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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Proving It! Anime Style!
Chapter 4: Mission 3, Part 1, Section's 2
(We do not own the anything Yu Yu Hakusho.)
Camera fades in to show Avi and Tzuki dressed in the same thing they had been before. The short kimono looking things, there chests are wrapped, and the wrapping peeks out from the slightly open front of the outer robes. The girls are once more discussing something and have yet to notice the camera.
“Avi…I'm not so sure about this.”
“Why not? It's not like we're going to our deaths.”
“I wouldn't be so sure about that.”
“Why ever not Tzuki?”
“Last time we were there we ended up landing on Koenma, Yusuke nearly fried us and you tried to steal Hiei's Katana! Not to mention you nearly killed Kurama while he attempted to teach you how to use his Rose Whip.”
“Koenma got over it, it was a misunderstanding, I was going to give it back the next day and it's not my fault I'm whip challenged.” Avi replied in a huff, heading into the bathroom to open the portal. “Now then, Makai, Reikai, or Ningenkai?”
“Reikai.” Tzuki stated flatly.
“Yu Yu Hakusho.” Avi said to the stuff that then turned to 3 colors. One was red, one was blue, and one was black. “Reikai.” Tzuki stated and the colors all changed to a sky blue as the girls jumped in.
Camera fades to black then fades in again to show the girls landing, once again, on Koenma in his teenage form.
Koenma: Oooooof! What in the…?
Avi and Tzuki: OW!…O.o.
“Get off me!!!!”
“Yessir! I told you it was a bad idea!”
“Shut it Tzuki! We have a job to do you know!”
Koenma glares at both the girls as they get up off of him in a huff. And now, Tzuki is glaring at Avi with just as much intensity as Koenma is. Suddenly both girls double over in pain.
“Ow ow ow!”
“Ow! You knew ow! This would happen! Ow!”
“Shut. Up. Tzuki.”
The pain was caused, as the camera shows, by the girl's forms changing to fit a world where they once lived. Although technically it was Makai and not Reikai they lived in, but that's beside the point.
Avi's ears contorted, grew, changed to those of a black cat, and moved to be nearly on top of her head. A black kitty tail sprouted from her tailbone and that hurt considering it had to burst through the skin. Her huge white wings burst forth from her back in a splatter of blood and feathers and her eye's shifted their color to an even brighter orange than they were before. Okay…so her eyes were always orange and cat like.
Tzuki's ears contorted and grew as well; they turned into brown wolf ears and moved to the top of her head. Her eye's turned red, the eye's of a dragon and about 9 brown, furry, wolf tails sprouted from her tailbone. Her own huge black wings sprouted forth from her back much the same way Avi's had and she winced as she straightened up. It really hurt when that happened.
Koenma watched with wide eyes and a wince. He'd seen them go through that before but every time they did, it just seemed as if it was even more painful than the last. He sighed, took a deep calming breath, and braced himself.
“All right girl's, and I use the term loosely, why have you graced me with your presence this time?” Sarcasm dripped from this question in great gooey globs as a very forced smile fell upon his lips. “And why is that camera following you around?”
“We're doing a show!” Avi squealed.
“Yeah. People send us emails about what they would like proven about their favorite char-people's and we go and prove it. Or disprove it as the case may be.” Tzuki explained.
“Riiiight…. and this brings you here because?”
“We um…. were requested to prove some things…” Tzuki replied vaguely and began to walk off.
“About who?” Koenma asked suspiciously.
“HieiandIKuramaGottagoBye!” Avi quickly explained as she flew out the doors and past the wolf thing that was her sister to drag her down the hall as well.
Koenma collapsed into his chair and put a hand to his temple. This boded nothing but trouble, NOTHING but trouble.
“Best warn the boys…”
((((((((((((((((((((With the female Speedy Gonzales and her counterpart)))))))))
“Avi! Avi slow down!” Avi didn't listen so Tzuki shoved her arm forward, shoving Avi off and sending her off balance several feet down the hallway. Unfortunately, a rather annoyed Hiei was coming around the corner Avi was flying towards and they collided.
Hiei: Ow! What the fuck??
Avi: ow….@.@
Tzuki: O.o…Holy shitake mushrooms.
Tzuki ran over to Avi and gently slapped her cheeks while Hiei stood up and unsheathed his Katana, pointing it at the girls.
“Avi! Wake up girl! His head isn't THAT hard!” She gave one final, really hard slap and Avi was up!
“Ai! Ow! What happened??” She blinked, looked past Tzuki's concerned but rolling eyes, and saw Hiei.
And his Katana.
“Hi-chan!” She squealed and Hiei winced. Only one person EVER called him that. “Just the demonic boy we were looking for!”
“Stop calling me that!” He growled, katana held to his side but not placed back in the scabbard. “Why were you looking for me…?” He asked hesitantly, ready to run.
“Oh…no reason.” Avi replied, nonchalantly as she stood up slowly with a gleam in her eye's that spelt Mischief in capitol letters. “Just…. A request from a loyal fan!” She screeched and launched herself at Hiei, landing smack dap on his head in the form of a tiny little black kitten with wings.
“Avi! What in the infinite levels of Makai are you doing???” Tzuki screeched as Avi flew at Hiei's head. “Are you trying to kill yourself?? Hiei…I apologize, really, I'm soooo sorry!
Hiei just grunted as he tried to pry kitten Avi off of his head to no avail. This girl had claws of diamond, or something like that! He turned his glare, toward Tzuki with his hands still around the kitten, and growled back.
“Oh! Right! Sorry!” Tzuki replied, heading over gently prying Avi's claws out of Hiei's scalp. The trick was to get her to calm down; of course, the catnip Tzuki carried in case of such an emergency came in handy too. “Avi you little shite.”
Avi mewled and then transformed back into her womanly self. She smirked and nodded towards Hiei who looked downright confused AND pissed off. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that he'd get into major trouble for killing her, she'd be dead. Hey, she'd done it all for the fans!
“Hehe…hey, how else were we going to find out if he uses hair gel or not?” Avi giggled.
“You could have asked me!” Hiei screamed at her, trying to get his hair to reshape after she'd flattened it. “And I don't, thank you very much. My hair does this naturally.” He screamed back to them as he walked off. Avi merely shrugged at his retreating form.
“Yeah…but that was more fun.”
“Avi…I swear. You're going to get yourself really hurt or worse one of these days!” Tzuki reprimanded the younger hanyou.
“So? Anyway, he's telling the truth. Gel free but could definitely use a wash…” She made a face.
Tzuki slapped her palm to her forehead for a split second before grabbing Avi by the arm and dragging her back to Koenma's office. Later that day, they came through a portal to Ningenkai and walked over to the Yukimora's Ramen shop. The Camera, thankfully, was completely unnoticed by everyone but the girls. Avi slurped down about 5 bowls of the stuff, Tzuki had 3 but she ate much more slowly and politely.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((Mayhem, mayhem, mayhem!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Shiori Minamino answered the polite knocks at her door around 5 pm. She recognized the two girls standing there from last year when they'd been `forced' to leave Japan and go somewhere far away.
“Avi! Tzuki! You're back!” Shiori ushered the girls in and gave them both a huge hug. “Shuichi, come down here! Your friends have returned! Have a seat girls, he'll be down in a few moments and I've got to go and finish dinner. You'll be staying right?”
“Of course Shiori-san! Nothing beats your cooking!” Avi replied with a smile. Tzuki nodded to Shiori as she left the room. Kurama entered a few moment's later and stopped dead.
“Hello!” Avi waved spastically.
“We're back…Shuichi.” Tzuki commented to the mix of dread and relief on his face.
If Kurama were one to faint, he would have.
The camera fades to black until the next episode.
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Chapter Fin))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Next time on Proving It! Anime Style! The girls discover weather Kurama dye's his hair that amazing red color, OR if it's actually natural. So…what do you guy's think, does he dye? Or is it natural? Let us know! OH! I must change something from the info page, we are no longer using Bratprincess…. if you wish to help us discover it, you can email the description etc to Oh and don't forget to keep sending us stuff to prove! And please, note that I'm starting another Proving It saga, this one for movies/books. The first chapter for that one will be out soon, promise!