweeper called Kevin McDougall was.

Still, he was intrigued.

Yeah, Kevin, the rookie sweeper with over six months experience was actually female in gender. Why she was hiding was a mystery to Jenos, and he didn't really care to learn much himself. What she chose to do with her life is none of his concern.

Still, he was incredibly curious. No woman should have to hide their luscious figures behind male clothing like she was. Tight clothing or low cut dresses should be mandatory.

He must admit, only to himself of course, that Kevin was quite good looking in her male urban cowboy clothes that she usually wore, but what did she look like underneath those clothing?

He only learnt of her gender purely by accident. He was on a routine mission to scout the area before an important diplomat entered into a secret meeting with a few of his fellow Chronos members when he casually looked into a hotel room, a room that happened to be occupied by Kevin, the sweeper he remembered that fought by his side during the whole Eden fiasco.

It was only a split second glance, but he immediately had to do a double take. Shirtless, but with beige coloured wading around her obviously female chest, Kevin was in the middle of her hotel room, appearing as if she was getting ready to bed. She was quick to change from her dust covered shirt –must have just returned from a bounty- to a cleaner one, but she wasn’t quick enough.

Flawless tanned skin, flat stomach, well defined hips, long lithe arms; how did he not know?

But, if he had not seen her get dressed with his own eyes, he would never, ever have guessed that that dual pistol sweeper was a girl. She did a very good job hiding her femineity under those male clothing she wore during her bounties.

After that little unintentional show, Jenos pondered to himself for the rest of the night. Why was Kevin hiding her gender? He came up with a few theories of his own, but nothing that could dampen his curiosity.

He just had to know the truth, not because he cared or anything...

He just wanted to see her real figure as he wondered if she was anything like Rinslet; now she had the perfect figure and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. He was not a pervert by any stretch of the imagine, he just had a sense of wanting to know that over took all his other senses, common sense easily being the first to fade away.

It didn’t take him much work to find out where Kevin was staying this time, he merely asked a few of his fellow sweepers, although a few of them were weary of him, Train had no problem telling him of the brunette’s current residence. Apparently, she owns a small apartment to which she crashes at whenever she had some time to herself.

It was just his luck that he happened to linger outside Kevin’s window while she took a shower. That wasn’t how he planned to confront her, but did he enjoy the view!

Her bust was larger and perkier than he had imagined, and he briefly wondered how she managed to bind them into the almost flat-chested state. Her figure was quite curvy, her legs long and slender, yet powerful at the same time. Her skin appeared flawless, yet had small battle scars on her shoulder that appeared to have been made by a knife. She must have had a close call with a bounty or something.

She was busy washing her hair, hair that appeared a fraction longer now that it was wet, her spiky bangs framing her face, regardless of how many times she tried to brush them back with her hands. Soap suds trailed over her naked body, goose-bumps littering her skin as the water appeared to be a little bit too cool for her as she lifted her hand to turn the hot water tap.

However, instead of increasing the temperature of the water, she quickly shut off the water, grabbed a nearby towel, pressed it to her chest to cover herself somewhat and then lifted up her gun that was sitting next to the towel.

Or maybe the goose-bumps was caused by the cool breeze wafting in through the window Jenos used to get his way inside his apartment.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded as she pointed her gun right at him, her eyes narrowed with dangerous intent, but her face was flushed with embarrassment.

Suddenly, her eyes widen with a sense of realization, recognizing the intruder standing in the middle of her apartment and her blush darkened a shade to a red of sheer humiliation and anger. “You...?”

Jenos couldn’t help but grin at her reaction. She looked torn between being shooting him in anger or dying from humiliation when she realized that he saw her completely naked.

“Well,” he drawled casually. “This isn’t something you see every day. Or are there plenty of sweepers cross dressers these days?”

The indignant brunette bristled and clutched the thin towel closer to her body, her finger just inching to pull the trigger. “Who the hell do you think you are breaking into my apartment? Since when do Chronos Numbers act like petty thieves? Or should I say, act like deranged perverts?!”

Jenos couldn’t help but laugh as he thought about his current actions. Sure, they were a little unorthodox, so he couldn’t argue with that, now could he?

“Ah, touché,” he simply replied as he gave a very casual shrugged, acting like the fact that she was almost naked didn’t bother him in the slightest. Oh, it didn’t bother him at all.

Like he said, he wasn’t a pervert, but he was fond of the female form as much as the next guy.

“So, in any case, why are you dressing as a guy?” Jenos asked the question that had been bugging him for a while. “Does anyone else know about you?”

Kevin casted a very weary and suspicious look in his direction as she tightened her grip on her gun. “Why do you want to know?”

Once again, Jenos just shrugged and shoved his hands into his pocket, looking far too cool for Kevin’s liken. “Just curious.”

Kevin continued to look suspicious, but when she realized that Jenos was running his eyes over her body, she felt somewhat...vulnerable.

Trying to hide her naked body behind the small towel the best she could, Kevin still had an enraged blush on her face, her trusty revolver pointed right at Jenos, aiming for right between the eyes. However, her aim was shaky as she was understandably mad as hell about the intrusion and embarrassed that she was dressed in only a thin towel, barely covering her feminine figure.

She wanted to tell the Number before her to mind his own business and leave, but a part of her felt that she had to tell him, and then try everything in her power to stop him from talking. She might be at his mercy for a while until he found someone else to distract him.

Kevin was no fool; she knew she had no chance against a Chronos Number, especially the state she was in at the moment.

“Could I at least put some clothes on?” Kevin asked with a sense of defeat in her voice as she lowered her gun. “And for you to leave the room?”

Jenos pondered her request quietly for a moment, before briefly wondering how far he could push her before she turned her gun on him again. She appeared to have a mild temperament, except when she was embarrassed by something.

“Nope,” he grinned with undeniable charm. “I like the view from here.”

Apparently, she didn’t need to be pushed very far as Jenos suddenly had the nozzle of her gun under his chin, Kevin, who was now standing in front of him, appeared to be seething in her own skin as her eyebrow twitched violently. For someone with a thin towel preventing her from being totally naked, she could move pretty quick...for a lowly sweeper.

“Then again,” he said as he continued to smile, seeming finding this situation a wee bit amusing. “We wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.”

“You’re too kind,” Kevin muttered with a voice that was dripping with sarcasm as she began to move back. She knew all too well that Jenos was having way too much fun at her expense.

But she won’t shoot...not because she was kind hearted and didn’t want to hurt the Number, she just didn’t want to cause a racket that involved a lot of noise and near-by sweepers rushing into her room with their weapons drawn, demanding to know what’s going on when she was only covered in a towel.

Her life at the moment was embarrassing enough as it was.

“Turn around,” Kevin ordered, her eyes and gun still trained on her known intruder.

“Why?” Jenos asked and tilted his head to the side in question, but he still had that infuriating teasing grin on his lips. “So you can shoot me in the back? Aren’t you sweepers supposed to be honourable?”

We all have out weak moments, Kevin so desperately wanted to say but instead sent him a pointed look and glared at him silently until he finally threw his hands up in surrender. But instead of leaving the room, he simply turned his back to her, giving her a bit of privacy.

Kevin sighed softly, knowing that this was probably all the charity he was going to give her and quickly made her way over to her knapsack on the bed and pulled out a large white button up shirt she usually wore to bed. Placing her gun down for a moment, she dropped the towel, but kept her eyes on Jenos’ back.

She quickly slipped on the article of clothing, sighing with a sense of relief as he covered her upper body, stopping just above mid thigh on her legs. The shirt didn’t give her the full coverage she wanted, but it was enough for now.

As she did up the buttons one by one, the task made difficult with her fingers shaking for unknowns reasons, probably from the anger and humiliation, she glanced at Jenos over her shoulder, watching him carefully, mildly surprised that he still had his back to her, seemingly respecting her privacy.

Oh, now he respected her privacy!

It was too bad that he was head-turningly handsome. There was no sense in denying it, she found Jenos to be a very attractive man, any woman on this planet would tell you that, but Kevin was insistent that she was not attracted to him. She knows his type; the charming playboy, and tried her best to avoid them whenever possible. They were nothing but trouble anyway.

Her inner woman, however, was flattered by his attention. It was rare for a guy as handsome as Jenos was to pay her this much attention, especially when he knew her as a guy. Her sweeper instinct quickly shut up her inner woman, though, reminding herself that she was a sweeper first, and not to trust anyone from Chronos, especially playboy assassin’s with charming personalities from Chronos.

As someone with insight into the worlds of both men and women, Kevin knew that all playboys, although flatterers, wanted only one thing and that was to conquer their chosen prey. They were egotistical and self-centred braggers; they couldn’t wait to tell all who would listen about that ‘something’ they got on the side.

Despite her insistence that he was a player, she just couldn’t imagine Jenos sitting at a bar while bragging about his date with a beautiful woman to his fellow assassins. She hated guys like that when she joins her fellow sweepers for a night out with drinks. It took all of her willpower not to pull out her gun and shoot them in the ass whenever a guy like that approached her in a bar.

Just like it was taking all her will power not to shoot Jenos here.

But then again, he was a Chronos Number; he’d just dodge it and would only prove that it was a waste of a perfectly good bullet.

Now, with a more reliable article of material covering her body, Kevin reached for her gun, out of habit, but a presence behind her caused her to freeze and then jump a little when a large male hand pushed her hand away from her gun. His hand covered hers easily and she found herself looking that their hands, his slightly paler hand a stark contrast to her tanned one.

“There is no need for that,” Jenos said as he stood behind her, his body tantalizing close to hers.

A tingling sensation raced down her spine as she felt Jenos’ hot breath on the back of her neck and she physically shivered. She drew in a deep breath to settle her rapidly beating heart, but instead she breathed in Jenos’ masculine scent and her heart skips a beat.

“What do you want from me?” Kevin found herself asking, trying to remove her hand from his but her body just would not respond to her inner commands.

Jenos stayed silent for a moment, he too surprised at how his body seemed to be acting by its own accord. He didn’t remember the journey to reach Kevin’s side, all he remembered was turning around to see if she was done and was surprised to see her dressed in only a large shirt, her long toned legs seemingly disappearing into the white material.

“Just a bit of information is all I want,” Jenos said as he found movement back in his limps and took a step back.

Kevin was surprised when she felt a sense of disappointment when Jenos moved away, but she quickly berated herself. She was not attracted to him at all!

“So,” Jenos said as he walked casually around her apartment and placed himself down into a chair, once again looking like he hadn’t a care in the world. “Are you going to explain why you’re dressing as a guy?”