Black Cat Fan Fiction ❯ The Price You Pay ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The Price You Pay

Summary: When Chronos Number Jenos Hazard learns a secret about sweeper Kevin McDougall, he wants answers – and payment for his silence. What does he want from Kevin? Just a simple kiss...

Pairings: Jenos/Kevin

Warnings: Kevin is portrayed as a female. Slight nudity. First attempt at writing a Black Cat story.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Anime Black Cat or any associated characters.

AN: Hello again. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Don’t be afraid to review and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy reading.


Kevin found it hard to believe that Jenos, a Chronos Number of heaven’s sake, just wanted a bit of information, about her, no less. Wasn’t Chronos supposed to know just about everything about everyone? Is that why he was really here, because Chronos didn’t know about her gender?

“Are you going to explain why you’re dressing as a guy?”

“Why do you want to know?” Kevin asked after she took a moment to compose herself, outwardly appearing somewhat calm, but inwardly her heart was still beating rapidly in her chest from her close encounter with the handsome assassin. “What do you have to gain from it?”

Jenos thought about that for a moment before shrugging; it’s actually nice to see that the Sweeper before him was a tad suspicious and cautious. She wouldn’t have made it as a sweeper, if she wasn’t.

“I’m just curious,” he explained.

Kevin felt suspicion surge through her as she felt pretty certain that Jenos was after something. He had to be, but she decided not to question him. No reason for putting any thoughts in his head at this point in time.

“It’s quite simple, actually,” she said as she approached the sitting Number, not intimidated by his presence at all. “Think of it as a safety net.”

“How so?” Jenos asked as he tilted her head to the side, prompting her to shed more light on her circumstances.

“Whether you want to believe it or not, but being a sweeper is a dangerous profession and if I get in over my head with a sweep, I can simply hide away as a woman for a while, until everything dies down,” she explained with a careless shrug of her own. “It also comes in handy if I have to do some undercover work.”

She paused for a moment, thinking back to the gruff and rough person who taught her that and she frowned ever so slightly, a sense of remorse appearing in her chest.

“My deceased mentor taught me that.”

“Hmm,” Jenos hummed to himself as he let the information sink in. “That’s actually a pretty reasonable explanation. And here I thought you were just a tomboy.”

Kevin couldn’t help but roll her eyes at that. She didn’t really consider herself a tomboy, but she was self-conscious of her womanly figure. “Now that your curiosity has been fulfilled, you can’t tell anyone. I doubt they will believe you anyway.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Jenos drawled as he climbed to his feet, towering over the shorter brunette as he tapped his chin in thought, that same teasing grin on his lips. “I could always just bring them here while you’re having a shower again.”

Kevin immediately felt her face burn a bright red, blushing deeply at the thought of going through all this again. “You can’t!” she said with a sense of desperation in her voice. “Please, you can’t tell anyone.”

Something within Jenos softened as he gazed upon the woman before him, her dark chocolate eyes staring up at him with a sense of pleading. She looked oddly...delicate. She was only wearing a large button up shirt and nothing else, her hair framing her face and her skin still damp from the shower made her appear softer. She appeared vulnerable and at his mercy.

Usually, he would relish in the moment, but there was something about her that really tugged at his heart strings.

“I won’t tell anyone,” he said and as she looked up at him in surprise, he couldn’t help but grin a little. “If you do me one little favour.”

An expression of defeat mixed with a tiny bit of annoyance once again makes its way onto Kevin’s face and she slumps forward a bit. “I knew you wanted something from me,” she muttered.

Jenos chuckled and leaned forward so they were nearly nose to nose, inwardly smirking when Kevin subconsciously took a step back, her cheeks staining with red once again. “I won’t tell a soul if you...give us a kiss.”

“W-what?” Kevin stuttered as she took a step back in surprise, her eyes widening in a sense of bewilderment.

“Just one little kiss,” Jenos said as he lifted his hand to show her one finger, making it sound like a very reasonable request.


“Simple, I never let a beautiful woman get passed me,” Jenos said, his voice thick with charm once again.

However, Kevin simply folded her arms under her bust and raised her eyebrow at him. She was not buying it. “That doesn’t explain why you want to kiss me.”

However, no matter how much she outwardly protested, kissing the handsome Number wasn’t exactly a tortuous task by any stretch of the imagination. Kevin knew that Jenos was a charmer, no one can deny that, but he was also a Chronos Number, someone who was disciplined and controlled. From what she had heard, Jenos was a man of his word.

It was just one little kiss. It shouldn’t do any harm, right? Besides, it’s not like she was attracted to him or anything, though she did find him attractive. But they were too totally different things!

“Well?” Jenos asked as he took a step toward her, their bodies now inches away from each other.

“Fine,” Kevin said as she swallowed thickly, suddenly becoming shy and uncertain, her heart beginning to flutter wildly in her chest. She wasn’t certain why she was feeling so nervous, it was only a kiss, and she’s kissed people before. Sure, they weren’t handsome and charming assassins, but that shouldn’t matter, right? A kiss was still a kiss.

“But just one kiss,” Kevin said in a stern manner.

Jenos was slightly surprised that she gave in as quickly as she did, he thought she would pull out her guns and threaten him a bit more, but he was not that disappointed at all. She was a woman after all, and no woman could resist his charm for very long.

Or maybe it was because Kevin here was not an idiot, she knew she would not have been able to defend herself from a trained assassin of Chronos very long on her own. She must have heard about his determination from Rinslet.

Well, either way, he gets a kiss tonight.

Though, he wasn’t sure why he wanted to kiss the female. Sure, she looked really beautiful right now, dressed in only an oversized shirt, but it wasn’t like he found her that attractive.

Kinda cute, but not attractive. Well, that was what he kept telling himself, anyway.

“Ok,” he grinned down at her as he suddenly placed his arms around her, startling the brunette into making a small noise of surprise. “Just one kiss will do.”

With an arm around her waist, holding her upright, a surprisingly gentle hand cradled the side of Kevin’s face; Jenos leaned forward and pressed their lips together. Kevin’s eyes widen in surprise for a moment before they quickly fell shut, plunging her world into darkness. She felt the tension suddenly drain from her body and she practically fell into his arms as he pulled her closer, the thin material of her shirt unable to stop her from feeling the strength and heat from the very male body holding her. Her arms fell limp by her side as his lips moved with expert grace over hers.

She had planned to let him kiss her for only a moment before she’d push him away and threaten him off with her pistols pointed at his crotch, but...he was an amazing kisser.

The kiss quickly deepened as Jenos coaxed her lips to part with his tongue and slipped inside to explore the heated warmth. The force of the kiss forcing Kevin to lean backwards, her unbounded bust pressed tightly against Jenos’ toned chest and she grasped desperately onto the collar of his shirt as she timidly started to respond.

Jenos removed his hand from her cheek, only to entangle his fingers within her still damp hair, deepening the kiss as he did so. He was slightly surprised by his body’s reaction, so intense and fiery. He had never felt anything quite like this before; Kevin had quite an exotic taste, a taste he couldn’t put his finger on by found intoxicating all the same. He tightened his arms around, crushing their bodies together in the process.

The moment that she felt his fingers slip into her hair, Kevin’s mind went blank. Before she was fighting her own body to end this kiss before it could any deeper, but it was a losing battle; her body had betrayed her mind and now even her mind was failing her. She lost all concept of time, and if it wasn’t for the suddenly screeching of car breaks outside in the streets outside her window, she’d still be lost within the darkness of her mind.

She slowly blinked her eyes open and found herself staring into Jenos’ face, that was mere inches away from hers.

Shit, she was still kissing Jenos! How long had it been now?

Slowly, Jenos pulled back and Kevin slumped against his chest, her heart thundering in her chest as she panted from the intensity of the kiss. Jenos, himself, seemed out of breath as well.

She stayed in Jenos’ arms that were surprisingly still around her frame, warm and secure, as she took a moment to gather herself into a somewhat more respective state.

“I guess that payment is enough,” Jenos chuckled.

Kevin bristled slightly and pushed herself out of his arms, her face once again sporting a blush. Was it common for a woman of her age to become flustered this much?

“I told you one kiss only!” Kevin said as she hissed at him lightly.

However, Jenos simply gave her an infuriatingly smug look. “It was just one kiss; one drawn out, passionate, mind-blowing kiss.”

Kevin appeared flustered for a moment, appearing as if she was struggling to find something to say. “You can’t tell anyone now,” she muttered after a moment. “Remember, you said you wouldn’t.”

“Hmm,” Jenos hummed as he tapped his chin in thought and walked over to the window. “You’re right, but sometimes I can be forgetful. You’re going to have to remind me every once in a while.”

A sense of hope appeared in Kevin’s eyes and before she could stop herself, a question tumbled from her lips. “Remind you, how?”

“With a kiss of course,” Jenos grinned as he perched himself effortlessly on the window sill. He then threw out his hand and snared her wrist, tugging her closer to which she promptly fell against his chest again. He suddenly swooped down and kissed her on the lips. She doesn’t move or struggle, so he lingered there for a moment before pulling back and stepping out onto the awning. He peered back inside to find Kevin looking at him in surprise that held a tinge of hope and he smiled at her.

“You have a nice ass, by the way.”

With those parting words, Jenos effortlessly lifted himself to the roof of the apartment complex, two gunshots ringing out a split second after he did. He peered over the side to find two bullet holes where he was just standing and chuckled.

She was an incredible shot. If he wasn’t an assassin number, he would be sporting a couple of bullets in his ass. She was a right little spitfire, wasn’t she?

“If you ever break into my apartment again, Jenos Hazard, I won’t miss!”

Oh, he was going to have a lot of fun tormenting her in the future.

Kevin released a deep sigh as she slammed her window shut and drew the curtains close with a very harsh movement, almost ripping them off the curtain rod holding the material in place. She turned her back to the window and leaned against it for a moment, trying to gather what little wits and dignity she had left. Her face felt flustered, her heart was beating rapidly in her chest, and her hands were trembling.

What the hell just happened?

With a self pitying mew, she threw herself onto her bed and inwardly berated herself for her stupidity. She was a 21 year-old woman! Not some naive teenager with a crush. She was not...

Dammit, she was attracted that that idiotic Number...