Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Redemption ll ❯ The Plan B ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Where are you going with this Gin?” She sounded annoyed for once. He looked at her with his creepy eyes and smiled.
“It’s just how much do we know about you? You could be leading us into a trap.”
“Why would I? I don’t have my zanpakutos, I can’t fight –”
“I highly doubt you’re defenseless right now.” Tosen interjected.
She remained regal, “you’re right; if we’re talking about you but Aizen is aware he stands outside of the circle.”
There was some sniggering from the man with silver hair, “oh, I think we were just insulted.”
“Now, now children, stop bickering or I’ll have to send you away.” Aizen rose, “the Hogyoku is nearly ready and the beautiful lady just offered up option B, please show some gratitude.”
She looked up at him with a relieved expression but was cut off by the blind man, “As you wish.”
“We’ll give it a few days before returning to make preparations; we’re going to see a lot of old friends after all.” The leader pulled her chair back and she rose immediately. He presented his arm to her and she coiled her hand in the nook of his elbow. “Soon you’ll have your weapons again and this will all go far more smoothly.”
She remained blank and facing forward. “Does that trouble you, Sosuke?”
“Not at all, milady.” Kikyo didn’t have to look; she could feel his conceited smirk seeping into her bones.
“Ulquiorra-kun,” she said softly and he stopped. “Stay with me for just a bit please, I need your help with something.” Against his better judgment, the Espada signaled to the servant to leave and shut the door behind him. The slender frame turned gracefully but he stopped short of facing her. “Tsubaki!” An orange boomerang – shaped – thing zipped past his face, narrowly missing his nose but he didn’t react. “Oh!” She squeaked, “I’m sorry, I still don’t have –”
“Control.” His eyes slid to her and then away to the fair-sized gash in the wall. They slid back to look at her naïve but cheerful face.
“Tsubaki himself – well I’m not sure what happens but it’s not him, you know?” She happily smiled and tilted her head like an innocent child.
“Maybe you matured past using dolls in battle.” He paused, “Now we’ve both said something stupid.” He disappeared and reappeared in front of the damage while she pouted.
“Hmph, they’re not dolls.” She murmured.
“They don’t belong on a battlefield no matter how you look at it.” He responded dryly while touching the crevice.
“But no matter how you look at it I can’t explain the change or control it. I’m scared I’ll hurt somebody. Ulquiorra-kun, what do you suggest?”
He stiffened; her familiarity with him was starting to have an effect, something he had been mostly ignoring until this point. “You just need practice.” The Espada began to leave but she grabbed his arm.
“That’s why I said I needed your help.”
“Hm, Cuarto seems to be taking her somewhere.” Aizen walked over and peered out the window from over her shoulder.
“Yes, he does.” The noble twitched an eyebrow.
“He doesn’t need permission?” She asked.
“No, the Espada aren’t children.” He paused, “besides, he’s special remember?”
“But he’s taking the little girly-girl.” Gin added.
Aizen looked back at him and arrogantly grinned, “And that’s what makes it so interesting.”
Kikyo uttered plainly, “It’s not like she has any other use,” as she watched the duo walk leisurely into the white desert.
“Rukia!” Her eyes blinked and they looked at the red head. “What’s with you? You’ve been just sitting around the captain’s manner for weeks now.” She stared at the plum tree in her courtyard and went back into her daze.
Renji walked away a defeated man after trying for ten minutes to get the comatose woman to talk and almost literally ran into his captain as he rounded a corner, “Captain!”
“What are you doing here?” The lieutenant gave depressed sigh at the monotone question, which garnered some interest from the young master.
“I was asked to check on Rukia by Captain Ukitake.” He crossed his arms, “apparently, she’s never left here.”
Byakuya’s blank face didn’t change, “there is paperwork waiting for you.”
“Yes, captain,” he walked around the stalk man and headed for his shoes.
Byakuya remained motionless until his lieutenant was gone and then proceeded to tend to his little sister. “You’re here again.” She didn’t move and it reminded him of the first several days after their return. “You should be supervising your substitute.” Again, it was as if he was talking to himself. “Rukia.” He said sternly.
She jumped, “Nii-sama!”
He looked into her surprised eyes, “You’re neglecting your duties.”
The petite teen sighed, “I don’t really care,” her voice was soft, and she wouldn’t look at him.
“She wouldn’t behave like this,” his tone was flat, his eyes cold and he simply kept walking. Rukia fought her threatening tears, when faced with death; neither elder sister had carried on like a spoiled brat. She rose with a renewed outlook. Her precious friend was still in the hands of the enemy and it was only a matter of time before Ichigo did something stupid.
The scrappy little shinigami ran off in search of her shoes as Byakuya watched silently from around a corner.
“What are they doing?”
“They are leaving together again.” Both the noblewoman and eerie shinigami peered out the window, one less obvious than the other.
“Why is it so intriguing, really, do neither of you have anything else to do?”
“Well you can clearly see something odd is taking place,” she paused, “well maybe not you.” Kikyo’s voice had remained monotone and Gin snickered.
“If that’s all sight is used for, I don’t mind the darkness, apparently it keeps the stupidity away.” The dark man rested his hand leisurely on the handle of his zanpakuto.
Like any well-mannered and powerful noble, Kikyo’s composure didn’t falter, “and here I was thinking just the opposite.” Gin chuckled while stepping away from her and Tosen went to draw his sword.
“Why you wretch!”
“Now, now.” Their leader interrupted, “Tosen, she may not seem threatening but this tigress is not declawed.” He crossed the room to stand by the feline, “best be cautious.” His grin was sinister and it took all her strength to meet his arrogant gaze with blank eyes. “Have they disappeared again?” He peered over her shoulder to see out the window.
“Aye,” Gin answered, “into the figurative woods.” Both men shared a small evil laugh.
“Well unless I order it he won’t tell me what they’re doing and he’d probably kill any spy.”
“I guess that means we’ll never know.” Kikyo walked away and was nearly out of their company when he stopped her with his unpleasant words.
“Unless you ask her, Kikyo-sama.” She felt her insides clench and had to pause before answering to compose herself.
“Only if requested,” she paused again, and slightly turned, “I’ve never been gifted in idle chatter.”
Aizen laughed his usual way, “Not surprising, only powerless women with too much free time tend to have that skill.” She silently left, trying to stifle her laughter as she thought how idle gossip could be far more dangerous than any sword.
“I’m not getting this!”
“Relax Ichigo, it is just math.” He blinked and stared at the upside-down Rukia.
“Oh, you’re back.”
“Well if you can’t handle algebra on your own, how can you handle being a shinigami by yourself?”
His face ticked and he sat up properly in his desk chair, “well there aren’t any X’s in battle,” he mumbled.
The little shinigami smacked the back of his head, “Idiot, there are always variables in battle.”
Aizen appeared in her open doorway, “So milady, are you ready to fetch this spare key of yours?”
“Are you done playing already?” She dryly asked while still embroidering a flower onto some silk cloth.
“Yes, everything seems to be in order.” He gave her a sly smirk.
“Then let’s go.”
The four of them appeared in a deserted area and began heading for Central using shunpo. “No doubt we’ve been detected by –” Gin was interrupted by the intruder alert.
“Maybe you jinxed us.” She said plainly, he looked surprised and Aizen laughed.
“Did she just make a joke?” He teased with a disturbing smile. They stopped short of their goal, “oh my, what do we have here?” The trio gazed upon two familiar lieutenants, but Kikyo remained hidden behind Aizen.
“You are all under arrest.” Shuhei Hisagi announced with his normal gruff attitude but Izuru Kira didn’t share in his comrade’s feigned confidence.
“And here I was hoping this would be easy,” Aizen gave his coy smirk, “but,” he turned his head to greet two captains. He then shifted to the other side where the leaders of squad six appeared. “Looks like nobody missed our entrance.” Byakuya went to unsheathe his sword, “Aw looking for vengeance?” Neither of the men changed expressions and a whirlwind of pink blades were unleashed.
“Where did everyone go?”
She looked up at her keeper, “away.” He answered and she could feel the figurative sweat drop form on the side of her head.
“I wonder where –”
“Stop.” She stared at him with question marks visible in her yes. “We’ve only returned because you said you could not continue anymore without nourishment.” She sighed in defeat and quietly followed him back to her quarters.