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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Proving It! Anime Style!
Mission 3, Part 2 (The part that doesn't deal with Hair Gel)
((((((((((((((((Let the fun begin…)))))))))))))))))
Camera fades back in to show Kurama and the girls sitting in the guest bedroom on one of the two full sized beds that are in it. Kurama looks rather uneasy and the girls have to use much force to keep from laughing, among other things.
“Where did you go, why are you back so soon and why did you come to MY house??” Kurama asked quickly and probably a bit harsher than he meant to.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa Kurama! Calm down! You act as if we mean to murder you or something.” Tzuki replied. “Did you forget how close we are? Geeze…Avi and I used to run with you in Makai…”
“That is beside the point, Zuzuko.”
“Ooooooooh! Fox boy's peeved!” Avi chided in, much like a little child.
“That is enough out of you Aviarianna.” Kurama turned his glare on her and sunk a little lower into the quilt she had wrapped around her.
“Not if you want an explanation.” She replied quietly.
“Fine, explain then.” He sighed deeply. Why is whenever one or both of these girls was around, headaches seemed to plague him.
“Okay…in the order you asked,” Avi began, shrugging the blanket down a little to ease the heat. “We left this realm and no you do not need to know ANY more than that, how dare you ask us how we can be back so soon?? That does not matter in the least! And we came to you because Hiei's pissed (at this point he looked towards Tzuki who was subtly pointing to Avi and Avi smacked her in the arm.) and well…we hate Kuwabaka and besides, we stayed with you before so we figured why not?” She shrugged.
Kurama stared. He blinked a few times, and then stood up shaking his head.
“All right girls. But promise me you wont cause too much trouble, I do not want to have to watch you every moment.” His last statement was directed towards the usually immature Avi.
“We already landed on Koenma and made Hiei's scalp bleed. I don't think we need an encore.” Avi shrugged again, pushing Tzuki off the bed and laying down amidst the nest of pillows and cover's she'd made. “My bed!”
“Geeze…possessive much?” Tzuki eyed her warily before making her way to her bed. “Don't worry Kurama, she won't be much trouble and we'll be out of your hair by tomorrow, I promise. We only came back for a short visit.” Tzuki assured the red haired youth as he exited the room slowly.
(((((((((((((((Around 1 am that night.))))))))))))))))))))))
“Avi, come one!” Tzuki whispered harshly, pushing Avi towards Kurama's room.
“I'm going, I'm going!” Avi whispered back.
The two girls reached his door and stopped. He was snoring lightly and they hoped he was a deep sleeper now that they'd been gone for nearly a year. Avi gently turned the knob and opened the door slowly, it was quiet and they thanked every god and goddess in existence. (At this point a very faint and sarcastic “You're Welcome” seemed to permeate the air, and it sounded like Koenma.)
“You hit the desk, I'll hit the drawer's.” Avi mouthed to her sister in the darkness of his room and both moved to their designated searching spots. Avi rooted about in his dresser, starting from the bottom drawer up. She snagged a pair of fox print boxers and stuffed them down her shirt; those would fetch a mighty price on Ebay!
Tzuki rooted around his desk and was very careful. There wasn't really much they're to get excited about. Some paper, a binder, some text books, his computer and of course some pens and pencils. In the drawers to the left she found some reading material and a few books that were defiantly not from any library Ningenkai had to offer. She smirked, once a thief, always a thief. Those books had been missing from the Reikai archives for about 3 years now.
Avi suddenly hit the mother load…Kurama's Journal in the top drawer of his dresser hidden under a pile of shirts. She waved spastically to get Tzuki's attention and pointed to the little book in her hands. Tzuki hurried over to her and opened it up; they began reading and soon found just the entry they were looking for.
September 19, ----
Avi does not know the meaning of the word maturity. I swear! The girl is over 400 year's old and she's still acting like the kitten she was when we were all still thieves! In any case, her eye's are as good as ever because she suddenly brings up, in the middle of class I might add, that there's some silver on my scalp. I nearly screamed, that dye was supposed to last 6 months, MINIMUM! Later after class, I high tailed it to the bathroom and sure enough, my roots were showing. 3 months, the dye only lasted 3 months. That little lizard of a dealer will pay dearly for this! In any case, I must go wash my hair out now, I decided to leave it in for an hour instead of half an hour like the instructions read, perhaps it will last 6 months this way?
“He signs it Kurama? He writes about the detective cases and us?? Geeze…. what if someone comes here and reads it???” Avi mused, somewhat confused. And no, not offended at all by that little quip about her because he'd said it to her face before.
“Hon, knowing Kurama, there is probably some spell or something on it that makes it look like normal “today and school…” shit to someone with no spirit power.” Tzuki explained, rolling her eyes.
“Oh yeah…heh. Any how…. I guess this is the proof we need. I wonder which lizard dealer he was talking about?”
“Who knows? God's know there are more than enough to choose from. But no wonder it's such a deep red…I told you that could NOT be natural.”
Kurama stirred and the girls froze in place, Avi nearly dropping the Journal. He rolled over to face them, his eye's wide open and a glare marring the otherwise handsome features.
At this point, Avi did drop the journal and ran out of the room.
Tzuki followed her closely, not wanting to be there for the kitsune anger. Kurama himself merely chuckled, picked up his journal and put it away, and went back to bed. When would those girls learn to stop being so nosy? Never probably.
“Well Miss. Kurai…. there you have it. Kurama DOES Dye his hair!” Avi giggled towards the camera, holding up the bottle that looked more like a Genie belong in it than dye. “I even snagged a bottle! We'll be keeping it for…future uses.”
“Avi! Anyway, we better get some sleep if we want to be out of here before Kurama can get to us in the morning. Bedtime Avi! Now!
“Aww…all right.” Avi pouted but stuck the bottle and the boxers she'd stolen into her backpack that appeared out of nowhere and went off the bed.
Camera shows the room the next morning, it is empty and Kurama bursts in ready to lecture them only to find a note sitting on Avi's bed.
Our dearest Kitsune
We would like to thank you for having us over and wish to compliment you on keeping a journal. It takes a real man to do something like that without putting a lock on it and keeping it hidden in a better place than his top dresser drawer! Oh…and Avi wishes to thank you fore the green boxers with the red foxes on them, and no, you'll never get them back. She would also like to remind you that you should probably go ahead and get another bottle of dye since she snagged your last one last night. You know what a little trickster she can be; I apologize for what she stole from your room…I had NOTHING to do with it! I swear!
Best wishes; give our regards to the other detectives.
~Tzuki and Avi~
Kurama sighed and stuck the note in his pocket. Another pair of boxers lost AND his last bottle of dye? That girl was going to get a serious training session when they got back, one she'd never forget.
((((((((((((((((((((((Coming out of the bathtub))))))))))))))))))))
“Hehehehehe! These babies will get me some major mullah on E-bay!” Avi laughed, brandishing Kurama's boxers and heading straight to the office to put them up.
“Avi…” Tzuki shook her head and opted to go and take a soak in the spa out in the backyard.
(Avi managed to get a whopping $500,000 for Kurama's boxers from a fan girl in Kansas.)
(The bottle of hair dye has been sent to Alias Kurai half full because Avi and Tzuki kept half the dye for analysis among other things.)
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Chapter Fin)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Haha! He does dye his hair!!!!!!!!!! Well, in any case, the next and last part of the mission from Alias Kurai shall more than likely entail some form of bodily harm for the girls, and a bit of mischief…