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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Proving It! Anime Style!
Mission 3, Part 4
Ladies and germs, this WILL take up more than one chapter…for reasons beyond my comprehension because my muses are utterly freaky. And a bit thank you to everyone whose reviewed me and stuck with the story all this time. You guy's rock!
(((((((((((((((((Oh No))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Camera pans in to show Avi and Tzuki dressed rather normally for their mission. Avi had a denim miniskirt with a pleated trim, a blood red tank top with an unbuttoned denim jacket over it, red and black striped knee high socks and dark green combat boots that laced up to her mid-calves. Tzuki is wearing a pair of flared hip huggers, and a pink peasant top with long belled sleeves, on her feet she has a pair of black converses, her belt is studded and there is a black hoodie tied around her waist.
Avi is smiling but Tzuki is frowning, as she looks over the clipboard and to the last part of Kurai's requests. The camera hovers unnoticed in front of the two girls as they converse.
“Avi…This REALLY isn't a good idea. I mean…worse than Hiei, seriously…maybe we should scrap this one for lack of worker safety or something!” Tzuki pleaded with her younger sibling. (Not by blood but as good as so yeah, they're sisters. Deal with it.)
“What? Why not? It's not like we wont have some protection!” Avi frowned, slightly confused.
“Avi…you KNOW this one's more dangerous than any of the others so far. Especially for you, I'm surprised he didn't kill you while we WERE there!”
“Oh what ever. I'm sure he's over it by now…besides…you didn't hear everything and see everything. You were unconscious for the second half and we had to drag your arse to the ship!” Avi countered.
“Oh fine…but I am NOT saving your arse if anything happens! Do you hear me? I will not save you this time!” Tzuki threatened to the unfazed Avi.
“Yeah, yeah, I get it. I piss him off enough and it's my funeral because I'll get no sympathy from you even if I do it without knowing. Can we go now?” Avi whined, waving off her sister's threats as though they were nothing. The reason? She'd threatened that before and still helped out anyway.
Avi and Tzuki suddenly remember that there's a camera following them so they turn to it with smiles, forced in Tzuki's case. Tzuki is obviously worried about Avi's safety for this last part of the mission and Avi didn't worry at all. Avi was a little too carefree sometimes, but hey, that's Avi for you.
“Today dear fan-girls and fan-guys, we bring you the last part of Miss Alias Kurai's requests. Today, we find out if Vegeta from DBZ uses hair gel. I don't know how we'll do it, but we'll do it.” Tzuki greeted and explained, the worry apparent in her voice.
“She thinks I'll die or something, don't mind her.” Avi comments as they walk into the bathroom and she pours in a capful of Vortex In A Bottle. “Dragon Ball Z.” Avi all but shouted into the swirling abyss and the color changed to an orange hue, the color of the dragon balls themselves. Now I know that you'd think the girls would need to give the vortex a saga to go to but no. Seeing as Avi and Tzuki had been there before because some higher powers had told them too, and not given them a choice in the matter, it means that they'll land in the realm and the realm will be as far in the saga as time has allowed since they had been there. And please remember, time moves differently, in the DBZ realm it moves rather slowly compared to the other realms.
It's been about a year, maybe a little less since the girls had been to that realm.
Avi and Tzuki jumped into the portal and landed in a desert looking area behind the Z gang, or most of them. What told them what was happening however was the fact that Vegeta, the very man they were here to see, was looking over a ridge and wearing his pink, Bad Man shirt. Avi and Tzuki had prepared for this, not only were they quiet but they kept there ki down so as not to be sensed.
“I still say it should say “Bad-Ass”“ Avi whispered to Tzuki who shrugged. The girls avoided being seen or heard and walked up to stand behind Vegeta. It seemed all the guys, and Bulma, were watching over the ridge to see the ship holding Frieza and his land. Avi and Tzuki watched in awe for a moment, but only a moment.
“Hi Prince!” Avi chided in her most cheery, and childlike voice. Prince was a nickname she'd donned Vegeta with and though he acted as though he hated it, he didn't mind it that much. But we'll get into there background at another time.
Vegeta winced, only one person had the gall to call him that and there was NO mistaking that innocently malicious voice. He turned around to glare at the orange eyes of one of the few people who'd ever earned his respect so easily. The only person who would purposely piss him off and push him to his mental limits, the sayajin girl who'd nicknamed him for some demented (or so he thought) reason.
“Hello Avi.” He greeted with gritted teeth, glaring at her but not with all his might.
“HI!” She squealed and tackled him to the ground in a bear hug. Vegeta was stunned for a few moments before he noticed she had not let go yet. He stood up and she was still attached to him, he was annoyed but hey, he once told her he would have liked to have a daughter like her once so eh. He looked over at Tzuki and was surprised to find her with the twitching eye instead of him.
“Avi! Off him, now!” Tzuki whispered harshly to her.
“Awww…. all right.” Avi pouted but let go and stood back while everyone watched with widened eyes. “Uh…hi guys! We're back!” Avi quickly chided, quietly but not so quietly so the icejins over the ledge wouldn't hear them.
Gohan hugged the girls tightly; they were like aunts to him, Krillen waved meekly to them and Yamcha waved back with a slight chuckle. Bulma walked over and gave them each a quick hug and a promise to go shopping later if there was a later. Vegeta shook off the bear hug and redirected everyone's attention to the ship, and the boy with a sword going SSJ.
Everyone watched, the boy defeated Frieza and King Kold and soon everyone found themselves waiting with him in a rocky clearing each with a cold drink. Tzuki and Avi kept staring at the boy because hey, they totally knew who he was and actually, they were wondering a few things. Soon, the two girls, whom the boy did not seem surprised to see with the group, were whispering back and for the between each other.
“He's a cute one, isn't he?” Avi commented to Tzuki.
“Oh completely. And he totally has Vegeta-esque looks. It's easy to tell who his parents are.” Tzuki replied.
“Even if we already knew. He didn't seem surprised to see us with the group though, isn't that a little odd?”
“A little bit, yeah. Maybe one of us should go and talk to him?”
“Yeah! Do you want to?”
“Naw, your closer to his age, kind of. Well you act more like a kid then me, you go.”
“You sure about this? I mean I can totally stay here and piss Prince off over there.”
“I'm sure Avi, you go. Besides, I could use a good tan and all you'll do is burn.”
“Okies then. I'm off.”
Avi hopped off the rock she and Tzuki had been sitting on and walked over to the boy who was in fact Mirai No Trunks. She smiled warmly at him as she walked over, totally aware of the way she looked and loving it, her long brown hair swaying behind her. She sat down next to him and did a very random thing.
She poked him on the nose gently with her pointer finger.
“Bop!” She giggled and he blushed slightly at the strange yet comforting movement. “Hi! I'm Avi.” She giggled more as she sat next to him.
“Hi.” He replied back, he seemed timid around her and she knew why. Vegeta had already snapped at him for staring and of course, having Avi there, so close probably was making him uncomfortable.
“You want to go for a walk? We still have something like an hour, according to your time frame.” Avi asked, hopping off his rock and stretching in her cat like manner, nearly showing everyone her flower print bikini cuts. Trunks hopped off the rock as well, a walk sounded fun after all.
“Sure. Sounds fun.” And they were off, walking in a comfortable silence.
((((((((((((((((((((On the walk))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
“So…”Trunks began idly as they stood in the shade under a lonely tree. “ You already knew who I was right?” He asked with a slight air of amusement.
“Yeah…” Avi was taken aback slightly. “That was an unexpected statement Trunks.”
“I didn't mean to startle you.” He laughed lightly at that as Avi giggled.
“Well you did but hey, no harm done. I take it you know about us then?”
“All about you and what you guys are doing during this time period in your long lives. But you were wondering…”
“If we were even around in your timeline, yeah.” Avi replied sheepishly. “That and I'm sure you feel a bit less awkward away from all of them. We can talk freely but around them, not really.”
“Yeah.” Trunks nodded, looking her in the eyes. “And yeah, you guys were around. You helped us out a lot but you guys had to leave and help out in some other far away place and right after that, Goku got sick, and then, I guess you pretty much know what happens from there.” Trunks confided in me. “When you guys came back, only Gohan and I were left and of course, the Androids. It was Gohan's death, soon followed by Tzuki's and then yours that gave me the emotion I needed to go Super.” He looked incredibly sad and Avi just stared.
“Woah…wow…. that really sucks.” Was all she could must before leaning against the shaded boulder next to the taller boy. “I would say that I'm sorry but that's not going to bring anyone back or change what's happened. It's kinda annoying when everyone keeps saying they're sorry even though you know they're not huh?” She asked, trying to lighten up the boy, and her own, mood.
“Right on the money Avi.” Trunks laughed slightly and bopped her on the nose like she had to him nearly half an hour ago.
“You're a cutie Trunks.” Avi giggled.
“Well so are you.” Trunks responded before his brain could catch up with his mouth and they both blushed.
Sometimes it's funny how circumstances can lead to opportunities that no one really expects or notices.
Avi was still leaning back on the boulder and avoiding Trunks gaze. After the cute comments they were both a bit…quiet. It was a sudden move on Trunks part, he stood in front of Avi and one arm went on either side of her head, hands on the boulder as she looked up at him in slight confusion. He was so close to her and she was so close to him that it was inevitable that their lips met in a chaste kiss that soon turned into a 20 minute make out session.
When Avi returned she was a bit disheveled as was Trunks and they blushed every time they looked at one another.
“You made out with him, didn't you.” Tzuki stated more than asked in a low whisper, smiling at her sisters state.
“Yep!” Avi whispered back happily. “And boy can that boy ever kiss!”
Avi and Tzuki giggled and soon, Goku arrived, all went well except Trunks talked to Goku, Avi and Tzuki instead of just Goku and soon, he was on his way back to his Timeline, waving sadly, mostly to Avi who was actually sadly waving back.
The camera was still rolling and caught everything from Avi's make out session to the talks and now, it zoomed in on Avi and Vegeta as they flew back to Capsule Corp. Tzuki somehow knew they needed to talk.
“So…” Avi began as idly as Trunks had, not sure what to say exactly.
“I'm glad you came back.”
“What!” Avi was so shocked by his statement that she fell out of flight and Vegeta had to catch her before she hit the ground. “You…missed me?”
“Yes, I missed you Avi. It was like losing a daughter when you left for some strange reason.” Vegeta said, once more shocking her but since he hadn't let go of her, she wasn't in danger of falling.
“I missed you too Prince.” Avi replied, still in his arms. “You planned this didn't you? The shocking confessions and the being able to catch me?” She giggled at his shocked expression, guess he underestimated her intelligence just a tad bit.
“To a point, yes, I did plan on shocking you so badly you'd fall out of flight.” Vegeta confessed with amusement. “How long are you going to be staying this time?”
“I…really don't know.” Avi replied, unsure of how long they would be staying. Here she didn't really want to leave because Vegeta was basically her father figure and she and Tzuki had permanent residences at Bulma's because they were such good friends. “We'll be here for a while though Prince, I promise.” She smiled up at him and saw the softened eyes and happy smirk.
“Good. And Avi?”
“Uh, yeah?”
“I want you to call me…” Vegeta had a hard time getting the request out, it took him several minutes and Capsule Corp was already in view by the time he got it out. “Please call me…dad, from now on.”
That did it, Avi was so shocked at the VERY un-Vegeta like request that she fainted in his arms was whisked straight away to the infirmary.
Camera fades out and back in showing Avi waking up slowly but surely in an infirmary bed. Bulma's home has everything after all…even a medical lab. Avi's eye's flutter open slowly and she looks around, not quite sure where she is as of yet.
“Where's dad?” She asks Tzuki and Bulma who were the only two in the room. Both women raise an eyebrow at her in confusion.
“Dad?” Tzuki questions Avi, who nods enthusiastically.
“Yeah! Where's dad?” Avi asks even more enthusiastically than her nodding.
“Uh Avi, honey, who's dad?” Bulma asked the girl slowly.
“That would be me.” Came the amused reply from Vegeta as he entered the Medical Lab to check up on his “daughter”.
Bulma stared.
Tzuki stared.
The entire audience watching through the camera was probably staring too even though they SAW him ask her to call him that.
“Hi daddy!” Avi squealed happily, seeing her `father' walk in. She was rather ecstatic and as she rose quickly to go and hug him, she found her legs wobbly and her head swimming. So instead of hugging him like she'd planned, she fell into him and was directed back towards to the bed.
“You were so shocked you fainted but we've found out that you actually have a nearly severe case of exhaustion.” Bulma explained a while later, once the two women had gotten over the whole daddy thing.
Tzuki looked rather guilty and Vegeta and Bulma noticed, so once Avi was asleep they cornered her as the audience watched.
“Zuzuko, why do you look so guilty?” Vegeta asked, somewhat harshly considering it took a lot to wear out Avi.
“I…uh…I'm kind of responsible for her state. She wasn't sleeping too well and hasn't been eating much lately for some reason and I just waved it off as nothing because we had these missions to do and of course…she was always training which I felt was normal and didn't connect the dots. I should have paid more attention to the little things…” She noticed Vegeta's glare immediately and added a hasty “I'm really sorry!” As he glared but backed off and Bulma put a comforting hand on her shoulder.
“It's okay, with the way Avi is I'm honestly not surprised. Vegeta! What are you doing?”
“I'm taking her to her room.” Vegeta answered the blue haired woman and the camera zoomed in then out as he headed up the stairs.
(((((((((((((((((Later in Tzuki's room)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I feel just awful about Avi's state. She's always waving off things like this so it's my job to notice and I didn't. In any case…it's weird that she's calling Vegeta dad and that he's letting her but eh…I guess that's something she'll explain to me later. Tune in next time for more of this lovely little DBZ adventure…for now, I'm going to get some sleep, Piccolo and Gohan are training with me tomorrow.” She sighs, turns off the light and crawls into bed.
Camera fades to black and credits air.
((((((((((((((((((((((Chapter Fin)))))))))))))))))))))))
Well…Since DBZ was the first Anime I ever saw and loved I figured I'd give it more of a spot, besides, this is connected to other stories yet to be posted but in the works. Stay tuned for the next installment! It will be out soon, I promise! And please review me!